November 18, 2008

Books, Books, Book, and more Books!

One of my great passions in life is reading.  I love books, I love opening them, and diving into a story that takes me anywhere and anytime in the world. I love the imagination that reading requires from you.  I love being taken away and watching someones life unfold before my eyes. 

I was at one of those, get to know you activities, and the question was asked, "If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?"  My answer was, "It would depend on the book I was reading, I always want to go there."  I think a small part of me believes that I will meet the people in the book. That I could become part of some amazing story.

My favorite genre of book has always been, Young Adult. However, I force myself often to venture into the unknown and find new authors and new genres.

Through out the years I have read many classics, for one reason or another, I think that it will make me smarter.  It hasn't yet but maybe someday it will.  I enjoy a good romance and more then that I enjoy a good suspense romance.  Someone dies, two people meet, they struggle to find the killer, all the time falling in love.  Does it get much better then that?

I really, really enjoy smart books.  Books where an author has come up with an idea or an answer to a question that no one else has thought of yet.  Which is one of the reason's I love Scott Westerfield. Check him out one of these days.  I think this is also why I enjoy Jane Austen, who is just really making fun of the women and the politics of her generation.  She does it in a smart way that takes you awhile to figure it out. Then one day you are reading a way and suddenly you go, "Ohhh, I get it your making fun." I love Jane Austen.

I enjoy books that remind me of  yesteryear.  The classics, such as, "Anne of Green Gables," "Emily of New Moon," "Pollyanna."  Books that are innocent and deliver a good moral lesson at the end.   

Much to a friend or two's chargin I do not enjoy movies based on books.  Rarely am I excited to see a book made into a movie.  It is a rare exception for me to think that a movie has meassured up to the book.  Possible exceptions to this would be the first couple of, "Harry Potter," movies and "Lord of the Rings," these movies did a pretty good job.

This means that though I am a fan of the "Twilight," books I am not in a hurry to go see the movie.  I'm sorry but how can that movie come even close. I know gasp and shock. Well unless your Heather and you have already heard all of this and then your just thinking, "Get over it. Go with me to see it."  I'm thinking about it but I REFUSE to be among the masses so it will have to wait a couple of weeks.

Anyway, all of this long and drawn out is because among my new years resolutions, of getting fit and yada, yada, yada. I am going to work on expanding my reading horizons.  Which is why you are going to start seeing me join some reading challenges and doing a little reviewing of a book or two now and then.

Your so excited aren't you? First it is all garden, garden, garden, then it is all no sugar, give me pie, no sugar, give me pie and look at me ride my bike. Now it is going to be read, read, read.

I think there is a chance I might be ADD. 

Just out of curiosity, what is your favorite genre of book?


Willow said...

I don't really have a favorite genre. At the moment I am still reading Vince Flynn... good political thriller. However, as I have said before, you need to read Ender's Game. If you like Austen, you'll love Ender. Okay, not really... those two don't fit together at all. I love Ender's Game. If you don't love it, it's okay, we'll still be friends.

Oh, and Ender's Game is YA Literature. See, you can broaden your horizons with sci-fi and still enjoy YA. Does it get any better?

4kidsandcrazy said...

My favorite kind of books are those that I can just read without having to try and pretend something didn't just happen or that the language wasn't there. I get so frustrated that I just quit reading for a while, until someone suggests a good book then I start up again.

But, as you know, Jane Austen is my hero! I love her stuff!

I also am still looking for someone to go see Twilight with me :)

ashleeeee said...

I'm there with you. I don't like to be out with the masses to be THE FIRST to see the movie. I can wait.

I like Young Adult reads. And some sci-fi. I like Dan Brown's books.

Little Miss is sitting on my lap and I think I need to go change a stinky bum. See ya.

SAS said...

I don't think you have ADD. i think you have RNS--you know, Really Need Sugar. You crack me up! I think you're all wound up due to withdrawls. I think it is great though! I could not imagine even attemting that torture. Sugar is important to me. Enjoy Thanksgiving, I hope your family is well. The kids are growing up so fast and I love reading about all your adventures!