October 30, 2008

What You Might Not Know

Something you may not know about me is that I ♥ Halloween.  Yes, out of all the holidays Halloween is my favorite.  It has a lot to do with dressing up to be whoever you want and the whole give me candy. "Big Sigh" on that one this year.

Being as Halloween is my favorite my family goes a little overboard. (ok, ok, I go a little overboard) Much to Brent's chagrin, who frankly does not share my ummm, well, enthusiasm.

Halloween usually turns into several days of celebration.  Starting with the city carnival.  This is usually the night the kids make their costume debut.

S. went from being a cute witch to a pretty witch when did she get so old on me?

As you can see A. has moved into the I want to be something scary stage. 

Al calls this a punk rock pirate.

H. getting one more year out of his Army man costume. 
I wish I could keep him little forever.
The city carnival has turned into a family tradition. Attending has become mandatory and somewhere a long the line we actually started working at the carnival. This year I even got paid to work.  Which was a good thing because the kids spent all the money I earned.

A. trying to look scary while working his booth "The Wheel of Fortune"

Al, making a trip through all the booths spending my hard earned money. 
Next year I am putting her to work!

S. behind the fish pond with some fellow swim team members.
Get it fish pond, swim team, ha ha ha.

Doesn't she look so excited! I told you it was lots of fun.

H. getting more tickets from dad. Note to self put H. to work next year.

The carnival is always lots of fun and puts us in a "spooky" mood.  Before we know it we are attending ward parties, carving pumpkins, (You will laugh when you see how many we carved) parading through the school, class parties and last but not least Trick-or-treating. 

Oh and did I mention this year A. will be having a birthday party following the trickery. (The best part of having a Christmas birthday when you celebrate it on Halloween everybody gets why.) Should be lots of fun, four sugar hyped boys spending the night watching scary movies.  I have even given them permission to scare trick-or-treaters after 8:30, oh and bought them party poppers and silly string to help with the scaring.  I also, have a plan that I will wake them up in the morning to Christmas music since there is a local station that starts playing it 24, 7 starting November 1.  It will be fun. (For me at least)

I told you Halloween makes me a little (I mean a lot) crazy!

In regards to my mini-Halloween contest: If your checking in on me this weekend, leave a comment, I will assign a number to each comment, through out the weekend, cutoff is Sunday midnight. I will then have random.org choose a winner. The winner will win a cute holiday frame.  I will post a picture as soon as I can.  Busy day tomorrow. I don't care how many comments you leave. However you do have to respond why you love, hate, or tolerate Halloween. Anything you want through out the day as long as it is about Halloween.  You can even leave comments about your fave Halloween candy.  Mine is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  I always steal the kids. I don't even think they have ever gotten to keep them. Do you think I will be able to resist a whole weekend with out that chocolaty, peanut, goodness?

Happy Halloween, and Happy Trick-or-Treating!

October 29, 2008

Pinewood Derby or Bust!

If there is one thing that Brent and I both agree on.  One thing that we both believe is essential to the proper development, growth, and raising of a son. That no boyhood would be complete with out.  It would be participation in the Pinewood Derby.  

Yes, on this one thing Brent and I are in total agreement.  A boyhood is not a true boyhood until a boy has built a pinewood derby car and then competed in a pinewood derby. 

It is that important! 

I'm sorry if you have never had the opportunity to live in a house filled with the air of pinewood derby. If you have never had the opportunity of watching a father stand to the side as his son uses HIS power tools. The opportunity to take a chunk of wood and see that inside the wood is the makings of a CAR.  

You wonder why men are so obsessed with cars, with how there made, and how fast they go. 

Well if you have ever brought home a pinewood derby box kit to a home with boys and men all your questions would be answered.

Once the car is built and you attend a pinewood derby.  You would no longer question the appeal of Nascar. You know that boys were born with checkered flags in their very being. It is a time for male bonding, boasting, and I'm sure a scratch or two.

At the end of the night it doesn't matter who won the race (ok, well maybe a little) it only matters that each boy has completed an essential step towards becoming a man.

That being said, A. had a blast! His car took first. His father and him are already in the planning stages for next years car. 


Sorry, I know obsessive and a little over the top. However, when a husband and wife finally agree about something (especially this husband and wife) you tend to go a bit overboard.

October 28, 2008


You have all been so great.  I can't tell you how motivational it has been knowing that I am being watched.  Also, I totally don't want to punk out in less then 48 hours that would just be sad.   I  had to laugh tonight as I was walking out of pack meeting a friend's husband said, "Hey Krissi, did you see those cookies and donuts in there?"  I laughed and said, "You have been reading my blog haven't you?" I am going to make a promise to all my out of town competitors, I promise not to eat sweets right in front of friends who know about the contest.  That would just be unfair.  Nope I will eat sweets in the dark corners of my home.  Where no one can see me.  That is healthy, right? By the way I went no where near the cookies, donuts, Hawaiian punch and other soda goodness.  

Nope, I'm still sugar free and amazingly it has been a little bit easier then the soda.  Of course no one had a night of door to door collecting of soda.  So Halloween might be a bit tricky.  I'm going to run a contest over Halloween weekend to keep me on the straight and narrow so check back Halloween day to see what I am up to.

Thanks again and to answer Heather's question, if  you don't have anything to say in the comment section but you are leaving a comment, go ahead and say something that makes me laugh.  I can always use a good laugh.

October 27, 2008


This is a contest for you that serves me! Here are the rules: **Below is a counter of how many hours and soon to be days since I last ate sugar.  

Currently my definition of eating sugar is: Candy, cookies, cake anything that you would call a goody also I am cutting "high fructose corn syrup" out of my breakfast and lunch menu. Amazingly, it is in pretty much everything we eat so to keep it simple for me I am just cutting it out lunch and breakfast until the new year.

Here is the contest part for you. *If you catch this counter at less then 2 hours you win a 10.00 Wal-Mart gift card.  It is that simple.  Leave a comment and I will know I have been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. If after two hours I have not been caught  the contest is still going.  This contest will go until December 31 st if by then I haven't flubbed or you haven't caught me. I will mail the gift card to the person who has left the most comments starting today.

*I get three days to reset the clock without penalty Thanksgiving, Kid's Birthday, and Christmas. 

**The counter will remain in a post somewhere on the front page but not in the side bar.  I have to make it a little challenging for you to find me out.

Ask "theSwimMom"

I'm going old school with this post and will be writing it out with pen and paper first.  This is due mainly to the fact that I don't have a laptop and I am currently sitting at a swim meet. (Want to start a write in campaign to Brent to get me a laptop? Yah, I didn't think so.)

Andrew's first time in a swim cap! Doesn't he look thrilled?

This particular swim meet is being held in American Fork, Utah and is being hosted by the HAST team.  I have been told that during the college off season many BYU swimmers swim with them.  Are you impressed?

Today the kids are competing in a 25 yard 8 lane pool that is actually housed in a bubble.  A bubble you ask? Yes a bubble a very large removable bubble.  This is so the pool can become an outdoor pool during the summer months and still be used once the weather goes south.

If you look in the background of this picture you can see the walls of the bubble.  If you click on this picture you can see some pretty cool blur action of feet during a start.

Yours and mine very favorite swim pal Willow ask.....

SwimMom, are indoor swim meets filled with the aroma of ick? Most indoor pools I have visited have a quite distinct and completely unpleasant smell about them.

Frankly as I sit here I do not smell any chlorine.  This could be due to two reasons.  The first being that I am so use to chlorine that I can no longer smell it. (Just saw a shirt a swimmer is wearing, "Chlorine makes everything taste better." Is it scary that I think that is funny?) The second reason could be attributed to a brand new UV system that many pools now use. A UV system is attached to the pools filter system.  Imagine if you will, a gigantic tanning bed, as the water passes through the UV lights it becomes clean and removes the chloromines from the air. Chloromine is the smell you smell when you think you smell chlorine.

Many pools in Utah installed this multiple 10's of thousands dollar filtering system after a nasty bug, that was chlorine tolerant, infected the public pools of Utah.  Leaving thousands of public pool using, Utahan's very sick.  I will spare you the details of what the sickness caused. Needles to say pools lost so much money in loss of patrons that they were anxious to install a system that brought the patrons back to the pool.  One more positive from the system no chloromine smell.  Pools still have to use chlorine but a lot less and cleaner water in the process.
So lets talk swim lingo are you ready? As I already mentioned today we are at a 25 yard pool. 

Short course pools are 25 yards or 25 meters, these are generally indoor pools.

Long course pools are 50 meters and due to their length are generally outdoor pools.

Sam's first event was a 100 IM which means she swam 25yards of each competitive stroke.

Competitive strokes are Butterfly, Back Stroke, Breast Stroke, and Freestyle.
In the swim world Front Crawl is usually called Freestyle.  However, by definition Freestyle is any stroke that is not Butterfly, Back or Breast.  So there is actually a difference between Front Crawl and Freestyle.

During a swim meet swimmers swim events.  Usually there are more swimmers then lanes so they swim in a heat.  The heat they swim in is determined by there previous time in that event.  The fastest swimmers swim in the last heat. The fastest swimmer of the heat swims in lane 4.  Which is why you always see Michael Phelps in lane 4. At the end of the event swimmers are placed according to their times.  So even the slowest swimmer in heat one can beat the fastest swimmer in heat three if they get the time.

When swimming a swimmer is always trying to improve their times.  There are several levels of swimming times that a swimmer is trying to achieve.  Let me simplify it.  First a swimmer swims to achieve state times which means they swim on the state level.  Then they try to achieve zone times which means that they swim against several states.  From zone they try to achieve national times.  This is basically the Olympic qualifier.  From national you try to be the fastest and you go to the Olympics.  Sounds easy right? It is fun to watch but it can be nerve racking watching a 100th of a second keep your swimmer out of state.

Which leads me to Willow's final question...

Do you condone performance enhancing drags off the Sue Bee Honeybear? The swimmer with whom I plan to spend forever was known to gulp honey prior to races as added pep. Would you, or have you ever, supported nutritional doping?

If SueBee is not your energy supplier of choice, is there a dietary ritual practiced by your swimmers to give them an "edge"?

Sue Bee? Really? Well that is interesting.  I have to say that I have not heard nor seen that one at a meet.  My favorite that I currently see at many meets is "Red Bull."  I have to say the first time I saw a nine year old chugging down a "Red Bull," I was a little taken back.  Did it really help?  Did it really give them an edge? After thinking about it I also realize that I have seen many kids with pixie stix. Nice sugar rush before your event.

As we have learned that all of these "natural" substance have a crash factor. So depending when you take it and how much of you take.  Eventually you will crash.  My suggestion is to eat a proper diet and learn what foods do not go well with swimming.  For example, I learned the hard way that PB sandwiches at a meet not the best idea. I also, have learned that forcing your kids to eat spaghetti the night before a meet gets really old after four years.  Sam nearly has convulsions at the site of spaghetti.  We try to stay away from junk food and keep things pretty simple and most of all get plenty of rest.  That seems to work the best for our young swimmers. I have seen a lot of good ideas for good kid sports nutrition on this blog.

Also, we realize that every kid has an off day so we try to take those in strides. Well I don't know about you but I am about swim mome'd out. Next week  we will be talking  tips, tricks, and hints about your little one and the pool.  Have a great week and remember, "Life is better when you swim."

No Sugar? What am I Thinking?

So first I had to give up Diet Soda?  Which was and continues to be one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  I'm including giving birth because at least then I had an epidural.  Unfortunately there is no epidural for Diet Soda withdrawal. 

Today I start giving up sugar. I'm aware that Friday is Halloween and my children will be bringing all kinds of goodies into the house.  But it has to be done.  Because as much as I was dependent on Diet Soda I am double that with sugar.  If I am going to give it up I might as well start on the hardest day of the year.  That way the rest of the year will seem easy. 

Right? Right? Hello, right? 

Oh well, I just wanted to warn you that the next couple of weeks I may seem a little, umm, angry? Turns out that is pretty much how I handle change.  I get really angry until I talk myself down from the ledge. But I know you are all there for me and promise to be nice and not send me chocolate to make me be nicer.  

Well unless you really want to send me to chocolate.  Then you know I would have to eat it because I wouldn't want to hurt your feelings.  

Oh alright enough of that. Don't send me chocolate. 

Well unless you really want to. 

Hummm, are you getting the next couple of weeks are going to be a ton of fun.:)

Have a happy sugar free day.:(

Ask theSwimMom post later today. Before the hate sets in. :)

October 23, 2008

Thank You and Something Else that Needs Work

First of all I just have to say thank you for all your kind comments.  It is nice to know that we all have days like those. I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to stop any more days like the ones we have been having.  But then I remembered something my mom has always said, "You can't stop a storm you can only weather it." 

DANG IT!! I tell you one of these days Mother Nature and I are going to have ourselves one LONG talk. 

Speaking of mom sayings, here is my favorite grandma saying (my mom's mom) speaking to her recently turned 16 year old oldest granddaughter. "You know Krissi you don't have to type on a lot of type writers to learn to type." I will let you ponder that one as you go through your day. 

Last night we were lucky enough to attend Al's very first concert choir performance.  It was a very fun night.  Well as much fun as a soccer/swim mom can have when she can't jump up and down and cheer.  Can you imagine, "Sing that song Al, you can do it! Sing Al Sing!!" For future reference do you think that cheering like that would get me kicked out of the auditorium?  Just wondering, if there are any choir mom's out there let me know. 

It was a lot of fun and it is very fun to watch Al. I wanted to share with you how fun it was to watch her and what fun she was having.  However, it turns out dark auditoriums are not camera friendly. GO FIGURE! 

So here are a few of the best ones I was able to get. Again I have to say, if Brent would just get me a bigger camera with a bigger lenses you might all be saved from these BAD PICTURES. I suggest you start a mail in campaign to him.

This was the  concluding song when all the high school, Jr high and elementary school sang together. They did a pretty good job.

This is one of my mia-maids, I missed YW's last night in order to attend the performance it turned out all my girls and most of our laurels were at the performance so I was able to support them and be there for AL.  Can I tell you how thrilled Tiff will be with this pic.

I  have no idea what Al is doing but doesn't she look cute in her choir get up.

Probably the best pic I got last night.  Al loved the performance and says she can't wait until she can be in the high school choir. My mom resume is growing Soccer/Swim/Basketball/Choir? Mom.
Sorry for subjecting you to bad pictures but but but. Ok can't think of an excuse just start that mail in campaign and maybe this horrible picture stuff will stop. :) I better get going to work.  Thank you again for all your nice comments.  Have a great day!

October 22, 2008

The non-Joys of Mother Hood

Sometimes the best part of  "blog world," is you get to a post a cute picture and say, "Look how great my life is." You can go into denial for a moment or two that life can truly blow at  times.  You can go into denial that somebody decided that it was a good idea for "you" to be a mother, four times.  You can pretend that you know what your doing. (You get that when I say "you" I mean "me" right?) "See I know what I'm doing, look at all the cute pictures of my smiling happy kids. I must be the greatest mom ever to have all these happy smiling children."  What we rarely see or lets face it discuss is that some days we wish we could quit the whole "mom" thing and try another job for a little while.  Each of my kids have challenges that leave my head spinning and me wishing that somehow I just could figure out the magic answer to make it all ok. 

Some days I think, "There not even teenagers and it's this hard, holy cow, I should just give up now!" However, we plow through the day and the next and the next and the problem persist and grows and you get to the end of the proverbial rope and you just hang on as tight as you can.  Which I don't know about you but I always hated the rope in my PE days.  You sit there and swing from the rope saying, "I know I'm doing the right thing, I know I'm doing the right thing, I know I'm......." Which doesn't really do you much good because the kid is looking at you saying, "Nope your not, your wrong, Nope your not, your wrong, Nope your not....."  Your hands start to ache, your arms begin to shake and you think, "I might be wrong."  But you hold your ground and then like a miracle the child finally agrees with you.

Many exhausting weeks later.  

What does all of this mean.  Nothing really, just giving you a little heads up that my life is more then smiling happy children.  While I love sharing those moments with all off the world.  I'm a little remiss in sharing the other moments.  Mainly because they just blow and who really wants to talk or hear about that stuff anyways? Hope your having a better week then I.  It looks like things are turning around and we may all survive each other. :)    

October 19, 2008

Ask "theSwimMom"

You know what number this post is?  It is my 100th post.  I would say it is shocking that I have posted that many post since the end of April but we all know how much I love to chat.  There is also that whole hiding from reality in cyber world thing going on. Never the less, I am thrilled that my 100th post landed on an, "Ask the SwimMom" post. It seems fitting doesn't it? 

This week I am happy to bring you more questions from my favorite swim pal Willow. Who this week asked questions dealing with swim technique and improving your strokes.  So lets dive in shall we (umm humm "dive in," just giving you a little heads up on the pun.)

The fabulous Willow asked....

Okay Swimmom... the question is this; I like to swim. I can swim laps for days. However, I am not a fast swimmer; basically I am to swimming as marathon runners are to running. How can I become faster?


Lets start with me asking a question, what is not fast? How fast do you want to be? Are you training for an event? Or are you swimming strictly for fitness and fun? Below is a copy of the "Cooper 12-minute Swimming test." It is guide to help in determining your swim fitness.

Swimming like all other sports takes training and consistency.  In order to improve your speed start with establishing how fast you swim.  First time how many laps you can comfortably swim in 15 minutes.  Then set a goal to improve that distance.  If you find that you are still not improving on your speed start looking at your stroke. There are hundreds of instructional videos on utube that can help in identifying what may be a weak point in your stroke.

Next Question:

How many arm strokes should one take between breaths? My swimmer husband is amazed that I haven't passed out in the pool due to lack of oxygen with my 6 stroke then breathe pattern. Finally, is it really necessary to learn to breathe from both sides?


During our swim teacher training we were told to teach kids a 1-2-3 pattern.  Which is basically stroke, stroke, breathe and continue. This means that every third stroke you trade off what side you are breathing from.  Breaths taken every third stroke help to maintain stroke balance, and body balance in the water.  However, that being said I have noticed that Michael Phelps breathes every other stroke. Always taking his breath from one side.  I have noticed other swimmers take a breath every fourth stroke again only breathing from one side.  Personally I am an every other stroke breather from the right side.  This is mainly because I choke on water whenever I breathe to my left.

I think it is a personal choice as long as you make sure you are still achieving stroke and body balance.  As far as every sixth breath.  I would think that might be the source of your slowness.  That probably means that you are holding your breath during some of that swimming.  Instead of exhaling your breath and then taking a breath continually.  This ultimately is going to slow you down because your body will want more oxygen.

Final Willow Question

Ooooh, and perhaps the most important... how can I become a fantastic swimmer without developing the "wings." I am the girl who quit band because the excessive flute practicing was causing me to develop a muscle under my bottom lip that wasn't cute at all.

What wings? Ok, I guess there is a little wing action taking place but who doesn't have wings? Really most of us have much worse wings.  I say suck it up enjoy the sport and realize that it would be much worse if you were doing nothing at all.  Wings gseee!!!

Great Questions Willow!!

This weekend I am headed to a swim meet so on Monday I will be posting a post that explain swim meet lingo. Have a great week and I will see you next Monday.


October 18, 2008


It is sad but it is true the fall soccer season is officially over.  This picture expresses so well my grief on the subject.

Well alright I'm a little more excited then I probably should be. Since my kids really do love soccer.  They love chasing the ball....

They love kicking the ball......

but most of all they love scoring goals.  However, what they don't like is "THE DREADED KEEPER JERSEY." None of my children are what you would call keeper friendly.  In fact when the coach says, "Who wants to be keeper?" My children are the ones that suddenly disappear. 

Putting them in a keeper jersey usually ends in looks like these. 

Keeping that in mind.. what was so amazing today is Andrew did an incredible job.  He ran, he jumped, he crashed into other players, he even took one ball right to the face saving the goal and not crying. I wanted to cry, I wanted to run out on the field and make sure he was ok.  But I've been told cool moms don't do those kinds of things.  It is hard work being a cool mom. 

I only wish I had all those cool pictures to show you.  But at last when it comes to action shots I am seriously laking in skills.  I tell Brent it is the camera and I need a bigger one with a really big, big lenses.  For some reason all I get from him is "uhh huu." 

So maybe it might not be the camera maybe it has more to do with the fact that I am jumping up and down screaming, "Get the Ball, get the ball, Andrew get that ball." Because you know he wouldn't know to get the ball if I wasn't yelling it.

Again it is tough work being a soccer mom.  Which is why I am looking forward to this little break before indoor soccer  begins.  Meanwhile, next weekend I will be putting on my swim mom hat because Sam and Andrew will be swimming in a meet.  Sam is excited since this will her first meet in over six months.  Andrew just thinks his coach is nuts because she signed him up for a 200.  So tune in next week for SUPER SWIM SATURDAY. 

I know, I know, how could you possibly entertain yourself without me. 

October 17, 2008

Random Friday

The kids are out of school today. They were also out of school yesterday.  Due to UEA.  Supposedly this is so teachers can go and do additional training and be better teachers.  It sounds like a good idea for no school right? Well that means the munchkins are home and the house is full of other munchkins.  Lots of fun stuff. However, I am starting to be concerned that one of Henry's best little pals, who is actually a girl pal, might have strange powers over him.  Resulting in things like this happening.

Should I be concerned?

On a completely different note.  Sam's last day of wearing braces was last Thursday.  This picture was taken as she was getting ready to walk in to the Ortho's office.
What a cute little "brace face." Here is a picture of her today.

What do you think was it worth all that money?  That we are still paying.  That we might be paying until the day we have to pay for her wedding.  Of course maybe with these perfectly straight babies she will marry a rich doctor.  Then it would totally be worth it, right?

That is it for this totally random post, unless you are dying to hear about the potatoes we dug today and how I started planting bulbs and cleaning up the flowers beds in an effort to get ready for winter.  What? You don't want to hear about that? Shocking!!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the last Super Soccer Saturday.  What a bummer.:)

October 15, 2008

TAGGED! Did You Not Learn Your Lesson Last Time?

My friend over at Three's Company tagged me.  I guess she didn't read my last tag. I guess she hasn't figured out how long winded I am.  I guess she hasn't figured out that I love to talk and talk and talk.  I mean really I could have just condensed the last three sentences into one but you all know how much I go on and on.  So here we are with an all new tag game it is all called, "Name 6 of your quirks." To be honest I haven't figured out why she even tagged me.  It was extremely difficult for me to even come up with six quirks.  Being as I am so incredibly quirk free. (If you are not picking up on the sarcasm here, please realize that my voice is dripping with sarcasm.) 

Ironically my very first (and boy did it take me a long time to come up with this one, you know sense I am so quirk free) quirk.  I have a difficult time communicating with out teasing, joking, kidding ok, ok, ok being sarcastic.  I am a very tongue in the cheek kind of person. Hard to believe I know because as you read through this blog I seem so serious. :)

I am very quirky about laundry it has to be washed a specific way, it has to be dried a specific way, it has to be folded a very specific way.  Which really is a major down fall around here because I end up being the only person doing laundry for six people.  Add that to the fact that I am anal about it and you see that laundry is rarely caught up in this here house.  I would like to find a way to banish this particular quirk but every time Brent goes anywhere near the laundry I have an extreme panic attack. 

Speaking of panic attacks I have them ALL the time.  Every time I do anything new my blood pressure sky rockets and my poor heart about explodes. When I say ALL the time you have to realize I mean ALL the time.  Everyday that I walk out of my house something happens to set my poor heart to pumping.  One day I am going to just fall down because my heart will have thumped its last thump. In fact, I'm pretty sure I love blogging because it means I don't have to go out and deal with the big mean world.  I like this safe little cyber world.  Now if I could just find out how to run the kids without leaving my computer.  My life would be perfect.

Perfection would be my next quirk.  Not that I am perfect! Heck No, no where near perfect. I am however, a closet perfectionist. Hello, my name is Krissi and I want everything PERFECT!!   The problem with perfection is that it doesn't exist.  Wanting everything perfect is in fact quite impossible. Because what is perfect? The greatest source of stress in my life is found trying to achieve something that doesn't exist.  That's quite quirky don't you think?

My last two quirks are actually quite hilarious if you remember just one thing.  I teach swim lessons.  I work at a swimming pool.  I spend about 12 hours a week in the water. I teach kids to swim in the deep water.  I teach kids how to dive into deep water.  Ok, here it is no laughing!  I HATE DEEP WATER.  I don't mind swimming in it.  BUT I HATE, HATE, jumping into deep water.  Those panic attacks I was talking about always seem to emerge every time I jump into water that requires me to swim to get to the top. It is absolutely ridiculous and every day I work I force myself to jump into the water.  My boss, who is the only one that knows about this little phobia, tells me to get over it and certify to be a life guard. But, but, but, but it is just so DEEP!

Here it is my last quirk (yup the very last one, no other quirks to be thought of). I know how I am going to die.  I know amazing I know how, I'm not sure when, but I know how. Cold water, one day I will jump into to cold  water and that will be the end of me.  I'm convinced of this little factoid.  Every time I put my toes in cold water I think this may be the day. Which is generally why I don't jump in but take my time and get in slowly.  But one day I am going to go for it jump right in to the cold water and that will be all she wrote.

So there it is six quirks.  Do you love me still? Oh, well I never claimed to be normal. In fact I do believe I have said more then once I'm nuts. So now it is your turn to share all your quirkiness.  Ready Heather B, Amy B,  Sharonda N, Stacy H, Lisa R, and Becky L.  Share with us all your quirkiness. 

October 13, 2008

Ask "theSwimMom"

This week on "Ask theSwimMom," I will be answering Willow's disturbing yet relevant swim wear questions.

Q. Okay SwimMom, why is it that beach volleyball players play in the smallest bikinis this side of Europe, yet the swimmers swim in full neck to ankle wear? Are those hideous suits really necessary?

Also, how is it that Speedo thinks that all swimmers are horrible flat chested? Can a girl get a Speedo suit with some... support?

Finally, How did Speedo become the brand of competition?

A. All right lets start with the full neck to ankle wear. "Are those hideous suits really necessary?" Over the past year Speedo joined forces with NASA to concoct a cutting-edge, ultrasonically welded, body suit called the LZR Racer. It’s been wind tunnel tested and contains polyurethane panels to “reduce drag.” Drag can cost an Olympic swimmer the gold. The swimsuits cost about 500.00 and are only good for ten races. These "hideous suits" have dramatically changed the sport of swimming, before the Olympics since there release in early 2008,  48 world records in swimming were broken 44 of those swimmers were wearing the Speedo LZR. That number grew during the Olympics and will surely continue to grow. Just so we all don't think that Speedo is a big nasty corporation, charging 500.00 for a mere 10 races, to Olympic Gold Medalists wanta bees. Speedo gives the swimsuit to any Olympic swimmer wanting it. So now I ask would you want to wear that hideous suit?

As for the reason, "that beach volleyball players play in the smallest bikinis this side of Europe", I don't know you would have to visit "Ask theBeachVolleyBall Mom." Personally there times in life I don't think you ask why you just enjoy the show.:)

Willow's question continued, "Also, how is it that Speedo thinks that all swimmers are horrible flat chested? Can a girl get a Speedo suit with some... support?"

A. I will admit that looking at a female competitive swimmer can be a little like trying to figure out if Pat is a boy or a girl. First there is the swim cap, that takes away any hair indication and then there is the swimsuit, that is so restricting that you are left wondering, "Where did she put them, are they detachable?" However, the truth is they are just smashed in there really tight. Competitive suits of all brands are designed to reduce drag. Women have drag, two of them right out front for the whole world to stare at. Competitive suits restrict the movement and smash down the said drag. The more drag you can reduce the more streamline the swimmer becomes. Their competitive wear coupled with their stroke technique all work together to create more streamline which means less water drag which means faster times which means pretty medals. In the end it is all about the accessories.

Willow says, Okay, I can accept streamline. Still, those women's suits look sufficiently uncomfortable to keep me from swimming competitively. Notice I say that like I would totally take up swimming tomorrow were it not for unattractive, unsupported suits.... HAHAHAHAHA... I am so not anywhere near athletic!!!

Q. How did Speedo become the brand of competition?

A. Remember, when I told you that Speedo went to work with NASA and designed a super sonic, record breaking, suit. Well these things tend to push you to the front of the line. Note there are several other competitive swim wear companies. However, before the Olympics swimmers from around the globe were demanding that they too wore the LZR suit. In fact, even China, that has always required that their swimmers wear suits designed by a Chinese company, allowed their swimmers for the first time ever to wear a suit other then their own brand. Swimmers are insisting that their skills are what's breaking the records but no body wants to be the one to loose because they are not wearing the LZR. 

**Sidenote many companies are scrambling to make their own LZR suit knock offs so we may find more then Speedo at the next summer Olympics.

Q. Also, was anyone else concerned that the camera might catch a shot of Phelps's Finkle as he was jumping and cheering on deck whilst his suit (the full body one) was half pulled down? I swear, I was really nervous that the swimwear would slip and we would see "the full Monty."

A. Laughing out loud :) Below is a video of what a swimmer has to do to get into the LZR suit. Having had some experience with putting on a competitive suit, it didn't even cross my mind that the suit might drop down.  Competitive suits are tight and when I say tight, imagine trying to put on the swimsuit you wore in the 8th grade, today, now go down a couple sizes from there.  These suits are tight, restricting and about the hardest thing you can think of to get in and out of.  That suit was not going to drop and give us a view of anything that we didn't want to see.  None the less, Phelps has a less then stellar background when it comes to behaving himself so he might have enjoyed the whole"Janet Jackson" scandal of mooning the entire free world.  Can you imagine the playback on that video.  Woo Hoo, we thought that him winning 8 golds got a lot of air play.

Q. Final Question,  why in a 4x4 relay will the swimmers wear the ankle to neck monstrosity, yet in a single event Mr. Phleps wore just some scandalously tight trunks?

A. I looked to try to find the answer to this question and came up blank. So here is my personal theory.  Everybody is saying that Phelps won all the golds because of the suit.  In fact so much emphasis has been put on the suit that many swimmers are going, "Hey, what about us?"  They did have to work and work very hard to make it to the Olympics to begin with.  So my own personal theory is, he changed suits to say, "I can kick but even without the super man swimsuit."  

October 12, 2008

Today's Post is Brought to you by the Letter S

Friday, I told you it was going to snow. Then what do I do, I show you pictures of wet, cold kids, but no snow. Well never fear, I am here for you. If I promise you snow pictures I plan on delivering to the best of my ability. Even if Mother Nature and I are not on the best of terms. Below is a picture of the snow starting. I know, pretty non-impressive. Nonetheless, this is what our trees and street looked like yesterday before bed.

This is what they look like today.

I know, right now you are dying of jealousy not to be part of this winter wonderland.  However, I would like to remind you of one or two things. #1) It is only October 12th and generally this stuff doesn't start until the end of November or the first of December. #2) If this persist our kids are going to be trick-or-treating in their winter coats, boots, and ski pants. #3) I work in a swimming pool and leave work wet!!!  

I guess I should mention the good side which is Utah really needs the water and all the blah, blah, blah stuff you hear on the news.  Which means I have to tell myself this is a good thing and I chose to live in Utah and blah blah blah.....

Oh almost forgot ......

Picture of Izzy in the snow.  I know, I rock!