September 11, 2008

Where Has The Week Gone?

It is Thursday, I thought yesterday was Monday but somehow yesterday was Wednesday.  Which I almost forgot, but then remembered because one of my Young Women asked me to come get her.  This was monumental! No it was bigger than that.  Because ever since I was put in as 1st counselor in the Young Women I have told my darling Mia Maids that I love them I want them there but I will not come and kidnap them from them homes.  A technique that the leader before me did often.  She would just show up randomly and drag them to Young Women's.  They all cheered that I would not employ this technique and promptly quit coming.  

My numbers dropped the counselor over me asked if I was doing the right thing, the YW President asked if I was doing the right thing the Bishop asked if I was doing the right thing and on and on.

Then on Sunday one of them asked me to come get her.  My heart cheered, my heart danced, and I finally felt I had done the right thing.  Hey, it only took about 7 months to feel like I was doing the right thing. Not only that but all of my girls showed up.  Ok, when I say all you should know I only have two.  I bet you think that is pretty weird for Utah.  

It was an awesome night and by the time I dropped my beautiful girls at their homes we were laughing and had a very fun night.  They are awesome girls, (have you noticed how much I use that word)I know that the war was not won last night but I think it was a major victory.  I was even asked to come and get them again next week.  Picture in your mind if you will me doing a little happy dance. 

Which brings me back to the fact that somehow I have lost almost a full week.  Well it turns out that I am grounded today.  I know this because my laundry told me so.  So you will probably hear from me again today.  Mainly because I have been tagged?  What is this tagged business?  Guess I will have to figure it out.  But I have all day after work to figure it out.  I'm out of here on my way to play in the water.

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