December 31, 2008

Root Beer Float, Anyone?

We are done painting!

Can you say YAY!

So here is the big color reveal:

The bottom half of the room is going to be this lovely color. It is called Root Beer.

You know what was scary, when we opened the can that is exactly what it looked like Root Beer.

I had that moment of ohh crap! What color did I choose?

As I stated before, non-returnable paint. So we started painting and hoped for the best.

Painting a straight line is tricky business. Especially if your husband happens to be a perfectionist. So we scoured the net and for the most part followed these instructions on the DIY site.

Here is the final result

Overall, I am pretty happy. We are getting everything put back together. I will be posting pictures in the next couple of days. Mostly the pictures will be of some of the projects we are doing to keep things neat. It is crazy how many cords (AHH, Sharla I just got your blog name House of Cords!!! HA) it takes to keep an office running. Not to mention all the chargers our lives seem to revolve around. So we are working on a couple of projects to manage those better.

Also, I still have one more color to incorporate. So I will be posting pictures on how I got the green into a room. Even with Brent saying over and over, "I like brown."

So now it is time to put this project on hold in order to celebrate the ending of 2008.

Hope you have a great New Years! Happy 2009!

Going to Paint That Blue Right out of My Room

I know that your just dying for an update on the office paint.


Hello, any one there?

Okay, let me rephrase, "I'm just dying to tell you about my office paint."


Even though the possibilities that you have more important things to worry about, is high, umm very high.

On to the update:

Yesterday morning, after eating my Wheaties, I got to work on the cutting in work and here it is!!

Drum Roll Please.........

First of all let me state the following, "IT IS NOT WHITE!!" See the door is White, the color around the door, "NOT WHITE!"

It is called "Cinnamon Cake," Not "WHITE"

My good for nothing children keep saying, "Mom, why are you painting the walls white?"


Anyway, I thought I would share my most favorite part of painting, the part that makes me giggle in glee, the part that makes me want to paint over and over.

The very first stroke with the roller, the stroke that says here is the color you chose. Ya better love me because I am non-returnable paint. By the way I do love it.

Here is a pic of the completed, first color of paint.

Aint it purdy? Well except for, the whole it isn't finished, so how do I really expect you to answer that question?

Here is a pic of the paint drying. This is about the time, that I started thinking, that maybe paint fumes might be interfering with clear thinking. But if you have nothing better to do just click on the picture and stare. It is relaxing I promise.

Today we add the second color, we had to wait for the paint to dry because we will be using tape. Do you think you know what color I'm going to paint? Hummm! A mystery.

I know you don't care but these are big moments in my life so indulge me. :)

December 30, 2008

The Best of 2008!

Were progressing right along in the office. I have more pics to share but right now I am taking a break to let the paint dry.

I was watching it dry a moment ago and realized that maybe the reason painting makes me so happy is the fumes. That maybe, sitting in a freshly painted room, waiting for the paint to dry, is not such a great idea. It's just a thought.

While I wait I plan on torturing my blog readers. HA HA HA HA (that is suppose to sound evil)

So here it is Krissi's first ever TAG! That is right if your reading this you are officially TAGGED!

I will be naming names too and I will KNOW if you read this so play fair.

So, here it is,

"Name the top 12 Event's, or Moments, or Happenings, of your 2008!"

What about 2008 was great, good, or at least didn't suck! :)

Here in all it's glory and paint fume induced grander is my list. In no particular order then the order I think them up!

1. While it was done at the end of 2007 we have the reaped the awards through out 2008. That is the completion of a second bathroom in our home. When we bought the house it had only 1, that is correct, 1 bathroom. Now we are the proud owners of a 2, that is correct, 2 bathroom home. With a house full of kids that is all kinds of GOOD!

2. In March, H. learned to ride a two wheeler. What made this such a fun moment is that many of the neighborhood friends (the 5-6 year olds) did it at the same time. This is a picture of all them wobbling on their training wheel, free bikes. How fun is it to share this experience with friends.

3. The opportunity to baptize our third child. It was such a neat day to share with family and friends. I am thankful for the time we are able to take out of our lives and commit to higher power and principal then our own.

4. The snow melting, the weather warming up, and the flowers blooming. Is there anything better in the world then spring after a long winter.

5. H. playing T-ball. T-ball by far is my most favorite of all kid sports. I love that it is just fun. I love that it is played in the spring. The weather is near perfect, the games are the exact right amount of time. I wish that my kids never out grew T-ball.

6. I loved growing a garden. It was especially fun to torture all of my blog readers with pictures of my garden.

7. Blogging, yes I have totally enjoyed becoming a blogger this year. I have found a whole new outlet for my snarky comments, bad attitude and my toad tendencies. It has been awesome.

8. I made it all the way to number eight before bringing this up. Be proud of me. But of course I have to bring up going to Hawaii. It was most defiantly a highlight of 2008. I spend almost everyday remembering the heat and how wonderfully relaxed the island was. I can't wait to go again.

9. Running my first 5k. Participating in my second 5k with the kiddo's. It was a huge accomplishment for me to get out and do it.

10. Sending my baby to Kindergarten. It hurts my heart to watch him get so big. However, it is amazing watching all of my children grow. Before long I will be sending my baby to college.

11. Canning, making Jam for the first time. Putting all the months of gardening work into jars. It is kind of cool to be eating something you grew even as the snow coats the ground.

12. Finally, I am just thankful that in spite of everything I had these moments. I am grateful for a life that is full. I hope for the best for all of you in 2009. Happy New Year!


Heather B, Brock, Stacy, Lisa, Amy B, Sharonda N, Lori N, Heather L, Becky (when you get your computer unpacked), Angie H, Emily F, Emily H, Sara S, Ashlie J, Colleen T, Sharla M, Emilee M.

* See what you get for being on my friends and family list! Feel the love.:)

** Sorry if I spelled any of your names wrong. Name spelling is a tricky, tricky thing.

December 29, 2008

"I Feel So Blue, Just Thinking About You"

The colors have been chosen. The colors have been bought. The walls have been primed and tomorrow, my favorite part happens.

The COLOR goes on the wall.

So below is a pic of our color palette.

Do you see it?

It is there.

YUP! A little taste of green.

I'm very excited. But your looking and your thinking, "Hey there is four colors."

"What in the world does she plan on doing with FOUR colors?"

Actually, only three of the colors are going in the room. Desert Camel is on there because it is the color of most of our house. I had to make sure that I wasn't clashing.

By the way, it has to be said, "I LOVE HOME DEPOT COLOR SMART!" I get to spend hours playing with colors at home. Looking at all my different options. The computer makes suggestions based on my colors I already have. It is AWESOME!

I also, really like Home Depot paint. Brent and I have bought gallons and gallons of it. It is like jewelry to me. Pretty colors, pretty sheen, what else could a girl ask for? (I may be suffering just a tad from paint fumes)

I am in a very CAPITAL mood tonight.

So can you guess what I am up to?

Should be interesting!

Well here is the project as it stands.

The walls being primed. I'm feeling a little sad covering up the blue. I really do like it. Good bye my blue walls. You will be missed. By the way, that is not my soda. Nope, no way is that my soda.

Here are the walls right now. HUMMM why didn't I go all the way to the bottom with the primer? What am I going to do? I bet you are sitting on the edge of seat.


Ohh, so I guess that means you have, like, your own life.

The light is dawning. However, you are still going to have to wait and see what I am up too. :) It is why you love me, I promise!

the SwimMom Question?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The countdown has began. Soon 2008 will end and 2009 will begin.

Do you have an exciting New Year Celebration to attend?

It looks like we will be attending a neighbor hood party. Actually, it is what we have done the last few years and it is always fun! It is nice to tie up the old year with friends, conversation, games (I think this year I will bring twister) and we can't forget the goodies.

We had a nice Christmas around here. I hope your Christmas was all that you wanted.

Speaking of Wanted, this week I just have to know, "What did you get for Christmas?"

These goofballs made out pretty good. Most of the grandparents, gave them money. The conversation around here is gearing towards using the money to buy a dog.

"We have a dog!"

"We want a dog that we can hold."

"But, you can hold Izzy."

"No, we can't"

"You can lie on Izzy."

"Mom, we don't want a dog we can ride. We want a dog that we can hold."

I haven't decided if I am giving in to this idea of another animal. We have two already. Do I really want a third?

Brent says the cat doesn't count as a real pet. "She does SO!"

"Big Sigh!"

As you can see my family likes to see how far they can stress me out. It is their entertainment. This is why I try to keep them busy. Less time to think of ways to torture Mum.

Back to our question, "What did you get for Christmas?"

My favorite gift was a "TAZ"(Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes) sticker for my truck.

When I turned 16 my mom gave me a "TAZ" sticker for the back window of my car.

Get it, new driver, TAZ, ha ha all very funny, right?

Since then my vehicles have always had a Taz on the back window. It is my trademark. A statement about my life. Take it to mean what you would like. The point is I have always had a TAZ. ALWAYS.

That is until earlier this fall. The TAZ on the back window was looking a little shabby. So Brent in all his wisdom, removed (:( ) the sticker.

There were tears.

There was, "How could you do that?"

There was, "What were you thinking?"

There was, "You don't Love me."

It was very sad. It left me in a state of depression for at least a whole, entire, day.

Oh, and every time we got into the truck, there was the snarky comments. Like,"Your dad doesn't love me, that is why Taz is gone."

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a nice person.

So for Christmas, I got a very big, vinyl TAZ, for the back window of my truck.

I feel that all is right in the world now. I feel loved and that maybe I like my husband.

I have to keep my priorities around here.

If I let the TAZ thing go, I might have to forgive other things, then the next thing you know, I might not have the type of life that is so well represented by TAZ.

It is nice to know I have a husband that understands all of this and gets me a TAZ sticker for Christmas.

Can't wait to hear what Santa left under your tree.

December 27, 2008

"I've Been Working..."

Well after two days of working, our office now looks like this.
Are you impressed. This just happens to be our desk. It is in the middle of the room for a reason, I promise. The paint color still remains in a state of debate. I'm all for trying the green.
Brent just keeps giving me a look and saying, "I like the brown."
"Well yes, I KNOW you like the brown, but what do you think of giving green a try?"
"I like brown."
I suppose that is the answer to my question. It just doesn't sound like an answer to me.
Meanwhile, here is a picture of the results of my two days of work.
Disappointed? It doesn't look like two days of work, does it? What if I say all the Christmas decorations are put up
sorry that is all there is. I must be a slow worker. :)
While I was working, Brent created this little contraption for me. Now, instead of all my ribbon being stuck in a box, it is hanging. Except, what do I do about the ribbon unwinding?

I am feeling better about the office. Also, I have a very strong desire to scrapbook. Guess, that is what happens when you find all your supplies. :) Except, we still have to paint.


Brent said to tell you all, "He likes Brown."

December 26, 2008

"Twas the Night AFTER Christmas"

Merry Christmas! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas was full of traditions, laughter, not enough sleep and all that is normal for a family of six.

After everyone went to bed last night, I went into the front room with the Christmas tree, I wrapped myself up with a blanket, and opened a book.

It was so nice and so peaceful. Everyone was asleep, the wind howled outside, the snow was falling and I just enjoyed the moment.

Christmas seems to come and go so quickly sometimes it is hard just to stop and enjoy the season. It was nice to have time to breathe slowly and relax.

I hope that your Christmas was all that you hoped for.

I was up and going this morning. I have a goal to clean, organize, and paint our home office, during winter break. It was a room that originally was used by Brent and I only. With the kids getting older, they are in the office, on the computer, as much as we are. So we are trying to make it more family friendly.

All I can say is, it was a HUGE mess this morning, and now it is just a Mess.

I was going to post some pictures but it would be just way embarrassing.

Right now the office is painted a dark blue. Which I LOVE.

However, sometimes there are as many as five people in the room. The walls close in right around you. So I am going to have to paint it a lighter color.

I have a color picked out, (light tan color) but then I read an article that said home offices should be painted green. Green? Apparently, it is a soothing, thinking color. So what do you think? What is a good color for a room; that is a home office, that too many people use, and wont drive me crazy (no hot pink, people)? Oh and here is the most important rule. I have an allergy to white walls. I don't mind them in other homes. I just go crazy when MY walls are white. I obsess until the wall is no longer white.

It is a sickness that can only be treated with color.

December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Kalinia from the “Written World,” presented me with, “Christmas Spirit Award.” I find the idea, that I have been nominated for a “Spirit” award, hilarious. You can say that I have always been an “Anti-Spirit,” kinda gal.

I was the kid in high school, who spent spirit week, talking her friends into doing everything opposite.

I’m what, my mother lovingly refers to as, “A Toad.”

It is kind of nice to know, that maybe, I’m growing out of my toad tendencies.

I hear the laughter of all those that know me.

Okay, let me rephrase that, it is nice to know that when it comes to Christmas I have spirit.

In order to accept the award I have to list a minimum of five things, I LOVE ABOUT CHRISTMAS.

Here they are:

1. I love the traditions. Tonight, I will be spending Christmas Eve at my grandmother’s house. Just like I did when I was little. I love that I get to share this tradition with my children.
2. I love the reason we celebrate Christmas. I love that as a Christian I get to celebrate the birth of our Savior. That we get to remember the humble beginnings of Christ. That we get to sing in memory of that great night so many centuries ago.
3. I love creating memories. I love that the memories of Christmas are some of our strongest most memorable memories. All the symbols of Christmas seem to bring to mind a cherished memory.
4. I love presents. I love giving them, I love thinking about the person I am giving a present to. I like figuring out what they might want. I love it when I find the perfect gift. I also, LOVE getting presents (just keeping it real).
5. I love all the goodies. All the glad tidings from friends. All the celebrating.

Christmas is just a wonderful time of year. Christmas is a perfect time to step back and appreciate all that we have.

Finally, I love that I get to celebrate the birth of my own Children. Watching them grow is one of the most amazing and sad opportunities. They are growing so quickly. I go back and forth between excitement and dread. I will leave you with a few pictures from Christmas past.

I hope you have a very, very, Merry Christmas.

S. Two years old. A. 4 days old. Christmas Eve 1998

Christmas 2002

Christmas 2003

Christmas 2006

December 23, 2008

"Twas The Night Before Christmas"

A little more then 24 hours and it will be Christmas. Christmas is such a crazy, wonderful, time of year. The only thing bad about Christmas is the day after Christmas. All the fun seems to disappear in a day.

Of course we get to celebrate the New Year, we get to enjoy a little break from school, a little break from routine. But before you know it we are back to school, work, and routine.

If you live somewhere cold you are looking ahead of months of this;

Snow, cold weather, snow, ice and WINTER. Not that weather you people in warmer states get to enjoy. I'm talking bone chilling, will it ever end, WINTER.

Do you feel bad for me?


How about now?

Still, No!

How about for the little birds that live in this house?

You shouldn't feel bad for them. They are smart enough to leave Utah when it gets cold.

They are some where warm and beautiful basking in the hot sun.

They are not dumb they know that ice covered homes are no fun.

They are at the beach.

Enjoying the ocean waves. Enjoying the sun. "Laughing all the way." away from the snow.

Who says birds are dumb?

Maybe I should take a clue from the birds. Skip the winter, head back to Hawaii. All I have to do is convince people that they want me to live in their backyard. So that they will build me a house. Learn to live off crumbs.

What do you think? Anyone want to build me a house in their WARM backyard?

December 22, 2008

"Laughing All the Way"

Most of the year Brent lives a pretty quiet existence.

He goes about his own business with out the world taking much notice, to what he is up to and what he is doing.

However, when the snow starts falling, the neighbors start laughing.

Brent has become the neighborhood novelty.

The funny guy on the corner.

The, "Can you believe that Brent was outside, in the snow, shoveling, while in his sandals."

Yes you read that correctly. While I refuse to buy boots, because I don't live where it gets cold and snows, and one needs boots. Brent simply does not wear said boots. Unless, he is going to work and HAS to.

To the neighbors this is Brent. A few have tried to explain to him the core differences between living in California and Utah. Like, say, wearing actual shoes while shoveling. Oh, and hey, a coat! Brent's California brain has not excepted these facts. In fact, he claims that his sandals have better traction.

"Big Sigh," it is nice to know your husband has the power to make other's laugh.

Just are they laughing at him or with him?

Ask "the SwimMom" Holiday Edition

Today's "the SwimMom" post promises to be short and to the point. Mainly, because in a few hours my home is going to be filled with children. Our book club is having a little family get together and between the few of us there are almost 30 kids. Take a peak here to see them.

Aren't they cute monsters? I asked a group of girls/women this question yesterday and was amazed at how quickly they each answered. My curiosity is peeked and I just have to know.

Are you a Snowman or a Santa person?

Me, I'm a snowman person. Most of my Christmas decorations are snowman. Most of my beloved ornaments, Snowman. I don't really have an issue with Jolly Old St. Nick. I just prefer Frosty.

(One of my Favorite Snowman because he is holding 4 little snowman. :))

Really, I think it has a lot to do with growing up in Utah and then moving to California. I missed having a white Christmas. So I compensated with a house full of snowmen. Now that I live in Utah again, they are my friends I can't change now.

So do you sing "Frosty the Snowman," or "Jolly Ol' St. Nicholas?"