November 25, 2008

Me, My Camera and the Little Man

The weather here in Utah has been very un-Christmas like.  While I would love snow to grace us through out the holiday season and then dissapper January 2nd. I have enjoyed that winter has yet to knock me on my but.

I think all of my years in California may have ruined me for Utah winters. 

Anyway, enjoying the last little bit of fall, before winter makes a full on debut, H., my camera and I all took a little walk.

The valley continues to be snow free but the mountain tops are already dressed in white.  

I'm just glad that this view is far away.

I read this little article about tilting your camera while taking face shots.

What do you think?

I think he is dang cute.

I think I might even keep this one.


Emily said...

I'm with you. Snow for Christmas morning and then go away. Snow capped mountains are nice, as long as they are in the distance.

ashleeeee said...

I like the face shot. Looks good.