September 11, 2008

Remembering 9/11

This summer I had the opportunity to visit Pearl Harbor.  While at Pearl Harbor I was able to learn, really learn what happened on that fateful December day.  On the grounds of Pearl Harbor before you go out into the harbor their on plaques.  On the plaques are the names of all the civilians and military people who died on that day.  Included with their names was their rank, civilian or military and their age.  No one was spared that day not the elderly, civilians, babies, and young people alike were all taken.  Killed by a country trying to tear down the American spirit.  What I learned was that the Japanese believed that an attack like that of Pearl Harbor would not only weaken our countries military capabilities it would  break our spirits. 

Well as history has shown you may kill an American but you can not kill the spirit of America. It was difficult having lived through 9/11 not to see the similarities between the attacks.  The terrorist of 9/11 believed they could break the American spirit. They believed that by breaking through our defenses, attacking us right under our own noses, going after our leaders and our militarily our country would fall.

However, like the Japanese they were wrong.  Today while walking Henry to school I was able to walk down a street lined with American flags.  Our boy scout troop puts the flags out on every flag holiday.  Today they put them out to help us remember the attack of 9/11.   Now, I'm not a political expert and I wont even pretend that I know the candidates well enough to even pretend to tell any one who to vote for.  I do hope that we all vote.  That we let our tiny voice be heard because while one little voice may not make a difference together our voices our a roar. Together we are the spirit of America that has defeated our foes over and over. 

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