October 30, 2008

What You Might Not Know

Something you may not know about me is that I ♥ Halloween.  Yes, out of all the holidays Halloween is my favorite.  It has a lot to do with dressing up to be whoever you want and the whole give me candy. "Big Sigh" on that one this year.

Being as Halloween is my favorite my family goes a little overboard. (ok, ok, I go a little overboard) Much to Brent's chagrin, who frankly does not share my ummm, well, enthusiasm.

Halloween usually turns into several days of celebration.  Starting with the city carnival.  This is usually the night the kids make their costume debut.

S. went from being a cute witch to a pretty witch when did she get so old on me?

As you can see A. has moved into the I want to be something scary stage. 

Al calls this a punk rock pirate.

H. getting one more year out of his Army man costume. 
I wish I could keep him little forever.
The city carnival has turned into a family tradition. Attending has become mandatory and somewhere a long the line we actually started working at the carnival. This year I even got paid to work.  Which was a good thing because the kids spent all the money I earned.

A. trying to look scary while working his booth "The Wheel of Fortune"

Al, making a trip through all the booths spending my hard earned money. 
Next year I am putting her to work!

S. behind the fish pond with some fellow swim team members.
Get it fish pond, swim team, ha ha ha.

Doesn't she look so excited! I told you it was lots of fun.

H. getting more tickets from dad. Note to self put H. to work next year.

The carnival is always lots of fun and puts us in a "spooky" mood.  Before we know it we are attending ward parties, carving pumpkins, (You will laugh when you see how many we carved) parading through the school, class parties and last but not least Trick-or-treating. 

Oh and did I mention this year A. will be having a birthday party following the trickery. (The best part of having a Christmas birthday when you celebrate it on Halloween everybody gets why.) Should be lots of fun, four sugar hyped boys spending the night watching scary movies.  I have even given them permission to scare trick-or-treaters after 8:30, oh and bought them party poppers and silly string to help with the scaring.  I also, have a plan that I will wake them up in the morning to Christmas music since there is a local station that starts playing it 24, 7 starting November 1.  It will be fun. (For me at least)

I told you Halloween makes me a little (I mean a lot) crazy!

In regards to my mini-Halloween contest: If your checking in on me this weekend, leave a comment, I will assign a number to each comment, through out the weekend, cutoff is Sunday midnight. I will then have random.org choose a winner. The winner will win a cute holiday frame.  I will post a picture as soon as I can.  Busy day tomorrow. I don't care how many comments you leave. However you do have to respond why you love, hate, or tolerate Halloween. Anything you want through out the day as long as it is about Halloween.  You can even leave comments about your fave Halloween candy.  Mine is Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  I always steal the kids. I don't even think they have ever gotten to keep them. Do you think I will be able to resist a whole weekend with out that chocolaty, peanut, goodness?

Happy Halloween, and Happy Trick-or-Treating!


Amos said...

Cute Kids, cute costumes!!! You are doing good on the no sugar thing. That is a hard thing to conquer. You've got tremendous will power. That's more than I can say for myself. I think I've gained at least ten pounds since the Marathon. Dang.

Race Fam said...

Cute costumes! Caden wanted to be something scary this year too. I let him, but I am not thrilled with the costume. Why is it that boys have to go though that stage? Super heros are just not cool anymore?

Sharonda and Zaron said...

Way cool costumes!! Your kids are so good looking.

BTW, in regards to your comment on my blog, I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole. Yes, I am chicken! I think you need to be the one to go first.

Hey, I'm going to call in the next few days so we can make Thanksgiving plans. Do you guys want to spend the night either Wednesday of Thursday during Thanksgiving? I'll call you.

abarnes11 said...

I know I'm weird, but I don't like Halloween. I don't like the smell of pumpkin. It makes me nauseous. I don't like finding candy wrappers everywhere for a month afterward. I don't like chocolate, I don't like candy. I love, love, love Christmas, but I am a Halloween scrooge! Now you know. I do, however, like the kids dressing up. I think costumes are great! Your kids, by the way, were darling! I love the punk rock pirate!