December 27, 2008

"I've Been Working..."

Well after two days of working, our office now looks like this.
Are you impressed. This just happens to be our desk. It is in the middle of the room for a reason, I promise. The paint color still remains in a state of debate. I'm all for trying the green.
Brent just keeps giving me a look and saying, "I like the brown."
"Well yes, I KNOW you like the brown, but what do you think of giving green a try?"
"I like brown."
I suppose that is the answer to my question. It just doesn't sound like an answer to me.
Meanwhile, here is a picture of the results of my two days of work.
Disappointed? It doesn't look like two days of work, does it? What if I say all the Christmas decorations are put up
sorry that is all there is. I must be a slow worker. :)
While I was working, Brent created this little contraption for me. Now, instead of all my ribbon being stuck in a box, it is hanging. Except, what do I do about the ribbon unwinding?

I am feeling better about the office. Also, I have a very strong desire to scrapbook. Guess, that is what happens when you find all your supplies. :) Except, we still have to paint.


Brent said to tell you all, "He likes Brown."


ashleeeee said...

Oh yeah? Well, you tell Brent that I like the pink stripe idea. So there.

So organized! Come to my house, I have many piles just waiting to be organized.

Sharla said...

I'm so showing this picture of a nice neat tidy organized Office Closet to my husband! He has tried to "clean" his office more times than I can count. He also refuses to let me offer any attempt to help him because he has "possession issues"! Congrats on a well organized nice tidy office! I can't wait to see what your doing with the color.