October 27, 2008


This is a contest for you that serves me! Here are the rules: **Below is a counter of how many hours and soon to be days since I last ate sugar.  

Currently my definition of eating sugar is: Candy, cookies, cake anything that you would call a goody also I am cutting "high fructose corn syrup" out of my breakfast and lunch menu. Amazingly, it is in pretty much everything we eat so to keep it simple for me I am just cutting it out lunch and breakfast until the new year.

Here is the contest part for you. *If you catch this counter at less then 2 hours you win a 10.00 Wal-Mart gift card.  It is that simple.  Leave a comment and I will know I have been caught with my hand in the cookie jar. If after two hours I have not been caught  the contest is still going.  This contest will go until December 31 st if by then I haven't flubbed or you haven't caught me. I will mail the gift card to the person who has left the most comments starting today.

*I get three days to reset the clock without penalty Thanksgiving, Kid's Birthday, and Christmas. 

**The counter will remain in a post somewhere on the front page but not in the side bar.  I have to make it a little challenging for you to find me out.


Amos said...

You're on!! I'll be watching you. That is a great goal. You go girl!!! That sounds really challenging. The bigger the challenge, the bigger reward. You are an inspiration.

abarnes11 said...

You make me laugh. Good for you though!

Willow said...

I assume you did this to help keep you honest in your sugar ban, but now I just want to send you a box of Dewar's chews. A big, big box of chewy goodness. I know, I know... I am an evil, evil friend.

For the swimmom.... where the heck are you?

No worries, for two posts today you don't have to answer my "tough" questions. I can wait. ;)

Heather Bowles said...

Good Job! Maybe after I get past the soda thing this will be my next goal. You give me the drive to keep going.

ashleeeee said...

This is awesome.

4kidsandcrazy said...

I'm leaving a post. Does it have to mean something or do I just have to post:)

Willow said...

I think you need to put a counter on your sidebar of how many times your blog gets visited every day. I bet people are checking up on you more often than normal. ;)

FYI -- I totally think you can do this!! You rock!!!