November 09, 2008

The Not so Newly Wed Game

When Stacy tagged me I thought it would be fun to test Brent's knowledge about his wife.  So last night we both sat down at the same time and answered the questions to the tag. He answered them as if he was me.  As we were reading each other the answers we were both laughing.  I was almost bawling. S. came in to see what all the laughter was about and soon she was laughing too.  It was fun to see how close some of our answers were.  I really didn't think he knew me as well as he did. Some of the answers don't show me in the best light.  It was an enlightening experience for me to see what area's I have to improve upon when it comes to my family. Here it is hope you find it even a fraction as silly as I did.

8 TV Shows I like 

Krissi's Answer's

  1. Jon & Kate plus eight
  2. Say Yes to the Dress
  3. 17 kids and Counting
  4. Ace of Cakes
  5. The Game
  6. (Shows Brent Forces me to watch) Dexter
  7. Antique Road Show
  8. Old Game Shows

Brent's Answer's
  1. Jon and Kate plus eight
  2. 99 kids and counting
  3. Will and Grace
  4. Desperate Housewives
  5. Dexter 
  6. Watching 8 shows at the same time

8 of My Favorite Restaurants

Krissi's Answer's
  1. Cafe Rio
  2. Bajio
  3. Chipolte
  4. El Burrito
  5. Training Table
Brent's Answers
  1. Cafe Rio
  2. Bajio
  3. Chipolte
  4. El Burrito
  5. Training Table
  6. Sonic
  7. Famous Daves
8 Things I did Yesterday

Krissi's Answers
  1. Went to Mom's and Muffins at kids School
  2. Went to Wal-Mart
  3. Worked on project for YW's
  4. Cleaned Office
  5. Took kid's to friends house, Took S. to Swim
  6. Took kid's out to dinner for good report cards
  7. Contemplated my too exciting life
  8. Messed with my blog
Brent's Answers
  1. Slept
  2. Ate
  3. Pooped
  4. Showered
  5. Cleaned
  6. Read
  7. Drove
  8. Blogged
8 Things I Love

Krissi's Answers
  1. Chocolate
  2. Brownies
  3. Cake
  4. Cookies
  5. Candy
  6. Rice Crispy Treats
  7. Home Town Buffet Cheese Cake
  8. Oh and of course my family I love them (Should I have mentioned that first?)
Brent's Answers
  1. Reading
  2. Carmen
  3. Blogging
  4. Taking Picture
  5. (He says I didn't give him enough time to think of anymore. Is it sad that he and the kid's aren't on his list. Humm maybe something I have to work on. Nahh, I just should have given him more time.)
8 Things on My Wish List

Krissi's Answers
  1. Bigger Camera see here, here
  2. Laptop see here
  3. My own Bike For June
  4. A world where I don't have to exercise or diet to be healthy
  5. Perfect Children
  6. Perfect Husband
  7. Perfect Me 
  8. A Different President Elect :)
Brent's Answers
  1. Mo Money!
8 Things I'm Looking Forward to

Krissi's Answers
  1. The economy improving
  2. Summer see here, here, and here
  3. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Kid's Birthday's see here
  4. Primary Program (S's. last one :( )
  5. Swim Meet on the 15th (I start training as an official)
  6. Al in this year's school play
  7. A. telling me that I was right and he was wrong  (should I add this to my wish list)
  8. Pie at Thanksgiving see here
Brent's Answers
  1. Retirement 
  2. New Book Releases
  3. Halloween
  4. End of Winter
  5. Steady Employment
8 Things I say all the Time

Krissi's Answers
  1. Knock it off!
  2. I said Knock it off!
  3. If you don't knock it off your going to bed!
  4. Jerk
  5. Your such a jerk
  6. How was school
  7. Night (Each of our kids say good night no less then 4 times every night)
  8. Whatever (That one is for you mom)
Brent's Answer's
  1. Stop Fighting
  2. S. start a load of towels
  3. A. quit bawling!
  4. Al clean your room!
  5. H. quit doing every ones chores
8 Things I Can't Stand

Krissi's Answers
  1. High Pitch Noises
  2. Brent Scratching
  3. Being Cold
  4. Stupid People
  5. Stupid Questions
  6. Repeating Myself
  7. Know it All's
  8. People who say one thing and do another
Brent's Answers
  1. Whistling
  2. Questions
  3. Bawling
  4. Touching Feet
  5. Hugs
  6. Cold Bed
  7. Following her around turning off lights
So there is my tag.  I'm going to do a little reverse tag here and say that if you have already posted this tag and your husband hasn't read your answers.  Have him answer them and see what you find out.  Which means he is trying to answer the questions about you and what he thinks you will answer.


ashleeeee said...

I love Ace of Cakes!!!

Okay, here's stupid me; I want to do this tag, but I can't figure it out. Are his answers supposed to be what he thinks about you, or what he thinks about himself? Just leave me a comment on whatever is my latest blog entry b'c I probably won't check back here, and then I'll forget about it.

PS - I want all my blogger friends to join Facebook. (Well, and my neighbor friends too. Or whatever friend category you put yourself in.) You totally should.

Willow said...

I agree with Ashleeee about the facebook thing. Bow to peer pressure and join us!!

I loved this post! We could totally be TV buddies. Well, we can be buddies in general, but you know what I mean.

So does Brent not like to touch other people's feet, or does he not enjoy having his woen feet touched?

Also, Can I borrow H? I want someone to do my chores. =)

Happy Monday!!

Krissi said...

I can't stand it when he rubs his feet up against me in the bed. By the time we go to bed at night I am really a frigid mean wife. All the poor boy hears is don't touch. I should probably work on being more cuddly but the feet. YUCK!!!

Heather Bowles said...

So the 90 kids thing made me laugh, I really like that show as well.

4kidsandcrazy said...

I'd be afraid to do it with Nate, I don't want to know how much he knows or doesn't know me :)