November 06, 2008

One Thing You Have To Love About Winter

So many days you hear me grumble away about the cold and snowy winters of Utah.  

I beg and plead with you to embrace the summer and the blessed warmth and heat. 

However, all of you California people just go on and on about it being to dang hot.  Babies! :)

Well at least there is one thing that I can enjoy about the coming winter.


When was the last time you raked a big pile of  leaves just so you could jump into them?

Throw them above your head
With your best gal pal
In complete happiness
and enjoyment of Fall.

I guess I will put up with winter if I can have Fall.

PS I didn't say he was for sell I was just wondering what you thought would happen if he was. Frankly I have already invested to many gray hairs into that boy to give up on him now. I was just curious. ; )


ashleeeee said...

What a cute little crush goin' on there! teehee!

I think fall smells like marching band. Alas, MB season is over this year. I almost thought fall was over before it began when we had that 6 or so inches of snow in October!

PS - Cool new layout.

Willow said...

We love the leafy spoils of fall. Unfortunately for us there are no leaves to rake until December. December leaves just gives us a chance to practice patience. Yeah... that's it.

Brock said...

Have you seen the tree's in my yard?? Your kids are welcome to rake our leaves any day! :-)