October 23, 2008

Thank You and Something Else that Needs Work

First of all I just have to say thank you for all your kind comments.  It is nice to know that we all have days like those. I have spent the last few days trying to figure out how to stop any more days like the ones we have been having.  But then I remembered something my mom has always said, "You can't stop a storm you can only weather it." 

DANG IT!! I tell you one of these days Mother Nature and I are going to have ourselves one LONG talk. 

Speaking of mom sayings, here is my favorite grandma saying (my mom's mom) speaking to her recently turned 16 year old oldest granddaughter. "You know Krissi you don't have to type on a lot of type writers to learn to type." I will let you ponder that one as you go through your day. 

Last night we were lucky enough to attend Al's very first concert choir performance.  It was a very fun night.  Well as much fun as a soccer/swim mom can have when she can't jump up and down and cheer.  Can you imagine, "Sing that song Al, you can do it! Sing Al Sing!!" For future reference do you think that cheering like that would get me kicked out of the auditorium?  Just wondering, if there are any choir mom's out there let me know. 

It was a lot of fun and it is very fun to watch Al. I wanted to share with you how fun it was to watch her and what fun she was having.  However, it turns out dark auditoriums are not camera friendly. GO FIGURE! 

So here are a few of the best ones I was able to get. Again I have to say, if Brent would just get me a bigger camera with a bigger lenses you might all be saved from these BAD PICTURES. I suggest you start a mail in campaign to him.

This was the  concluding song when all the high school, Jr high and elementary school sang together. They did a pretty good job.

This is one of my mia-maids, I missed YW's last night in order to attend the performance it turned out all my girls and most of our laurels were at the performance so I was able to support them and be there for AL.  Can I tell you how thrilled Tiff will be with this pic.

I  have no idea what Al is doing but doesn't she look cute in her choir get up.

Probably the best pic I got last night.  Al loved the performance and says she can't wait until she can be in the high school choir. My mom resume is growing Soccer/Swim/Basketball/Choir? Mom.
Sorry for subjecting you to bad pictures but but but. Ok can't think of an excuse just start that mail in campaign and maybe this horrible picture stuff will stop. :) I better get going to work.  Thank you again for all your nice comments.  Have a great day!


Race Fam said...

You sure are a busy mom, swimming, soccer, basketball, choir, gardener, blogger, wow you make me tired! I am amazed!

Sharonda and Zaron said...

Alex is so cute; I love the choir outfits. We are excited to see you guys this weekend.