October 28, 2008


You have all been so great.  I can't tell you how motivational it has been knowing that I am being watched.  Also, I totally don't want to punk out in less then 48 hours that would just be sad.   I  had to laugh tonight as I was walking out of pack meeting a friend's husband said, "Hey Krissi, did you see those cookies and donuts in there?"  I laughed and said, "You have been reading my blog haven't you?" I am going to make a promise to all my out of town competitors, I promise not to eat sweets right in front of friends who know about the contest.  That would just be unfair.  Nope I will eat sweets in the dark corners of my home.  Where no one can see me.  That is healthy, right? By the way I went no where near the cookies, donuts, Hawaiian punch and other soda goodness.  

Nope, I'm still sugar free and amazingly it has been a little bit easier then the soda.  Of course no one had a night of door to door collecting of soda.  So Halloween might be a bit tricky.  I'm going to run a contest over Halloween weekend to keep me on the straight and narrow so check back Halloween day to see what I am up to.

Thanks again and to answer Heather's question, if  you don't have anything to say in the comment section but you are leaving a comment, go ahead and say something that makes me laugh.  I can always use a good laugh.


Willow said...

Wait.... eating sweets in dark closets is bad?? When did that happen? All this time I thought I was perfectly adjusted. Is it okay to mass consume confections in a well-lit closet? Just checking... I could be well adjusted afterall if that were the case.

abarnes11 said...

I'm sorry, sorry, sorry! Yes, it was my evil husband who was tempting you. I yelled at him when he got home. Don't take any crap from him. You are doing great! I looked at the ketchup bottle from lunch today and couldn't believe it had corn syrup in it. That's crazy. See, you are making me think twice about what I eat! (and no, I didn't just eat ketchup, but my son would).

Brock said...

Darn! I stood next to you and all of those sugar-filled brownies and had no clue of this! We'll see what kind of tempting treats we can come up with next week!