November 22, 2008

Braving Debut Day!

Well it was an interesting movie night.  Brent and I spent a few hours trying to figure out the last movie we went to together without the kids. We came up blank.  As you may have guessed we are not big movie people.  However, going to a movie on opening day, of a highly popular, best selling book was an interesting movie experience. One that we are sure to remember next time we are trying to figure it out.

My friend wanted us to get to the movie theater about 20 minutes early.  We didn't really think to much about that.  Seemed just about right.  We thought the lines wouldn't be to bad because the movie was playing four times an hour.  Meaning that every half hour the movie had been playing since 9:00 yesterday morning. 

When we got to the movie theater the first problem with that thinking became apparent.  There was no parking. No parking in the theater parking, no parking on the street surrounding the theater, no parking in the parking lot across the street. 

After finding a parking spot a good 8 minutes away from the front door of the theater.  We made it into the theater.  Where there were lines EVERYWHERE! 

Holy Cow people it is JUST a movie. 

Anyway we were relieved to find out (and a little bit scared) these were for the other showings starting at later times.

Brent and the other Husband, Jayce,  stopped to get some popcorn and Wendy and I made our way into the theater.  By the time we made it into the theater we saw girls crying, we saw girls jumping up and down with excitement.  We heard grown women say that they had already been standing in line for an hour for a movie that didn't start for another hour.  


After getting into the theater it took us a few minutes but we found 4 seats together on the very top row. Oh well, it was better then the seats on the bottom row.  A few minutes later our husbands came in with the popcorn.  At this time they pointed out to us that we had made them walk into a girl flick movie, TOGETHER, Brent said it was to bad he didn't have a, "no on prop 8 shirt." Oh dear, oh well they sat by girls during the movie.

So what did I think of the movie? Especially given the fact that I think it is a sin to make a good book into a movie.  It was okay.  My expectations were very low. There were many things in the movie you wouldn't get unless you had read the books.  This was apparent when the female part of the audience would laugh at something said.  Meanwhile, all the men would turn to find out why that was funny. 

The actors playing Bella and Edward did a pretty good job.  Lots of romantic tension that I found pretty convincing. There were lots of parts that you wish they would have gotten into the movie that were just not there. But you had to love the parts that were there. Some of those killer lines that left your heart pitter pattering. I thought the fight scene at the end of the movie was pretty cool.  I was convinced and I knew how would it end. The actor cast as Jacob was way cute. I am a little excited to see what they do with him in the next movie. Way more special effects getting all those boys to morph into big strong men and wolves. Looking forward to no shirt scenes (gee this blog is getting a little x-rated) Should be way cool.

So in the end was the movie worth it. Well, it was defiantly a fun night out with friends and of course my hubby. Given my expectations were exceeded I will have to say it was worth it. If your going to go, go with someone who knows what all the inside jokes are and enjoy holding your husbands hands without kiddo's around.

PS Listening to the soundtrack right now.  Ashlie it totally rocks. I think it is time to read the books again.


4kidsandcrazy said...

You are just plain EVIL!!! I can't believe you went without me!!! I'm so sad, oh well, someday I might get to go see it. :(

Angie said...

Yeah, I am mad at you too. We were supposed to go all together, remember?????? Rude, rude, rude. I guess I'll go see it with my sisters in law. Rude. I am so crying right now. :(

Angie said...

Okay, I forgive you. I saw it last night with my sisters in law. I have to tell you that I thought the actors who played Bella and Edward were amazing. There was real chemistry there. I would definitely see it again if everyone wants to go.