October 11, 2008


As I warned you last night today was cold and wet. Nevertheless, with only two more weeks left in the soccer season both of the boys coaches were reluctant to cancel their games.  So today Hubby and I headed off in opposite directions to watch the boys play ball. I'm not going to lie and say it was pleasant, the rain came down hard, and the temperature lingered in the high 30's.  It was crazy weather. Even so, this week armed with an umbrella and my smaller camera I braved the elements to bring you these wet soccer pics.

I wont tell you what the coaches butt looked like when he stood up, because of course I didn't look, but I am sure you can imagine.

Do these boys look like they are dressed for soccer?  I think they are more ready to go skiing. Although they do look like they are enjoying themselves.

Our little man had an impressive game scoring 6 goals.  Of course I think this had a lot to do with the fact that all of the boys were having a hard time staying on their feet. The ground was super wet.

Andrew says he had a good game scoring four goals but he isn't quite sure because by the end of the game his toes were numb. However he lived to tell the tale.  Only one more week of Super Soccer Saturday, which if the weather keeps going this way, is not soon enough for this wimp mom. 

PS The snow has started! yay :(

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Willow said...

30s?!?!!!!! You must be dedicated, that is about the coldest we get all winter. Of course, you knew that already... and I really shouldn't gloat. Think happy thoughts on Thursday, no matter how cold you guys may be, we will be sweating as it should be back in the 90s by then. UFF... Stinkin' heat!