October 17, 2008

Random Friday

The kids are out of school today. They were also out of school yesterday.  Due to UEA.  Supposedly this is so teachers can go and do additional training and be better teachers.  It sounds like a good idea for no school right? Well that means the munchkins are home and the house is full of other munchkins.  Lots of fun stuff. However, I am starting to be concerned that one of Henry's best little pals, who is actually a girl pal, might have strange powers over him.  Resulting in things like this happening.

Should I be concerned?

On a completely different note.  Sam's last day of wearing braces was last Thursday.  This picture was taken as she was getting ready to walk in to the Ortho's office.
What a cute little "brace face." Here is a picture of her today.

What do you think was it worth all that money?  That we are still paying.  That we might be paying until the day we have to pay for her wedding.  Of course maybe with these perfectly straight babies she will marry a rich doctor.  Then it would totally be worth it, right?

That is it for this totally random post, unless you are dying to hear about the potatoes we dug today and how I started planting bulbs and cleaning up the flowers beds in an effort to get ready for winter.  What? You don't want to hear about that? Shocking!!

Happy Friday! Tomorrow is the last Super Soccer Saturday.  What a bummer.:)


Race Fam said...

Wow what a pretty smile, well worth the money! And poor Henry, I bet Dad wasn't home at that time. :)

ashleeeee said...

She got her braces off so early? Holy cow! I was in high school. Lucky girl! They look great!

I think you have some blackmail with that nail painting picture. Now we know the secret of why he'll be the best behaved teenager on the block.

Willow said...

Thanks for the link to the Country Doctor's Wife. I loved her post. Last year G-Force (yes we do call him that... among other things) was at our tiny neighborhood public school. The personal attention he recieved was amazing. This year he is in a huge school, in the ghetto (really, it is in a terrible part of town), in a specialized program and he is still thriving.

The school you send your child to is not half as important as YOUR involvement in the child's education, and life in general.

--Pardon me, I now must step down from this soapbox before I fall and cause a concusion. --

Willow said...

By YOUR, I of course mean parental involvement in general.