October 29, 2008

Pinewood Derby or Bust!

If there is one thing that Brent and I both agree on.  One thing that we both believe is essential to the proper development, growth, and raising of a son. That no boyhood would be complete with out.  It would be participation in the Pinewood Derby.  

Yes, on this one thing Brent and I are in total agreement.  A boyhood is not a true boyhood until a boy has built a pinewood derby car and then competed in a pinewood derby. 

It is that important! 

I'm sorry if you have never had the opportunity to live in a house filled with the air of pinewood derby. If you have never had the opportunity of watching a father stand to the side as his son uses HIS power tools. The opportunity to take a chunk of wood and see that inside the wood is the makings of a CAR.  

You wonder why men are so obsessed with cars, with how there made, and how fast they go. 

Well if you have ever brought home a pinewood derby box kit to a home with boys and men all your questions would be answered.

Once the car is built and you attend a pinewood derby.  You would no longer question the appeal of Nascar. You know that boys were born with checkered flags in their very being. It is a time for male bonding, boasting, and I'm sure a scratch or two.

At the end of the night it doesn't matter who won the race (ok, well maybe a little) it only matters that each boy has completed an essential step towards becoming a man.

That being said, A. had a blast! His car took first. His father and him are already in the planning stages for next years car. 


Sorry, I know obsessive and a little over the top. However, when a husband and wife finally agree about something (especially this husband and wife) you tend to go a bit overboard.


Race Fam said...

Pinewood Derbies are so fun. I can't wait until Caden has one. Their car looks awesome! It pays to have a smart Dad that thinks about how the shape and weight of the car makes it faster! I love when boys come with a block on wheels, says something about the dad I think.

Scott and Stacy said...

From the kids,
That is a cool car.

ashleeeee said...

That looks like an organized garage and impeccably clean saw. I think our men would get along.