October 03, 2008

Alex's Story "Volcano Blows"

Alex brought the following story home from school the other day.  The assignment was to write a story about, "Things with holes." It was the most random, creative story that I have ever read.  The ending made me giggle for hours.  So I decided to share it with my blog friends who I'm sure will enjoy it...ok, ok, maybe not as much as I did but it should make you at least smile. 

Volcano Blows

One time I found a big volcano.  Then I climbed it.  It seemed the hole was bigger then the volcano.  If I didn't get out of there I would have been toast.  And them BOOM it blowed.  My Mom came and picked me up in the car.  But she must be blind because she didn't see the lava.  I tried to tell her but she said lets go get donuts.  My donut's hole was small.  I couldn't see it.  The next day I went back to the volcano.  I climbed it again there was only a little lava left.  I got a button out of my pocket I put a long string threw the hole and stock it down the volcano hole and touched the lava with the button then pulled it up it was burnt in to crisp.  WOW I said and went home.


Her Illustration

I laughed at the sweat and frown on her face as she climbed the volcano.

Much of the charm of her story came from her "creative" spelling.

Thank you for enduring my proud mama moment. It is so nice to have friends in the blog world who let you brag. Even about silly stories.

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