November 30, 2008

The Nut Cracker that Wouldn't Sing

For Christmas 2005 the kids and I bought Brent a Nutcracker. Brent is a Nutcracker fan so whenever we come across a Nutcracker that reminds us of him we get it for him for Christmas. Well this Nutcracker is pretty cool it is a Santa Nutcracker working at his work bench.

When we bought it the box said that the Nutcracker was also a music box. Well Christmas morning came and went and the Nutcracker was put away with the Christmas decorations. The next year 2006 I opened the box with the Nutcrackers in it and smiled as I pulled the Nutcracker out. I wound up the Nutcracker in order to listen to its Christmas song. But nothing happened. I wound it some more, I shook, and jiggled and did everything I could to make it play.

Soon I gave up in frustration. Maybe I was wrong maybe it didn't have a music box. Maybe I read the box wrong. Well again Christmas came and went and the Nutcracker was put away. And again the following year I pulled the Nutcracker out. I wound, twisted and jiggled and still no music. Whatever, I thought, must be broken. Well Christmas came and went and away the Nutcracker went once more.

Today we opened the Nutcracker box and began to pull them out. This year A. was helping me and he picked up what I thought was the broken music box Nutcracker. A moment later I looked up to him as he watched the Nutcracker spin around and play music.

I stared at him totally amazed. "What," he said. "Don't be mad I just wanted to listen to the music." I just continued to stare. "I didn't break it," he said.

"How did you do that?" I exclaimed

"Do what," he said.

"How did you make the music box play?"

"I don't know, I just turned it on."


A. looked up at me like I was crazy. "I just turned this switch right here."

There on the Nutcracker box was a golden wooden ball. I had just thought it was part of the Nutcracker. I never once thought it was the switch you needed to pull to play the music box.

Well it finally dawned on A. that he had figured out something that I hadn't been able to. He looked at the Nutcracker and said, "Mom this Nutcracker says 2005 you haven't figured out how to make this thing work in 3 years?"

"Go to your room, your not allowed to be smarter then your mom." Is what I wanted to say.

I just laughed and said, "You don't have to keep proving your smarter then me."

Big Sigh one Christmas I was surrounded by four little munchkins and the next they are all big and figuring out things I can't.

November 29, 2008

Santa's Blog

What a hoot I found Santa's Blog. Check it out!

November 27, 2008

The Turkey Wasn't the Only Thing Stuffed

We had a fun, good food, good company filled Thanksgiving.

There was so much food and between Brent, Sharonda, Zaron and I we did a pretty of putting together a pretty excellent meal.

The turkey was moist, the rolls were soft, the potatoes were yummy, the dressing was scrumptious.

And the pies....

the pies....

the pies....

were yummy and plenty. Unfortunatley, there is absolutly no reason for me to post any pictures of Sharonda or Amy or Stacy.

Oh well I will have those pictures for later dates.:)

So here it is my counter reset and ready to take on the month of December. Oh boy!

The Turkey Smells Good Enough To Eat

Now that I am sitting here smelling the Turkey roast away. Watching the potatoes boil away. Waiting to put the dressing in the oven. I'm thinking that I might eat a thing or two more then pie.


Okay, defiantly.

Smells Way Yummy Here!

Hope you are having a happy TURKEY Day! Can't wait to hear all about your yummy day.

Also, I want to hear about those awesome deals after you hit the sales tomorrow.

I've been snapping away pics of Brent cooking his little heart out. Can't wait to share.


November 26, 2008

Hip Hip Hurray, Tomorrow is PIE Day

Well in a little less then 24 hours I am going to have to reset this counter.  I can hardly believe that it says 30 days.  I have to tell you I never thought I would make it this many days I really thought I would have to reset it at some point in time.

It has been a huge motivation for me knowing that you guys are watching the counter.  Also, knowing that even if you didn't catch me in the time allowed you would see that I punked.  That I didn't have the self control, not to eat sugar.

Every time I would think of eating a goodie, I would think about reseting the clock.  I would wonder who was online, I would wonder if I would get caught, I would wonder who would catch me.  By the time I got through thinking about all of that I would decide the treat wasn't worth it.

Another motivation has been my kids, who have said, "Mom you don't have to reset the counter no one would know."  I wanted them to see that  I could be honest and not do something I shouldn't just because, "no one would know." Hopefully, they are learning from this experience, also.

So tomorrow I get to reset the clock without penalty. I have decided that I am going to have another mini contest. (I have your frame Heather really I do) The first person to notice the clock has been reset and leaves a comment will win a "yummy christmas ornament." 

Since I know it is a holiday and I know that you have places to go, family to visit, and most importantly pie to eat. I will let you know that I will not be resetting the clock until tomorrow night sometime. I too have places to go, family to visit, and most importantly pie to eat.

I just wanted to say once again, thanks for all the support and all the positive feed back.  You all rock. (I need a new tag)

Happy Pre-Pie day!

November 25, 2008

Me, My Camera and the Little Man

The weather here in Utah has been very un-Christmas like.  While I would love snow to grace us through out the holiday season and then dissapper January 2nd. I have enjoyed that winter has yet to knock me on my but.

I think all of my years in California may have ruined me for Utah winters. 

Anyway, enjoying the last little bit of fall, before winter makes a full on debut, H., my camera and I all took a little walk.

The valley continues to be snow free but the mountain tops are already dressed in white.  

I'm just glad that this view is far away.

I read this little article about tilting your camera while taking face shots.

What do you think?

I think he is dang cute.

I think I might even keep this one.

November 24, 2008

Ask "theSwimMom" Holiday Edition

We are closing in on the big day. Just 72 more hours. Are you excited? I am way excited probably the most excited I have been about Thanksgiving in YEARS. That is almost sad, right?

Last week all of you Black Friday shoppers got me thinking about all the great sales. So I have decided to dip my big toe into the whole getting up way to early to shop mess.

I haven't quite figured out my strategy but right now I think it includes. Sports Authority and Old Navy. I'm still working out the strategy which I can't share online because my kids read my blog and I wouldn't want to give anything away.

Anyway, I am headed out the door today to buy a ginger bread house kit. Every year after Thanksgiving we sit down as a family and make a ginger bread house. I usually by the kit, I tried one time to make the ginger bread myself, well lets just say what happened is a really long story that involves a dog that can reach the counter tops. Did you know that dogs love ginger?

It is a fun time to sit down with every body and build a candy house.

Though I have a confession, whenever we build the house I do all the actual building. I let the kids point where they want things and then I put it on. If I agree! I really am quite the perfectionist about it and get really uptight when they try to do it their way. Not on my ginger bread house, no way.

Brent and I usually end up in a huge fight because he tells the kids they can take bits off the Ginger Bread House. Again, I say, "Not on my ginger bread house, no way." In the past he has been known to sneak some of the candy off of the house and give it to the kids. Which is why last year after my, I mean, the kid's ginger bread house was finished I sprayed it with glitter.

Brent was not happy, when he bit into the first piece of candy.

Guess it didn't taste that great.

"DON'T EAT MY GINGER BREAD HOUSE!" I mean the kid's ginger bread house.

So my question for you is what Holiday Tradition do you have that has to be just so? No messing around with letting the kid's do it. No standing back and saying oh well. What has to be just so in order for the holidays to be just right?

PS I have listening to the Twilight CD all weekend and even re-read Twilight and I'm thinking I may to go see the movie with all you again. :) So don't be mad at me.

November 22, 2008

Braving Debut Day!

Well it was an interesting movie night.  Brent and I spent a few hours trying to figure out the last movie we went to together without the kids. We came up blank.  As you may have guessed we are not big movie people.  However, going to a movie on opening day, of a highly popular, best selling book was an interesting movie experience. One that we are sure to remember next time we are trying to figure it out.

My friend wanted us to get to the movie theater about 20 minutes early.  We didn't really think to much about that.  Seemed just about right.  We thought the lines wouldn't be to bad because the movie was playing four times an hour.  Meaning that every half hour the movie had been playing since 9:00 yesterday morning. 

When we got to the movie theater the first problem with that thinking became apparent.  There was no parking. No parking in the theater parking, no parking on the street surrounding the theater, no parking in the parking lot across the street. 

After finding a parking spot a good 8 minutes away from the front door of the theater.  We made it into the theater.  Where there were lines EVERYWHERE! 

Holy Cow people it is JUST a movie. 

Anyway we were relieved to find out (and a little bit scared) these were for the other showings starting at later times.

Brent and the other Husband, Jayce,  stopped to get some popcorn and Wendy and I made our way into the theater.  By the time we made it into the theater we saw girls crying, we saw girls jumping up and down with excitement.  We heard grown women say that they had already been standing in line for an hour for a movie that didn't start for another hour.  


After getting into the theater it took us a few minutes but we found 4 seats together on the very top row. Oh well, it was better then the seats on the bottom row.  A few minutes later our husbands came in with the popcorn.  At this time they pointed out to us that we had made them walk into a girl flick movie, TOGETHER, Brent said it was to bad he didn't have a, "no on prop 8 shirt." Oh dear, oh well they sat by girls during the movie.

So what did I think of the movie? Especially given the fact that I think it is a sin to make a good book into a movie.  It was okay.  My expectations were very low. There were many things in the movie you wouldn't get unless you had read the books.  This was apparent when the female part of the audience would laugh at something said.  Meanwhile, all the men would turn to find out why that was funny. 

The actors playing Bella and Edward did a pretty good job.  Lots of romantic tension that I found pretty convincing. There were lots of parts that you wish they would have gotten into the movie that were just not there. But you had to love the parts that were there. Some of those killer lines that left your heart pitter pattering. I thought the fight scene at the end of the movie was pretty cool.  I was convinced and I knew how would it end. The actor cast as Jacob was way cute. I am a little excited to see what they do with him in the next movie. Way more special effects getting all those boys to morph into big strong men and wolves. Looking forward to no shirt scenes (gee this blog is getting a little x-rated) Should be way cool.

So in the end was the movie worth it. Well, it was defiantly a fun night out with friends and of course my hubby. Given my expectations were exceeded I will have to say it was worth it. If your going to go, go with someone who knows what all the inside jokes are and enjoy holding your husbands hands without kiddo's around.

PS Listening to the soundtrack right now.  Ashlie it totally rocks. I think it is time to read the books again.

November 21, 2008

Giving into Peer Pressure

So it took less then 24 hours but I have given into peer pressure.

A friend called earlier to ask if S. could watch her kids while her husband and her went to see Twilight.

I laughed at her (because no way I was going to go join the masses) and said Sam was available.

A couple hours ago she called back to say that she had bought the tickets for herself and her in-laws but they were not going to be able to make it and she asked if Brent and I wanted to go.

Who ME?

No way, well okay, you twisted my arm, I will go if Brent goes (No Way he is going to go).

What? You will?

Guess I'm going to go see Twilight.

Hey who knows if Brent is lucky the movie will be good enough for him to get lucky.

Get your mind out of the gutter I meant lucky enough to play scrabble.


My in-laws read this blog ;)

November 20, 2008

I Feel My Blog looks a Little Sad Lately

I feel that my blog has looked a little sad as of late.  Mostly because the last several  post have been only "words."  My picture taking has dropped so low that this morning when I logged on to my computer, the computer, sent me an IM asking for pictures.

Okay that didn't really happen.

But it sounded like a good excuse to take some pictures. 

So here is my fall update.

The tree leaves have all changed colors

And are now almost all fallen.

A. has been in quite a bit of trouble as of late. Which means his life has looked a lot like this for the last couple of weeks.

Before you feel to bad for him,

This one thinks raking leaves is fun and is always helping him out. 

However, while helping he likes to remind A. that he doesn't have to help, he is just doing it to be nice, because he is nice and A. is in trouble.


While the boys raked leaves I sent Brent up to the roof to put up Christmas lights.

He LOVES that job.

While  up there a neighbor came out and told Brent that he doesn't have to put Christmas lights up anymore.  Due to the fact that he has gotten to fat.  

I told Brent that his wife must be nicer then Brents. Being to fat to put up Christmas lights might suggest to me it was time to loose weight.  Meaning, "Don't think you can eat so much Christmas goodies that you won't have to take the lights down."

I can not be outwitted.

Okay, obviously that isn't true but I sound tough right?

November 19, 2008

In DESPERATE need of a Cheesecake Recipe

As it turns out I have scared my poor, innocent, sweet, never did anything to me Sis-N-Law.

While talking to her last night about Thanksgiving, I mentioned to her the counter full of pies and attempted blackmail. (Such a nasty word)

Her opinion was the scary cat lady comment seemed to express her opinion.


A girl ask for a pie or two (or three or 10) and everyone gets all weird.

Well I'm back to behaving myself so I have agreed to provide a pie or two to the ten. :)

Isn't math fun?

So here is what I am suppose to bring, a chocolate cream pie, a boysenberry pie, and a cheese cake. (the cheesecake totally being my own idea)

However, I want a very specific cheese cake. I want a Hometown Buffet Cheesecake. Have you ever had Hometown Buffet Cheesecake? They are so yummy they are fluffy and light and ummmmm getting hungry here.

See this is what the whole blackmail thing was suppose to avoid.

Well since you all wont let me "blackmail" the least you could do is help me come up with a killer cheesecake recipe.

I will even ask nice, please, pretty please?

Do I get points for behaving?

November 18, 2008

Books, Books, Book, and more Books!

One of my great passions in life is reading.  I love books, I love opening them, and diving into a story that takes me anywhere and anytime in the world. I love the imagination that reading requires from you.  I love being taken away and watching someones life unfold before my eyes. 

I was at one of those, get to know you activities, and the question was asked, "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?"  My answer was, "It would depend on the book I was reading, I always want to go there."  I think a small part of me believes that I will meet the people in the book. That I could become part of some amazing story.

My favorite genre of book has always been, Young Adult. However, I force myself often to venture into the unknown and find new authors and new genres.

Through out the years I have read many classics, for one reason or another, I think that it will make me smarter.  It hasn't yet but maybe someday it will.  I enjoy a good romance and more then that I enjoy a good suspense romance.  Someone dies, two people meet, they struggle to find the killer, all the time falling in love.  Does it get much better then that?

I really, really enjoy smart books.  Books where an author has come up with an idea or an answer to a question that no one else has thought of yet.  Which is one of the reason's I love Scott Westerfield. Check him out one of these days.  I think this is also why I enjoy Jane Austen, who is just really making fun of the women and the politics of her generation.  She does it in a smart way that takes you awhile to figure it out. Then one day you are reading a way and suddenly you go, "Ohhh, I get it your making fun." I love Jane Austen.

I enjoy books that remind me of  yesteryear.  The classics, such as, "Anne of Green Gables," "Emily of New Moon," "Pollyanna."  Books that are innocent and deliver a good moral lesson at the end.   

Much to a friend or two's chargin I do not enjoy movies based on books.  Rarely am I excited to see a book made into a movie.  It is a rare exception for me to think that a movie has meassured up to the book.  Possible exceptions to this would be the first couple of, "Harry Potter," movies and "Lord of the Rings," these movies did a pretty good job.

This means that though I am a fan of the "Twilight," books I am not in a hurry to go see the movie.  I'm sorry but how can that movie come even close. I know gasp and shock. Well unless your Heather and you have already heard all of this and then your just thinking, "Get over it. Go with me to see it."  I'm thinking about it but I REFUSE to be among the masses so it will have to wait a couple of weeks.

Anyway, all of this long and drawn out is because among my new years resolutions, of getting fit and yada, yada, yada. I am going to work on expanding my reading horizons.  Which is why you are going to start seeing me join some reading challenges and doing a little reviewing of a book or two now and then.

Your so excited aren't you? First it is all garden, garden, garden, then it is all no sugar, give me pie, no sugar, give me pie and look at me ride my bike. Now it is going to be read, read, read.

I think there is a chance I might be ADD. 

Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite genre of book?

20 miles Down 80 to Go!

I just finished my first ever 20 mile bike ride.  I have to say it totally sucked eggs after 10 miles until about 18. Then after that I started to realize that I only had 2 miles to go.  I told myself I could go 2 miles anybody can go 2 miles.

It was hard and I had moments of doubts that I will be able to make it to 100 miles.  However, I made it to 20 so I just have to keep going.  Not that I don't think it will be hard and not that I don't think I will have MANY more moments of doubt but all I have to do is keep going.

The whole concept of enduring to the end has been on my mind over the past few days.  Not just in regards to a 100 mile bike ride but in regards to everything.  I am committed to this bike ride because I think it will help me to understand and apply this principle to my life more completely. 

I know that life is always going to have its ups and downs.  Hard times, good times, blessings and curses. However, in the end what matters the most is that we cross the finish line knowing that we trained, endured, and worked as hard as we could.

Okay, so now you are all aware what endorphins do to my brain.   They make me sappy and a little bit crazy.  Hey, isn't that better then me trying to blackmail people to give me pies?

Hope your having an awesome Tuesday.  I'm going to go hit the showers I STINK , good thing computers can't smell. :)

November 17, 2008

Ask "theSwimMom" Holiday Edition

In just a mere 10 days it will be Thanksgiving. I don't know about you but it seems like this year has just flown. I don't think I have even gotten use to the idea that it is 2008 and soon it will be 2009. Crazy how time moves faster and faster the older we get.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner the adds have started to pile up. Everywhere you look stores are warming up and preparing for, "Black Friday." I always wondered why they called it, "Black Friday," until I learned that they call it that because it is the first day of the year that most stores move from the red into the black. I still think it is weird that it is only in the last month of the year that stores make a profit.

Well with "Black Friday," in mind I decided that this week I will ask the question, "Are you a Black Friday shopper?" Do you love the sales? Do you get up at 4:00 in the morning to be the first in line for the goods? What is the most killer deal you have ever gotten, on the most notorious of good deals mornings? Or are you a stay in bed and stay away from all the insanity type of gal?

Personally, I am the latter. It boggles my mind why anyone would want to stand in line at 4:00 in the morning. I know there are good deals but are they, "THAT GOOD?" Every now and then I will venture to a store or two on black Friday, but most of the time it is just for a good session of people watching. Rarely do I even purchase anything on that day.

Let us all know and hey if you know of a deal we can't pass up, please share. :)

Oh, in regards to my last post. It has come to my attention that several of my friends think...that maybe... I um.... might be going a little nuts.

I have decided to blame it on sugar deprivation. Yup, any craziness on my part is due solely to the fact that I haven't had any sugar in 3 weeks. My body is in shock and deprivation mode. Kind of like a starving person. Okay, well not so much like a starving person.

So coming to the recognition that I'm acting a little crazy I have revoked my blackmail.

That is until I forget I am crazy and realize that I NEED THOSE PIES.

Happy Monday.

November 14, 2008

I Am NOT Above Blackmail!

The big day is less then two weeks away. Yes, in a little less then 14 days I am going to be able to eat sugar until my heart is content. Or until my stomach gives out, whichever happens first. However, as the big day approaches I have become increasingly concerned that my dear Sis-n-law does not plan, nor desire, to meet my demand for an entire counter full of pies.

What if? I mean seriously, what if there is only one pie? Or even just two. How on the only day that I am allowed to partake of sugar wonder will I be able to deal with only TWO pies? Especially, if I have to "SHARE," those pies.

The thought has kept me up at nights. It has consumed every moment of my free time, until I feel that I MUST do something, to ensure a counter FULL of pies. So here it is I am sorry that I had to do this but sometimes you have to take a matter into your hands. Especially when it comes to eating sugar!

I have decided that the only way to ensure a counter full of pies is to "Blackmail,"(duh duh duhhhh) my sweet, kind, never did anything to me sis-n-law. I am strictly the villain here people but the villain NEEDS her pies.

"What?" you ask could I possibly have on my sweet, kind, never did anything to me sis-n-law.


I have "school" pictures.

One from every year starting in kindergarten all the way through high school.

I have pregnant pictures.

I have pregnant and in a swimsuit pictures, I have.... Well I will just stop there.

Now personally I have looked at all these pictures and they are pretty dang cute. But I'm banking on the fact that I wouldn't want my school pictures posted online. I'm banking on the fact that one of these pictures must have included an awkward stage that is better left in the past. I am banking on the fact that if anyone put a picture of me pregnant and in a swimsuit online I would have to do something very bad to them.

But all of this can be avoided if she just agrees to no less then... lets say.... 10 pies for Thanksgiving. Yes I think 10 pies for 12 people sounds just about perfect. 10 DIFFERENT Pies.

Now, dear sis-n-law if you are thinking, "Go ahead, I think all my school pictures are adorable and I was HOT when I was pregnant." (Which truthfully people, the school pictures are adorable and the pregnant picture could be way worse) I want to remind my other two sis-n-laws that I have pictures of them also.

Stacy you may be a little more off the hook because I don't have many.


So you may want to convince Sharonda that she wants 10 pies at Thanksgiving. You may even want to send her a couple to help out.

You all have 48 hours from now to convince Sharonda or the pictures start going up. :)

I'm sorry I had to do this to you all but sometimes in life you have to have priorities. My number one priority this Thanksgiving is to bag the turkey and eat pie.

PS You can't un-invite us either your stuck with us. (HE HE HE HE)

Okay I'm done now.

November 12, 2008

No Sugar, No Soda, What the Heck For?

As many of you have read. In the last couple of months I have given up my lifelines. My rewards, my mommy bonus, my you didn't kill them today so have a treat, my you married a big meanney, my everybody hates me guess I will just go eat sugar!

In a nutshell my coping mechanism for all things.

I knew how much I depended on Soda and Sugar, I just didn't realize how much of a habit they had become in my life. There are times of the day I actually find myself in a quandary as to what to do because normally I would be having my reward.

So here is my first question, every diet book, health book, diet expert all of them say the same thing. If you don't replace it you will just go back to it.

What per say do you replace it with?

Seriously, I have spent the last 8 weeks trying to figure out how to replace all of these bad habits and I have come up blank.

Empty, bare, desolate, without solution. (sorry I'm in a thesaurus kind of mood)

Because seriously amigos, life is hard, everyday as a mom your running. No matter how big the munchkins get you are there making sure it all gets done. The beds get made, the homework gets signed, the homework gets done, everyone gets to school on time. The list goes on and on.

So you take a moment or two for yourself. You enjoy a yummy diet coke (or two or three) or a some gooey goodness treat (or two or three). It doesn't hurt a single sole (except for maybe you) and it makes you feel all ready to take on the world (or at least 6th grade math).

So what can you possibly replace that with?

I'm curious? All of you skinny and fit and not addicted to sugar people. What kind of coping mechanism do you use? Because really all I want is to finish up all the Halloween candy my children have not finished. Amazing how long it has last without mom raiding it. DANG IT!

November 11, 2008

My Favorites!

It has been so much fun reading through your favorite songs. I have particularly enjoyed how everyone has different favorites.  

After Brent read yesterday's post he got all, "Why is there a picture of me? Where is the picture of you? I don't think you should post pictures of me without posting pictures of you."

These are for you my darling cranky, 70's clad, hubby!

My Third Christmas

Me in all my 15 year old glory.  Check out the rat tail.  How cool was I!

My Favorite Christmas Songs:

#1 As previously stated Sarah McLachlan's album, "Wintersong," pretty much every song.  My favorite, favorite though is, "What Child is This."

#2 It wouldn't be Christmas without a little Vince Guaradli Trio's, "A Charlie Brown Christmas," I'm almost positive that my Christmas tree fixation started with "Charlie Brown's Christmas."

Brent's and mine first Christmas tree, we called it our Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

#3 Bing Crosby's, "White Christmas," this song and movie helped me survive all the brown Christmas's of California

#4  "Silver and Gold" growing up my parents use to play a duet of Silver and Gold every Christmas.  My dad on the trumpet my mom on the piano. 

#5  "Winter Wonderland," "Baby its Cold Outside," "Let it snow, let it snow," and "Frosty the Snowman." I have a firm belief that we should have beautiful white Christmas every year.  It just needs to go away January 2.

November 10, 2008

Confession (No I did not eat Sugar!)

I have a confession to make and I hope that you will still respect me, that you won't label me as, "one of those people."  That you will understand, support and maybe just maybe join me.  

So here it is I have been listening to the Christmas music station.  That is right, I'm letting the world know, "Hello, my name is Krissi and I am a Christmas music junkie." 

It started the day after Halloween and has just began to pick up steam.  

My fave play list on my IPOD, Christmas Music, My fave programed station in the car, Christmas Music.  

What I am listening to right now, actually nothing, because Brent is in the room and he will get irritated with me. But if he wasn't believe me I would be fa la la la ing.

I have no idea why but I am really excited for Christmas this year.  We have no money, Brent's job kinda sucks right now. Christmas presents are going to be on the scant and practical side this year.  However, I am really excited for Christmas.

Of course I am looking forward to Thanksgiving.  I have some pies to eat.  But I can hardly wait for the Christmas season to get rolling.

Just a few of the things I am looking forward to:

Christmas Programs, you just have to love your kids singing all those great Christmas songs.

This a video clip from H's program last Christmas.  I can hardly keep from laughing when ever he sings.

Birthday's, what would Christmas in our house be without multiple birthdays.

The Christmas Tree...

I love, love, love (I want to keep going, but three loves seems about enough. However, if you want to put in some more feel free.) our Christmas tree it is full of memories and each year we add to those memories with ornaments for each of the kids and ourselves.  

Something that represents an event, accomplishment, or detail about each person's life.  

S. and I bought our ornament in Hawaii this year.  In fact we bought Brent's in Hawaii too it is a Hula Santa.  When he asked "Why?" I reminded him who paid for the trip and he totally got it. 

 It is fun for us to find the ornaments each year and then relive the whys as we decorate the tree.

Brent's mom did something similar while he was growing up and then gave us the ornaments to us the first year we were married. I'm pretty sure I am going to be way to selfish to give up the ornaments when the kids get married.  Maybe, I will give them one a year.:)

(Wasn't my hubby adorable, he really hates that I have possession of these pictures)

I also love to see how much our kids love the holidays.  It is such a fun holiday for kids they look forward to it year round, they count the days, and they are flushed with excitement all the weeks leading up to Christmas.  It makes me want to be a kid again.

Christmas is just , "The most wonderful time of year." So that being said.  

Ask "the SwimMom" is taking a break for the next few weeks.  Instead, of talking about swimming we are going to be talking about yours and mine favorite holiday traditions, memories and family moments that should probably NOT be posted online. So each Monday I will tag each of you with a story about Holiday moments.

I know your way excited.

So here is the first tag! What are your top five FAVE Christmas songs and or Albums.

PS Brent just left and I am jamming to Sarah M's "Wintersong" My FAVE!

November 09, 2008

The Not so Newly Wed Game

When Stacy tagged me I thought it would be fun to test Brent's knowledge about his wife.  So last night we both sat down at the same time and answered the questions to the tag. He answered them as if he was me.  As we were reading each other the answers we were both laughing.  I was almost bawling. S. came in to see what all the laughter was about and soon she was laughing too.  It was fun to see how close some of our answers were.  I really didn't think he knew me as well as he did. Some of the answers don't show me in the best light.  It was an enlightening experience for me to see what area's I have to improve upon when it comes to my family. Here it is hope you find it even a fraction as silly as I did.

8 TV Shows I like 

Krissi's Answer's

  1. Jon & Kate plus eight
  2. Say Yes to the Dress
  3. 17 kids and Counting
  4. Ace of Cakes
  5. The Game
  6. (Shows Brent Forces me to watch) Dexter
  7. Antique Road Show
  8. Old Game Shows

Brent's Answer's
  1. Jon and Kate plus eight
  2. 99 kids and counting
  3. Will and Grace
  4. Desperate Housewives
  5. Dexter 
  6. Watching 8 shows at the same time

8 of My Favorite Restaurants

Krissi's Answer's
  1. Cafe Rio
  2. Bajio
  3. Chipolte
  4. El Burrito
  5. Training Table
Brent's Answers
  1. Cafe Rio
  2. Bajio
  3. Chipolte
  4. El Burrito
  5. Training Table
  6. Sonic
  7. Famous Daves
8 Things I did Yesterday

Krissi's Answers
  1. Went to Mom's and Muffins at kids School
  2. Went to Wal-Mart
  3. Worked on project for YW's
  4. Cleaned Office
  5. Took kid's to friends house, Took S. to Swim
  6. Took kid's out to dinner for good report cards
  7. Contemplated my too exciting life
  8. Messed with my blog
Brent's Answers
  1. Slept
  2. Ate
  3. Pooped
  4. Showered
  5. Cleaned
  6. Read
  7. Drove
  8. Blogged
8 Things I Love

Krissi's Answers
  1. Chocolate
  2. Brownies
  3. Cake
  4. Cookies
  5. Candy
  6. Rice Crispy Treats
  7. Home Town Buffet Cheese Cake
  8. Oh and of course my family I love them (Should I have mentioned that first?)
Brent's Answers
  1. Reading
  2. Carmen
  3. Blogging
  4. Taking Picture
  5. (He says I didn't give him enough time to think of anymore. Is it sad that he and the kid's aren't on his list. Humm maybe something I have to work on. Nahh, I just should have given him more time.)
8 Things on My Wish List

Krissi's Answers
  1. Bigger Camera see here, here
  2. Laptop see here
  3. My own Bike For June
  4. A world where I don't have to exercise or diet to be healthy
  5. Perfect Children
  6. Perfect Husband
  7. Perfect Me 
  8. A Different President Elect :)
Brent's Answers
  1. Mo Money!
8 Things I'm Looking Forward to

Krissi's Answers
  1. The economy improving
  2. Summer see here, here, and here
  3. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Kid's Birthday's see here
  4. Primary Program (S's. last one :( )
  5. Swim Meet on the 15th (I start training as an official)
  6. Al in this year's school play
  7. A. telling me that I was right and he was wrong  (should I add this to my wish list)
  8. Pie at Thanksgiving see here
Brent's Answers
  1. Retirement 
  2. New Book Releases
  3. Halloween
  4. End of Winter
  5. Steady Employment
8 Things I say all the Time

Krissi's Answers
  1. Knock it off!
  2. I said Knock it off!
  3. If you don't knock it off your going to bed!
  4. Jerk
  5. Your such a jerk
  6. How was school
  7. Night (Each of our kids say good night no less then 4 times every night)
  8. Whatever (That one is for you mom)
Brent's Answer's
  1. Stop Fighting
  2. S. start a load of towels
  3. A. quit bawling!
  4. Al clean your room!
  5. H. quit doing every ones chores
8 Things I Can't Stand

Krissi's Answers
  1. High Pitch Noises
  2. Brent Scratching
  3. Being Cold
  4. Stupid People
  5. Stupid Questions
  6. Repeating Myself
  7. Know it All's
  8. People who say one thing and do another
Brent's Answers
  1. Whistling
  2. Questions
  3. Bawling
  4. Touching Feet
  5. Hugs
  6. Cold Bed
  7. Following her around turning off lights
So there is my tag.  I'm going to do a little reverse tag here and say that if you have already posted this tag and your husband hasn't read your answers.  Have him answer them and see what you find out.  Which means he is trying to answer the questions about you and what he thinks you will answer.

November 07, 2008

Sugar War!

According to my no sugar counter it has been eleven days since I last enjoyed yummy, yummy, yummy sugar.  

I miss it, I miss it soooooooo much.  I'm pretty sure that I am only a day or two away from having sugar filled dreams.  

I have already started planning my plan of attack for my Thanksgiving no-sugar day off.  After asking the opinion of many friends (who really don't care but are kind enough to pretend to care) what I should enjoy on Thanksgiving.  My favorite answer came from my boss.  

Yes, even my boss has to put up with stories of my no sugar life.  

Sad, I know! 

She suggested I don't go into a diabetic coma by over doing it.  

Who me? 

Over do it? 

She must be thinking of someone else. 

Don't you think? 

She suggested that I take a tiny sliver of all the pies and enjoy a few delicious bites of every kind.

Did you hear that Sharonda? 

A tiny sliver of ALL the pies.

As in many, many, many pies.

Remember when Zaron said he wanted the whole counter filled with pies?

I second that motion...

I third that motion....

The vote carries a whole counter filled with pies.

Of course I can't bake them, to much temptation.  So get baking girl.  A WHOLE counter full.

Why aren't you agreeing?

Ok, blog world my sister-n-law won't make me a whole counter of pies.  Do you think that is fair? Don't you think she should want to make me a whole counter of pies.  Isn't that what family does for one another?

Hey, more no agreeing.

Hummpph!!! Fine!!!  

So what kind of pies would you fill the counter up with? 

November 06, 2008

One Thing You Have To Love About Winter

So many days you hear me grumble away about the cold and snowy winters of Utah.  

I beg and plead with you to embrace the summer and the blessed warmth and heat. 

However, all of you California people just go on and on about it being to dang hot.  Babies! :)

Well at least there is one thing that I can enjoy about the coming winter.


When was the last time you raked a big pile of  leaves just so you could jump into them?

Throw them above your head
With your best gal pal
In complete happiness
and enjoyment of Fall.

I guess I will put up with winter if I can have Fall.

PS I didn't say he was for sell I was just wondering what you thought would happen if he was. Frankly I have already invested to many gray hairs into that boy to give up on him now. I was just curious. ; )

Selling Body Parts on ebay!

Do you remember a few years ago when someone tried to sell a kidney on ebay?

The ebay police got all, you can't sell body parts on ebay.

What do you think would happen if I tried to sell an almost 10 year old boy?

Do you think I would be stopped? Could I sell as is or would I have to offer a money back guarantee?

Not that I have an almost 10 year old boy to sell.

I was just curious.

It is a hypothetical question.

It honestly has nothing to do with anything going on a real life.

It is just a question.


November 04, 2008

Ask "theSwimMom"

Howdy, I hope that you are all having a fantastic Tuesday.  We here in Utah are watching as winter knocks on the door.  The mountains are currently iced and looking ready for ski season to start.  Makes talking about swimming seem like a chili conversation. 

Today I wanted to take a moment and talk about introducing your little ones to swim lessons.  At the pool I work at our wee one classes are the quickest classes to feel.  Parents are anxious to have their small ones introduced to swimming and hopefully help them overcome some fears.  I wanted to take a moment or two and talk about adjusting your parental expectations. 

Does that sound harsh?  I don't mean to sound harsh but how else do I say, "Back off and let me do my job." That sounds worse, right? Adjust your parental expectations, sounds much kinder.:) So lets talk three year old.

Red Cross swimming lessons do not begin until the age of three.  This is the age that Red Cross has decided your little fish is ready to enter a class. Personally, I couldn't agree more. 

Now your all ready to start your little one down the road of swimming.  So you go to sign up for lessons and find out that the very first level of classes is all full. Now, I know that you are thinking that it doesn't matter, I know that you are thinking my little one likes the water, and I know you think that it will be ok to put your child in the next level up, but don't, STOP. 

To often we have this happen only to end up with a very scared little one.  This is there first time in the water away from you.  This is the first time that a teacher (stranger) is trying to dunk them and letting them go in the water.  The way a teacher teaches the first level and the second level are entirely different.

For example in level one we do not require a child to go all the way under the water by herself. We do not require a child to float by himself and we do not require a child to jump in to the water himself.  Meanwhile, we require all these things out of level two. Even if your child will do this for you they may be less willing to do it with a teacher.

Once you start lessons give the teacher a day or two to establish trust with your child.  Many times I have had parents after the first day tell me that I don't have to hold on to a child.  That they can swim by himself.  The problem is if I don't hold on those first couple of days when I challenge them in days to come they will not trust me to keep him safe.

Here are a few of my biggest no, no's. Number one, do not let your child out of the water if they start crying. We will deal with crying, it is easier to deal with the crying when the child knows you won't let them out of it, the crying almost always stops after the second day of lessons. Number two, do not let your child hear you tell the teacher that they can't get their face/ears/or nose wet. I had one little stinker, after hearing his mom tell me he didn't want to get his face wet, remind me over and over again that his mom said he didn't have to go under the water. Unfortunately, he did not progress because your face in the water is a crucial step to learning to swim.  Number three, never let your child see you sweat. I know that there are many parents who don't like swimming but want there child to learn and be safe around water. Try to keep it on the down low that you don't like water.

Here are a few of my do's. Number one, tell the teacher if there is an issue that effects your child's learning abilities.  Such as ADD, autism and other medical problems.  Number two, applaud your child's accomplishments.  Blowing bubbles, floating by himself, jumping into the water.  All of these things are a pretty big deal and your little one wants you to know how big they are. The more you applaud the more likely a teacher is to get them to do more and more. Number three, be conscious of your child's development and physical abilities. There is only so much a teacher can teach a three year old before their body can't do anymore.

Here is my number one hint! Enjoy swimming, what other sport can a three year old and a ninety three year old participate in? It is a sport that can follow you through every stage of life and is a great way to stay active and healthy.  Remember, "Life is better when you swim!"

Next week, answering some very specific SPF questions. Hmm time to put on my scientist cap.  Thanks for the questions Ashleeeee.

Mini Contest Results!

Hi All,

The following people entered my mini contest.. their names in order of post

6. Colleen

And the winner is

4kidsandcrazy! Woo Hoo! Thanks guys for all the great comments and all the support.  It has been a week without sugar and I am feeling good. Head cold had me down yesterday but "Ask theSwimMom" should be up later today.  Once again Thank You.

November 01, 2008

Halloween Fun, Trickery, and Celebration!

I'm tired! No I'm exhausted! There is probably even another word but I'm to tired to figure it out. So this post is just going to be pictures.  We had a fun Halloween Night I hope you did too.

These little buggers were up until almost 3am. Hence the too tired to think.  Oh well, they had fun and that is what counts.