November 07, 2008

Sugar War!

According to my no sugar counter it has been eleven days since I last enjoyed yummy, yummy, yummy sugar.  

I miss it, I miss it soooooooo much.  I'm pretty sure that I am only a day or two away from having sugar filled dreams.  

I have already started planning my plan of attack for my Thanksgiving no-sugar day off.  After asking the opinion of many friends (who really don't care but are kind enough to pretend to care) what I should enjoy on Thanksgiving.  My favorite answer came from my boss.  

Yes, even my boss has to put up with stories of my no sugar life.  

Sad, I know! 

She suggested I don't go into a diabetic coma by over doing it.  

Who me? 

Over do it? 

She must be thinking of someone else. 

Don't you think? 

She suggested that I take a tiny sliver of all the pies and enjoy a few delicious bites of every kind.

Did you hear that Sharonda? 

A tiny sliver of ALL the pies.

As in many, many, many pies.

Remember when Zaron said he wanted the whole counter filled with pies?

I second that motion...

I third that motion....

The vote carries a whole counter filled with pies.

Of course I can't bake them, to much temptation.  So get baking girl.  A WHOLE counter full.

Why aren't you agreeing?

Ok, blog world my sister-n-law won't make me a whole counter of pies.  Do you think that is fair? Don't you think she should want to make me a whole counter of pies.  Isn't that what family does for one another?

Hey, more no agreeing.

Hummpph!!! Fine!!!  

So what kind of pies would you fill the counter up with? 


Heather Bowles said...

Oh how much I love pie!!! I would eat chocolate cream pie, chocolate cream pie, chocolate cream pie, chocolate cream pie, pumpkin pie, and banana cream pie, and hot apple pie with a little ice cream.
YUMMY!!!!! I am smiling right now.

ashleeeee said...

For me, not real-fruit pies, I'm not big on them...

Traditional pumpkin pie.

Oh, and the not-sot traditional pumpkin & cream cheese pie that my sis-in-law makes.

And "oreo" pie. I was going to make it last week... unfortunately the Oreos got eaten before the pie got made....

And, just to make your mouth pucker, lemon pie made extra sour with condensed milk & fresh sqeezed lemon juice. My Dad likes this one so sour that not even whip cream can calm it down.

Sorry. I really don't think this helped your no sugar diet. But it did make me more excited for Thanksgiving.

Willow said...

I say strawberry. Sure it is the wrong season... but a nice strawberry pie is the best!

One year we had a house full of friends for Thanksgiving. My mother offered to make everyone's favorite pie. She figured that since they weren't with family, she would make them feel as homey as possible. For her, that meant pies. Lots and lots of pies. That year our 21, yes 21, guests requested 19, yes 19, different pies. It was a GREAT Thanksgiving.

Willow said...

Oooooh, okay maybe ruhbard. It is out of season too, but you only get thatone day... you might as well live it up with a nice tart ruhbarb pie.

Yes, I do know that suggesting ruhbarb nearly qualifies me as an octogenerian.

Krissi said...

19 pies, 19 pies for 21 people. Doing the math here that means that there was almost enough pies for everyone to have they very own with very little sharing. Hummm...Did you hear that Sharonda you wouldn't want us not to feel "homey." With our numbers you would only have to bake 10 pies. :) Come on....please...

abarnes11 said...

Pumpkin pie is my favorite. My mom always bakes a banana cream pie for Clint, yes he gets a whole pie. He is kind of spoiled. I don't like baked fruit though, like apple or cherry. Just seems unnatural to me. Don't much care for the chocolate pies either. I know, I am very weird. My favorite dessert is Raspberry Jellow Pretzel dessert. Sounds weird, but is oooohhhh sooooo gooood!