September 06, 2008

Soccer and Braces

Once again Soccer Saturday is upon us.  After a week off due to Labor Day weekend we were up and going this morning.  Three of the kids had games at 11, 12, and 12 and all three were in different cities.  The closest being about 5 minutes away the farthest being about 30 minutes away. Oh what joys! 

Brent and I paper, rock, scissored and then Henry told us who was going where.  So Brent took the boy's whose games were close by to their games and I took Sam.  Check out the below photo.  Sam's team was in black this week.  I much prefer this uniform over the bumble bee uniform but the girls complain about being hot. As they say, "WHATEVER!" Sam's is the middle with her hair pulled up.  AMAZING!  She made this awesome pass over to the girl on her wing.  It was a pretty fun game and the girls are starting to play amazing together.  They are an awesome team.  I'm not just saying that because as of today they are still undefeated.  Nope not me because I don't keep track of stuff like that, remember. 

Brent said the boys did good at their games.  He had to leave Henry and Alex at Henry's game in order to get Andrew to his game on time.  Alex says that Henry's team scored a bunch of goals and the other team only scored once.  She said it was sad to watch.  I'm sure there is a little Alex drama in that sentence but I wasn't there so I can't say for sure.  Andrew says there team tied. Since you all know how forth coming Andrew and Brent are with the details that is all your getting. 

In news totally unrelated to soccer and soccer Saturday.  Sam found out yesterday that in five weeks she gets to bid a fond farewell to her braces.  She was so excited that she danced around the orthodontist office.  All the while Andrew was being told that it would be ages before they would even discuss his braces coming off.  Poor Kid! It didn't help that they are still trying to make room in his mouth for his teeth coming in and it HURTS a lot. But they are looking good so that is something. 

Well we are off to a baptism for a friend of Alex's hope you are having an awesome Saturday and only 6 more weeks of Soccer Saturday left.


Willow said...

Hooray for braces coming off! Sam is a lucky, lucky girl.

How early did your little ones start seeing the orthodontist? Gordon's teeth are so crowded they look like a mosh pit at an Offspring concert... and those are his baby teeth. He has absolutely no room for adult teeth to come in.

Happy Monday. Did you stock up on bon bons and fun books?

Scott and Stacy said...

You've been tagged. Go to my blog to see what you need to do.