December 23, 2008

"Twas The Night Before Christmas"

A little more then 24 hours and it will be Christmas. Christmas is such a crazy, wonderful, time of year. The only thing bad about Christmas is the day after Christmas. All the fun seems to disappear in a day.

Of course we get to celebrate the New Year, we get to enjoy a little break from school, a little break from routine. But before you know it we are back to school, work, and routine.

If you live somewhere cold you are looking ahead of months of this;

Snow, cold weather, snow, ice and WINTER. Not that weather you people in warmer states get to enjoy. I'm talking bone chilling, will it ever end, WINTER.

Do you feel bad for me?


How about now?

Still, No!

How about for the little birds that live in this house?

You shouldn't feel bad for them. They are smart enough to leave Utah when it gets cold.

They are some where warm and beautiful basking in the hot sun.

They are not dumb they know that ice covered homes are no fun.

They are at the beach.

Enjoying the ocean waves. Enjoying the sun. "Laughing all the way." away from the snow.

Who says birds are dumb?

Maybe I should take a clue from the birds. Skip the winter, head back to Hawaii. All I have to do is convince people that they want me to live in their backyard. So that they will build me a house. Learn to live off crumbs.

What do you think? Anyone want to build me a house in their WARM backyard?


Willow said...

You can come live in my backyard. I even have a tent! It is not all that warm though, we have been shivering all week in the bitter cold. It has gotten as chilly as the mid and low 40s...brrrrrrr.


The Larson Family said...

OK this post makes it hard to move!!!! :0)