November 26, 2008

Hip Hip Hurray, Tomorrow is PIE Day

Well in a little less then 24 hours I am going to have to reset this counter.  I can hardly believe that it says 30 days.  I have to tell you I never thought I would make it this many days I really thought I would have to reset it at some point in time.

It has been a huge motivation for me knowing that you guys are watching the counter.  Also, knowing that even if you didn't catch me in the time allowed you would see that I punked.  That I didn't have the self control, not to eat sugar.

Every time I would think of eating a goodie, I would think about reseting the clock.  I would wonder who was online, I would wonder if I would get caught, I would wonder who would catch me.  By the time I got through thinking about all of that I would decide the treat wasn't worth it.

Another motivation has been my kids, who have said, "Mom you don't have to reset the counter no one would know."  I wanted them to see that  I could be honest and not do something I shouldn't just because, "no one would know." Hopefully, they are learning from this experience, also.

So tomorrow I get to reset the clock without penalty. I have decided that I am going to have another mini contest. (I have your frame Heather really I do) The first person to notice the clock has been reset and leaves a comment will win a "yummy christmas ornament." 

Since I know it is a holiday and I know that you have places to go, family to visit, and most importantly pie to eat. I will let you know that I will not be resetting the clock until tomorrow night sometime. I too have places to go, family to visit, and most importantly pie to eat.

I just wanted to say once again, thanks for all the support and all the positive feed back.  You all rock. (I need a new tag)

Happy Pre-Pie day!


Willow said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I loves ya, Baby!!

ashleeeee said...

Really?! 30 Days? That flew by! Good job, you're doing really great! I was watching you and admiring your restraint at bookclub... as I went back for more. *blush*.

ashleeeee said...

Dude(ette), did you read my last blog about the blog ordeal? I credit you in the second-to-last paragraph, so I think you should read it: