October 22, 2008

The non-Joys of Mother Hood

Sometimes the best part of  "blog world," is you get to a post a cute picture and say, "Look how great my life is." You can go into denial for a moment or two that life can truly blow at  times.  You can go into denial that somebody decided that it was a good idea for "you" to be a mother, four times.  You can pretend that you know what your doing. (You get that when I say "you" I mean "me" right?) "See I know what I'm doing, look at all the cute pictures of my smiling happy kids. I must be the greatest mom ever to have all these happy smiling children."  What we rarely see or lets face it discuss is that some days we wish we could quit the whole "mom" thing and try another job for a little while.  Each of my kids have challenges that leave my head spinning and me wishing that somehow I just could figure out the magic answer to make it all ok. 

Some days I think, "There not even teenagers and it's this hard, holy cow, I should just give up now!" However, we plow through the day and the next and the next and the problem persist and grows and you get to the end of the proverbial rope and you just hang on as tight as you can.  Which I don't know about you but I always hated the rope in my PE days.  You sit there and swing from the rope saying, "I know I'm doing the right thing, I know I'm doing the right thing, I know I'm......." Which doesn't really do you much good because the kid is looking at you saying, "Nope your not, your wrong, Nope your not, your wrong, Nope your not....."  Your hands start to ache, your arms begin to shake and you think, "I might be wrong."  But you hold your ground and then like a miracle the child finally agrees with you.

Many exhausting weeks later.  

What does all of this mean.  Nothing really, just giving you a little heads up that my life is more then smiling happy children.  While I love sharing those moments with all off the world.  I'm a little remiss in sharing the other moments.  Mainly because they just blow and who really wants to talk or hear about that stuff anyways? Hope your having a better week then I.  It looks like things are turning around and we may all survive each other. :)    


ashleeeee said...

I think we all have weeks where we want to scream and run away, no matter how old our kids are. And you have it x4. Whew! Hope things get better for you.

As for the pumpkins, although I do like cookies, my back still hurts from carving them on Monday! Blah!

Willow said...

Oh sister, I so feel your pain. How is it that such little people can make us so outragiously crazy, frusterated, irate, etc?

Hang in there... it has to get better because killing them is certainly NOT an option. ;)

4kidsandcrazy said...

Really? Killing them isn't an option? I was really planning on that one soon. I have one home from school which means he has to do his work here... I'd rather clean toilets! But since I have to do the first, I guess the toilets will have to wait :)

Good luck, sorry you're struggling, but it helps the rest of us know we aren't alone out here.

Heather Bowles said...

Isn't this the truth every blog I read is almost always about the good times. Nobody every mentions the everyday crappy things we all go through. Well not all my kids are as old as yours but trust me there are days they are lucky I do have some control or they just might be ducked taped to a chair with a huge piece over their mouths, or locked in there rooms. Trust me I have wanted to do these things but in the end I really would like to keep them around. I think I can safely say all us moms fill the same way some days, weeks, months.

Willow said...

Hey, since you sounded like you could use a laugh, here is the Haiku Gordon composed for his homework:

Two fawn and a deer,
Running, jumping, playing -- fun,
Venison jerky!

Yeah, can you guess which part his dad helped him with?? His teacher is going to think we are sick, sick people.

Oh, and I did protest that since he didn't know what venison was he couldn't use it. Russ was kind enough to spend 45 minutes teaching G-Force how to use the dictionary. So, yes... Gordonzolla knows that his poem implies that the deer frolicking in the picture he was writing about get shot, cleaned, and dried into jerky. What's more... he is okay with that. Sick, sick people.