October 09, 2008

A Boy of Few Words

My youngest has always been a boy of few words.  When he was two years old our Doctor wanted us to visit a hearing and speech specialist because he felt that our little man wasn't saying enough words.  We declined feeling that it was more by choice then anything else that he was not talking.  I've always felt that this man in the making just really had no need for words. What he wants and what he thinks is usually fairly obvious. 

For example:

This look is the "Put the camera away, Mom!" 

This is his, "I'm thinking, leave me alone"

This is his, "Ok, I'm in a good mood go ahead and take my picture."
This is his, "I got it" look

This is my favorite look, his "I am having a blast"

This is his, "You just insist on taking that camera everywhere don't you?"

For those of you that know my husband you know that he is a quiet guy.  Which is one of the things that is great about having kids. Sometimes you get a little peak at your spouses childhood and a little more understanding. One day this little guy is going to grow up and I see his father and himself sitting on the porch without a word being said but a world of understanding between the two of them. 

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4kidsandcrazy said...

I love your new look! He definitely says it all with his looks doesn't he. What a cutie!