October 02, 2008

A Walk Through Our Fall Garden

We have had an absolutely beautiful fall. The weather has actually stayed unseasonably warm. While we have been busy canning and harvesting we have taken very little time to enjoy the flowers that are also enjoying the fall season. 

So a couple of days ago I grabbed my camera and enjoyed a scroll through my flowers.  I Love this picture I swear it makes me think I can actually smell the rose.  Sadly this is a no name rose. I think we should name it don't you?  

These little guys are from a start my friend gave me.  In fact my flower beds are a bloom right now with plants from her garden. These little gals make me think of quiet summer days.  They also make me want to finish reading "Anne of Green Gables," again.  Don't you think that Anne would love these little ones.  She would probably call them "Queen's of Fall," or something else romantic and fancy.

These are mums and you should see the plant it is huge.  Again a start from a friend.  I think it is amazing you can share your garden with friends. I never really was a fan of mums.  They reminded me to much of the cemetery but my flower bed would not be half as pretty as it is if it wasn't for these guys. 

Here is a picture of our random cantaloupe.  We didn't think it would grow in time for us to eat it but if the weather holds out for a week or so more we may actually get to eat this.  Crazy!

Our random watermelon.  Having a garden is so much fun.

1 comment:

ashleeeee said...

Your garden, and your pictures, are beautiful!

I kill everything but Tulips. I tried to start some roses from my Grandma's.... they didn't start.

You should name the rose Daisy. hehe. Or maybe something more eloquent like Antoinette.

Oh my! It's raining!