November 17, 2008

Ask "theSwimMom" Holiday Edition

In just a mere 10 days it will be Thanksgiving. I don't know about you but it seems like this year has just flown. I don't think I have even gotten use to the idea that it is 2008 and soon it will be 2009. Crazy how time moves faster and faster the older we get.

With Thanksgiving just around the corner the adds have started to pile up. Everywhere you look stores are warming up and preparing for, "Black Friday." I always wondered why they called it, "Black Friday," until I learned that they call it that because it is the first day of the year that most stores move from the red into the black. I still think it is weird that it is only in the last month of the year that stores make a profit.

Well with "Black Friday," in mind I decided that this week I will ask the question, "Are you a Black Friday shopper?" Do you love the sales? Do you get up at 4:00 in the morning to be the first in line for the goods? What is the most killer deal you have ever gotten, on the most notorious of good deals mornings? Or are you a stay in bed and stay away from all the insanity type of gal?

Personally, I am the latter. It boggles my mind why anyone would want to stand in line at 4:00 in the morning. I know there are good deals but are they, "THAT GOOD?" Every now and then I will venture to a store or two on black Friday, but most of the time it is just for a good session of people watching. Rarely do I even purchase anything on that day.

Let us all know and hey if you know of a deal we can't pass up, please share. :)

Oh, in regards to my last post. It has come to my attention that several of my friends think...that maybe... I um.... might be going a little nuts.

I have decided to blame it on sugar deprivation. Yup, any craziness on my part is due solely to the fact that I haven't had any sugar in 3 weeks. My body is in shock and deprivation mode. Kind of like a starving person. Okay, well not so much like a starving person.

So coming to the recognition that I'm acting a little crazy I have revoked my blackmail.

That is until I forget I am crazy and realize that I NEED THOSE PIES.

Happy Monday.


Race Fam said...

I am in love with Black Friday, I look forward to it all year. It is the only day I get all day, if I want, to go or spend anything I want, without kids. I love my kids, at least I am thinking of them while I am purchasing them gifts. The only thing is that by the time Christmas comes, I have returned everything I bought on Black Friday, just because I find other things I rather buy. It's just fun, and it's funny to see how angry people get! Best deal I got was the free mp3 player from Old Navy, last year.

Willow said...

I have never gotten up at the crack of dawn to shop. Since the impending arrival of Zachary (he is a January baby, and I was certain that he would come early if I didn't get all the Christmas shopping done.), I have generally finished shopping by mid October. This year is an exception, however, I am hoping for a fabulous camping trip on Black Friday. Doesn't watching 3 boys roll themselves silly in dirt sound like more fun than waiting in long lines?

You do need those pies... I was just trying to set Sharonda up for success before you plaster your blog with embarrassing photoes of her. =)

abarnes11 said...

I love Black Friday! My sisters in law and I spend all day on Thanksgiving planning where we are going to go and what we are going to get for who. It is so funny cuz I used to work retail and I saw all these crazy people and I swore I would NEVER be one of them and here I am!

Wal-Mart is the best to wait in line cuz you can go inside. Target stocks their stuff all day, so if you don't get there first thing, they usually have restocked whatever you wanted. Just in case you were wondering!

This year I am almost done, so hopefully I won't spend all our money on Black Friday. I already have a list from Target and K-Mart ready to go!

Yeah, I know I'm crazy, but it really is a lot of fun.

The Larson Family said...

I love Black Friday too. We map it all out and have a great crazy morning. It all started for me when Will and I had a paper route at the U. We got the adds for our route the day before and noticed all the freebies (door busters). We made a plan to get the most freebies we could after our paper route. To this day I'm all about the freebies. Cost Plus has a huge Dark Chocolate Candy bar every year that goes right to Will when I get home. Last year we got a cookbook, we've gotten some Christmas globes, and one year some computer cd's. Sometimes I'll find gifts too that are great deals - but you can't beat anything for free and a fun morning watching some crazy people mad dashing everywhere for the good deals!! :0)