September 13, 2008

Soccer Saturday, You Win Some, You Loose Some

Today was another fun soccer field (get it soccer field, ha ha ha, I'm being funny people) Saturday. It was also a very rare soccer schedule day being as Hubby and I were able to go to all three games together.  That hardly ever happens.  We started out this morning at 9 am at Andrew's game.  Which turned into a very interesting game, when parents from the opposing team began to yell at our coach and the referee.  Sometimes the thing I hate most about sports is parents.  There little boys just let them have fun and learn the sport.  Andrew played very good as long as the coach put him in the position he wanted.  When he wasn't in the position he wanted he was a bit of a toad.  I blame it on the green uniform. 

This is a picture of Andrew, notice his back is turned, we have been having many a discussion of my lack of Andrew photos and one day him going, "Hey, mom why are there no pictures of me."  THIS IS WHY!!! The little bugger hardly ever lets me get a good photo.  So be it I will just keep all these photos as proof that I tried.

Henry's game was next. I love watching the little guys play.  Three on three bunch ball is hilarious.  I have to say the fun thing about the youngest starting sports is that they have spent so much time watching the older kids play they really know what they are suppose to do.  Henry totally gets that you want it in the other teams goal and you don't want the ball in your goal.  He is very good at getting the ball in and keeping it out.  At the end of the game he said the score was 10 to zip.  I think it was more like 5 to 4 but who am I to argue. 

Sam's game was last and I am very sad to have to say that the undefeated team has now been defeated.  However, the world did not crash to an end so it must be ok to loose a game or  two.  They played very good but the other team played just a bit better.  Seventy minutes of soccer and the game ended 2 to 1.  Sam played her little heart out with a header up to a forward who put the ball in the goal.  That is when soccer is fun.  She also took a ball right to the face those are the days she can't wait for the braces to come off.

As you can see in the pictures it was a beautiful day and after three soccer games my cheeks are nice and burnt.  The weather was so perfect I didn't even notice I was getting fried. After all the games were over I rewarded my spectator self with a nap.  It was a tough day all that cheering. Lucky for me there are only 5 more Super Soccer Saturdays left.

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