October 01, 2008

Ever Have A Day Like This?

Henry has been loving kindergarten.  He thinks it is awesome, he loves going to school, he loves playing with the other kids and he loves learning.  In addition to going to kindergarten Henry goes to work with me in the morning.  Where he does his perfect impression and is very well behaved.  He has no desire to go to the day care offered at the pool so he hangs out on deck with the lifeguards or he gets in the water and takes a lesson or two.

(Ok not a picture at the pool I work at, but a picture of Henry in a pool, it totally counts)

So do you know what happens to Henry when he has these full days?  He gets tired. Very, very, very tired.  But he is to cool for naps. He is to cool to go to bed before all the big kids go to bed. He is to cool to admit that he is tired.

So he does the following.  Be aware that I am spilling dirty laundry here.  I am letting you know that my perfectly adorable impression of perfection is ummmm not so perfect. He like other kids his age gets tired and then does this:

Last night I said go to bed or I am going to take pictures of you throwing a fit and post it on the blog.

He just kept doing this.

It was a tragedy you see that caused this.  Andrew had bumped into him.  I had Andrew flogged but this just continued. Until he realized that I was just going to keep taking pictures.  Then he ran away and went to bed.  Before the big kids. Happy Days

When he woke up this morning he looked like this.  

Perfect Henry was back. So people here is my first question, why is it that we spend the whole of our youth avoiding naps at all cost (even when we need them) and as an adult the only thing we can imagine is the bliss of a long undisturbed nap? My second question, why is it when I have long tiring days nobody makes me go to bed early? 

PS  I just have to say this I do have an awesome mom who puts up with the Krissi you don't meet much in this blog. I have to say she gets the raw end of the deal but I don't know what I would do without her.


Race Fam said...

It's funny how kids wake up and they forget how angry they were the night before. He is so cute!

Sharonda and Zaron said...

You're right! There are so many days that I wish I could be sent to my room by myself and have no one allowed to talk to me. It would be so glorious.

Willow said...

What?!? There is a less perky, updeat, pleasant, funky, hip, jovial side of Krissi?? Why didn't I know about this? I feel jipped!!!!!