October 04, 2008


Remember how I said that we had an unseasonably warm fall? Well, fall finally made an appearance today. We were hit with our first full day of rain. Which in the world of AYSO usually means no games. However, Sam is now playing in an competitive league so a full blown rain storm means nothing.  I take that back it means 85 minutes of soccer in the rain.  The game, putting the rain, wind, and cold to the side was a pretty fun game to watch.  I say watch because if I had to play I would have called uncle before the game even started, Sam is certainly made of sterner stuff than I.   I was amazed watching these girls run around the field.  I wish I could have brought my camera with me but the weather had me leaving it at home today.  That and the hopeful wish that we would get to the soccer field and they would call the game. Like I said I'm a wimp.

I will just have to do my best to describe to you the game and some of the fun stuff that happened. This week our girls were in their black uniforms which turned out to be a very good thing.  The opposing team was wearing a baby blue uniform which turned out to be a very funny thing.  Picture if you will 11 v 11 girls setting up on the field for kick off with the rain pouring down and slowly beginning to soak through their uniforms. 

The first 10 minutes of the game were slow going.  It was obvious that they were cold and that the rain was throwing their game way off.  The ball struggled back and forth between the two teams without really going anywhere.  Our team got a couple shots on the goal and it became very obvious that because of the rain the goalie couldn't get a good hold on the ball.  This seemed to spark the girls interest in getting a goal.  That and surely but slowly a hole in front of the goal was filling with muddy water. A few minutes more and the girls started coming to life.  Suddenly they made a shot that flew right through the goalies hands into the goal.  Of course the usual jumping and cheering took place but now the girls had the extra fun of splashing water as they jumped up and down.  It had began to rain harder.

As the rain came down harder and harder the game continued on.  Added to the normal struggle was the ball getting stopped in mud holes.  The ball slamming against wet cold girls with a wet slapping thud. The girls sliding across the field crashing into one another and the sploshing and splashing as they ran across the field. It was obvious that by the second half they were having a blast. Instead of being upset when they crashed on the ground they would laugh as they stood up and the mud dripped off them.  They loved when the ball would crash into us parents. Who were desperately trying to stay dry. The game ended with a 2-0 score ending the girls first season of competitive soccer.  The girls came running off the field wet muddy and smiling.  And ended the day by sliding through the mud holes. 

Like I said before I left my camera dry and safe at home but I did make Sam let me take these shots before she cleaned up.

Now picture this uniform baby blue.  Sam had a fun season and is looking forward to the start of indoor soccer in about a month.  Meanwhile we have 2 more weeks of regular AYSO soccer left. 

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ashleeeee said...

Hey! You added a Twitter application! Cool beans. I wasn't smart enough for it. I tried Twitter, but just couldn't do it. I'm a Facebooker. It's got a sort-of tweet, well, a status update, at least.

Glad you had fun out in the rain. Joseph B. Worthlin did say to make postitives out of potential negatives. Oh, he had some great stories. I laughed out loud while watching conference. Awesome.