October 08, 2008

Who Do I Tattle To?

I have two weeks off of work.  Which is why I LOVE my job.  I work a month and I am rewarded with two weeks off.  It is an awesome deal.  Whenever I am off I run around getting things done that I don't have time to get done while I'm working, my killer 11 hour a week job.  With the holidays quickly approaching I decided to take the next couple of weeks and do my holiday scrub down.  Which is where I turn my house upside down and then put it back together again.  Hopefully getting rid of all the junk, out grown clothes, and general stuff that we don't need.  Additionally, cleaning under all the furniture and trying to get rid of all the dog hair. 

Whose idea was it again to have a 170lb indoor dog?

Now, while I may not be religious about it I generally try to do this type of cleaning at least twice a year.  Yes, occasionally I only get it done once and ummm... maybe a time or two not at all. However, I generally give my kids warnings and they know when it is coming.

That being said, can someone please tell me who I can tattle to?  Seriously, because I have some tattling to do.  Because believe it or not we have a rule or two in this home.  Rules like no food downstairs, and pick up after yourself and no otter pops if I find wrappers not in the trash.  We also have chores in this home, I know shocking! Chores such as clean out under the sofa and TV, put your laundry in the laundry room and my fave chore CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF!!!  I know these are tough chores, I know that your average person can't handle the difficulty of these chores and rules.  However, I THOUGHT my children had mastered these complicated and often misunderstood rules.  But you know what I discovered the other day????

They Haven't 

Exhibit One, Under the TV

Exhibit Two

Can you guess how many rules have been broken in this scene 

Exhibit Three, Under the Sofa
I have been assured that the plate under the sofa does not indicate that food is being ate downstairs.  Uhh Huhh, Do I look that dumb to you?

Ok, don't answer that?

All that I have left to say is, "Mom, the kids didn't do their chores!"  Anyone, want to take this one?


Scott and Stacy said...

I don't think the kids really understand the meaning of the word clean. If it's out of sight it's clean to them. I'm still trying to get it through to them that there is a place for everything and if you don't put it where it belongs it will get thrown away.

4kidsandcrazy said...

I agree with Stacy if you can't see it it must be clean. It is also so very nice to see someone else that has such lovely treasures hidden in their house too. We wanted to be mothers why?!? :)

Sharonda and Zaron said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but it's kind of funny. My kids totally do the same thing, but it's really not funny. Maybe we should start beating them into submission. Hey, whatever works.

So, what's this 100 mile bike ride? It sounds interesting and like great exercise. Count me in!! Do you have a link to a website with more info about it?

Scott and Stacy said...

Yeah I looked at the link, I figured they will update it soon.
So I totaly picked the right person to kick my butt back into shape. She called me today and we just got back from walking the long way to Walmart and back. She's been looking for someone to walk with just didn't think I was ready so when she saw my post she jumped on it. So while we were at Walmart I bought a new seat for Austin's and mine bikes so he can go riding with me. Scott told him about it and he was so funny when he said, "That's like riding to Fresno, we can go there, get a snake and bring it home". Don't think so buddy.