October 10, 2008

How this was supposed to work!

Nov 13, 2008

Trying to keep a second blog just about the bike ride hasn't really worked out so well.  So I will be keeping all of the Bike information on this post.  You can check for updates to this post by clicking the LRRH 09 button at the top of the blog.

I plan on posting some training information tomorrow.  But you have heard that from me before haven't you.:)

I decided that if we are all really going to do this we should have a place to meet and a place where we can go to get information about training and the event. So far we have 8 people who have agreed to join us.

Lets start at the beginning. First things first if you have agreed to participate you should send me a mug shot and a short bio. That way people will know who you are and where you are from. I will post mine in the next couple of days so you will have an example.

Second this is a 104 mile loop ride. Meaning we end where we start. It is a woman only non-competitive bike ride. In fact they serve us lunch in the middle of the ride. How cool is that! So far our group consist of only two people who have done this sort of thing before. Most of us are totally clueless. Most of us will be renting our bikes. More information about that coming soon. Most of us are going to need lots of help. So I will be picking Wendy's brain like crazy. Then sharing that information with you. Which leads me to my first t-shirt proposal keep in mind this is only a working idea, I would love any suggestions you have.

Wendy's Shirt (Front)

Our Shirt, (front)
Both Shirts (back)

Many of you have asked where to start. By February you should feel fairly comfortable biking 20 miles in right around an hour. Wendy would like to finish the ride in about 6 1/2 hours. That includes the lunch break. I know it sounds scary but she thinks that I can do that so I'm sure all of you can do that.

As far as equipment is concerned most of us are training on non-road bikes. If it is possible you should change your seat out to a road bike seat. Your tush is going to have to get use to it, also if possible you should change your tires to road tires. The most important thing at this stage is to start getting in shape and working up to that 20 miles.

I will post more training info in the coming weeks. If there is anyone you would like to ask to join us feel free to do so. Are reasons for doing this will range but hopefully we will all meet some new people, get in shape, and enjoy our accomplishment.

All right friends and familia, you have disappointed me. Let me down, I am ashamed to say I know you.  People, people let me explain, "How this was suppose to work."  When my friend and personal kick my butter came to me and said you are going to do a 100 mile bike ride. I laughed at her and then used a few not so polite words and said no way. Then she just said, "You can do it, that is what your going to train for and it will be great." GREAT, did she say a 100 mile bike ride and great in the same sentence.  Must be what happens when you exercise, to many happy hormones start to make you a little nuts.

So I turned to you my friends and familia I used the same words that Wendy used, "It will be great!" You know what you were suppose to say you were suppose to say, "NO." You are not under Wendy's evil exercise influence. You just had to say, "No!" Then I would have went back to Wendy and said see it nuts I asked everybody and everybody said, "No, you are crazy!" 

But did you say that, NO (look how easy that was) you are all like, "Humm sounds like FUN"?? FUN?? Ok what is wrong with you people it is 100 miles on a bike. You all must be crazy. Crazy I tell you. Which must mean I must be crazy because it looks like we have quite the group starting to form.  Which means it might, it could possibly, it might very well be fun. Oh no, you have all gotten to me.

I give up Wendy you win no more questioning you, your the boss.

So come one come all start training those ummm rears for 100 mile bike ride.  Just to give you a little direction.  Via, Wendy the big exercising know it all who started this mess (Love YA Wendy!)She suggest you start working up to at least 3 hours at a time on a bike. On the kind of seat you will using during the ride. 

I will remind you all you had to say was No! Now if you agreed I will haunt you! :) Big Smiles!! Oh and if your sitting on the fence I will be coming after you next if I am going to do this SO ARE YOU! 


Scott and Stacy said...

Is it something with girls who are named Wendy to be the athetic type who are so willing to whip others backsides into shape? I thought my legs were serioulsy going to fall off the 1st night she had me out and about. Scott is still laughing at me with my decision to join you. I'd like to see him have someone teling him what to do, how long to do it, and how hard. See how long he lasts.

Willow said...

It does sound like fun. Crazy, wild, give-me-some-tylenol kind of fun! Is it an-all-in-one day of torture, or does the ride take a couple of days?

What a shame, I don't think my mountain bike is the racing kind. Shucks.... it would be fun though.

Amos said...

Thanks for the kinds words about my marathon. It was quite an experience for me. Now about this 100 mile bike ride --- I am going to seriously look into this before I commit to it. I know it's no walk in the park. I am still mentally recovering from all my marathon training and to think of doing another training program is kind of putting me over the edge at the moment. I'm going to give myself another couple of weeks to recover and then I'll let you know if I'm in or not. I don't commit to things lightly so if I say I'll do it, then I will see it through to the end. Thanks for the challenge and I'll let you know soon.