December 31, 2008

Going to Paint That Blue Right out of My Room

I know that your just dying for an update on the office paint.


Hello, any one there?

Okay, let me rephrase, "I'm just dying to tell you about my office paint."


Even though the possibilities that you have more important things to worry about, is high, umm very high.

On to the update:

Yesterday morning, after eating my Wheaties, I got to work on the cutting in work and here it is!!

Drum Roll Please.........

First of all let me state the following, "IT IS NOT WHITE!!" See the door is White, the color around the door, "NOT WHITE!"

It is called "Cinnamon Cake," Not "WHITE"

My good for nothing children keep saying, "Mom, why are you painting the walls white?"


Anyway, I thought I would share my most favorite part of painting, the part that makes me giggle in glee, the part that makes me want to paint over and over.

The very first stroke with the roller, the stroke that says here is the color you chose. Ya better love me because I am non-returnable paint. By the way I do love it.

Here is a pic of the completed, first color of paint.

Aint it purdy? Well except for, the whole it isn't finished, so how do I really expect you to answer that question?

Here is a pic of the paint drying. This is about the time, that I started thinking, that maybe paint fumes might be interfering with clear thinking. But if you have nothing better to do just click on the picture and stare. It is relaxing I promise.

Today we add the second color, we had to wait for the paint to dry because we will be using tape. Do you think you know what color I'm going to paint? Hummm! A mystery.

I know you don't care but these are big moments in my life so indulge me. :)


Willow said...

YEAH for the paint update. Honestly, I checked your blog last night hoping to peek at your progress. I was slightly annoyed that at 12:40 (am, pacific time) there was no new post.

Truly, the above did happen... my husband will testify that I am nutters at times. =)

I like the Cinnamon Cake. I can't wait to see the final product. Hey, we need to paint pretty much everything here... wanna help?

Heather Bowles said...

Okay so I think you already told me what you were going to do, so I am guessing you are going to paint a strip around the room maybe dark brown with a small green stipe above it and below it, or maybe a green strip in the center of your big brown one or maybe you are going to reverse everything I just said. I guess I will just have to wait and see. HMMMMMM I can't wait. HEE HEE