September 22, 2008


I know, I know I am two days late posting my SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY post.  The only excuse I have is that SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY wears me out.  Especially when we are lucky enough to watch all the kids play.  Meaning the schedules work out that we are able to go to all the games.  While it is fun to watch all the kids play it makes for a long day. I might also want to add that Sam's game which is two 35 minute halves was played almost in it's entirety in the rain. LOTS OF FUN people.  Let me tell you life just doesn't get much better than watching 70 minutes of soccer in a down pour.

Any way I thought some of you might be wondering about our child who has chosen not to participate in SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY.  What does she do on these soccer days?  Do we love her even though she chooses a different lifestyle?

Well we still love her and in fact she provides us with a lot of entertainment on SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY.  Each week she chooses one or two soccer games to attend. While she is there she is supportive of whatever sibling is playing whether it is providing them water, or cheering loudly or as in Henry's case this week providing a target.  Alex is our gal!


Yes that is right! Henry's team holds their practice each week for a 1/2 hour before the game.  This week during practice Alex and two other sisters from the team provided their backsides as targets for the little boys.  The boys thought it was great fun to kick balls at their sisters and not get in trouble. Alex was a great sport about it even when she did get a ball to the back.  

I love that she can enjoy soccer as a spectator even if she doesn't enjoy playing.  I also love that she can be her own person and let us know that it isn't what she enjoys. She is a our drama princess and whenever one or two of the other kids grumble about watching her in play or singing I just remind them of how much time she spends supporting them.  Most of the time that quiets them down because they know she is a great cheerleader.  

Well all I have left to say is 4 more SUPER SOCCER SATURDAY'S left.  Next week we get a bonus because Andrew will be  swimming in his very first swim meet. GO KIDS!!!

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Race Fam said...

Alex sounds like Carsyn. Carsyn is not into soccer, softball or anyother sport! She is a great sport though when it comes to cheering her brothers on! And then Caden fights with me about going to anything that Carsyn is doing!
Do you have soccer and swimming year round?