November 19, 2008

In DESPERATE need of a Cheesecake Recipe

As it turns out I have scared my poor, innocent, sweet, never did anything to me Sis-N-Law.

While talking to her last night about Thanksgiving, I mentioned to her the counter full of pies and attempted blackmail. (Such a nasty word)

Her opinion was the scary cat lady comment seemed to express her opinion.


A girl ask for a pie or two (or three or 10) and everyone gets all weird.

Well I'm back to behaving myself so I have agreed to provide a pie or two to the ten. :)

Isn't math fun?

So here is what I am suppose to bring, a chocolate cream pie, a boysenberry pie, and a cheese cake. (the cheesecake totally being my own idea)

However, I want a very specific cheese cake. I want a Hometown Buffet Cheesecake. Have you ever had Hometown Buffet Cheesecake? They are so yummy they are fluffy and light and ummmmm getting hungry here.

See this is what the whole blackmail thing was suppose to avoid.

Well since you all wont let me "blackmail" the least you could do is help me come up with a killer cheesecake recipe.

I will even ask nice, please, pretty please?

Do I get points for behaving?


4kidsandcrazy said...

My vote is to go to "Home Town Buffet" and buy one. Because if that is that taste you want, I'd never be satisfied with anything else. I'm personally partial to Olive Garden's raspberry cheesecake.

Angie said...

Marie Callender's has a really, really good cream cheese pie, though I think you might have to buy it at the restaurant. I haven't seen it at the store. I too love, love, love cheesecake. Yummy! It's my one sugar vice. I did notice the frozen Marie Callender's pies are 2/$10 at Winegar's, so go get some of those!

Willow said...

I have a recipe, however I have never made it myself. It could be a super easy recipe, or outragiously difficult... I wouldn't know. It is Aunt Josephine's (that would be my great Aunt... maybe Great-Great?) Clark Gable Cheesecake. I'll email you the recipe if you like. It is a bit sparce on the details; Aunt Josephine knew how to make it and didn't need every step. I do know that she had a big ole crush on Mr. Gable and would make it for him, hence the name. She was a caterer... not a stalker. =)

My husband is no fan of cheesecake. He is a big wierdo!

Stefanie said...

Kraft has the best chocolate vanilla swirl cheesecake recipe ever. It is super easy to make and everyone I have ever given it to loves it! Go here to check it out

It is awesome! People couldn't believe I actually made it because it was so professional tasting and looking! BTW, I love you blog, it is entertaining! :)

ashleeeee said...

I don't have a recipie. I'm responding to comments left over at my place.

It says "cold" as a reaction because I pressed the button accidently. My wireless mouse does that sometimes. You did react as "hot". Thanks for that. :)

As for the RSS Feed - I have my blog set so it doesn't ping/trackback/or whatever, so it doesn't do RSS feeds either. Sorry, I wish it did, but I don't want it to be searchable on Google and such.

Michelle said...

Hmm, I've got a delicious recipe for mini-cheesecakes:

Line a 12 space muffin tin with liners. Either a vanilla wafer or half an oreo into it.

Mix together 8oz cream cheese, 1 egg, 1/3 c. sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract. Fill muffin tins 3/4 way full.

Bake @ 350F for 15 minutes. Remove and cool on rack in tin until room temp and then stash in the fridge for 2 hours.

Top with pie filling (if desired) or eat straight out of the fridge (like I do) :)