November 20, 2008

I Feel My Blog looks a Little Sad Lately

I feel that my blog has looked a little sad as of late.  Mostly because the last several  post have been only "words."  My picture taking has dropped so low that this morning when I logged on to my computer, the computer, sent me an IM asking for pictures.

Okay that didn't really happen.

But it sounded like a good excuse to take some pictures. 

So here is my fall update.

The tree leaves have all changed colors

And are now almost all fallen.

A. has been in quite a bit of trouble as of late. Which means his life has looked a lot like this for the last couple of weeks.

Before you feel to bad for him,

This one thinks raking leaves is fun and is always helping him out. 

However, while helping he likes to remind A. that he doesn't have to help, he is just doing it to be nice, because he is nice and A. is in trouble.


While the boys raked leaves I sent Brent up to the roof to put up Christmas lights.

He LOVES that job.

While  up there a neighbor came out and told Brent that he doesn't have to put Christmas lights up anymore.  Due to the fact that he has gotten to fat.  

I told Brent that his wife must be nicer then Brents. Being to fat to put up Christmas lights might suggest to me it was time to loose weight.  Meaning, "Don't think you can eat so much Christmas goodies that you won't have to take the lights down."

I can not be outwitted.

Okay, obviously that isn't true but I sound tough right?


Race Fam said...

Great pictures. Brent looks so happy, I wonder if it is having to put Christmas lights up, or the fact that he knows his picture is going to end up on your blog. :)

Emily said...

I'm with you Krissi. So not an excuse not to put up Christmas lights! Christmas lights go up NO MATTER WHAT!
Love the hard working kids. Y'all are good. I'm impressed!