December 18, 2008

Getting Easier with a Smile and a Song

Well as many of you have heard, I have been talked into taking part in a Century ride. By the way, for all you thinking of joining us, they announced the date and it is going to be June 6, 2009.

I have an awesome friend who is coaching and preparing me for the ride. Each week she has set a goal of miles I have to bike. The last couple of weeks it has been 25 miles. Amazingly, it is getting easier.

Which totally cracks me up.

How can riding 25 miles be easy? Or at the very least, not be the cause of my pre-mature death?

I'm taking it as a encouraging sign. If I can bike 25 then I can bike 30 and onward and UPWARD?

One way I keep my mind occupied, while getting my miles, is listening to my IPOD. I love putting it on the shuffle and just listening to what comes up. It keeps me smiling with all the memories that are held in the songs. Occasionally, a song that was buried on an album, I haven't listened all to all the way through comes up.

Which is why all the sudden you are getting song clips at the end of my post. I love how music encourages us. Makes our moods better. Makes us love more. Makes us want to smile, dance and most of all move. So lets dance! Happy Thursday. One more week until Christmas. :)


4kidsandcrazy said...

You are awesome! Keep the the hard work, and I'll think of you as I have a bowl of ice cream :)

Race Fam said...

Wow no sugar, and a 100 mile bike ride! You are amazing! I tried no sugar for a week and that is as long as it lasted!