December 07, 2008

Holly Jolly Christmas

Last night we grabbed the kids and headed out to see the Christmas lights.

One part of Christmas that Brent and I have always been able to agree on is Christmas lights.

We have even had a few years of having a cool Christmas light display ourselves.

However, with the kids growing and their activities becoming more abundant that has taken a back seat. We do always talk about the day that we will go back to it though.

The first place we headed was to a city park that has over a 100 playhouses, lighted and decorated with a Christmas theme. They are so fun to look at and it is always amazing the creativity and details that go into each one of them. I really enjoy walking around the lighted grounds with the Christmas spirit surrounding me.

One little side note, A. was being a little bit of toad and NOT enjoying the Christmas spirit. However, we came upon a memorial dedicated to the founders of the city (Always there not part of the Christmas display). One of the memorials happened to be of a person he had recently done a school report on. That turned into the highlight for him. He spent the rest of the time siting to us facts he had learned about the person and the city. Big Sigh, he is becoming such a guy.

We then headed over to a local home that puts on an amazing light display timed with Christmas music. It was so much fun and Brent and I day dreamed of the day we could do something like it. If you want to check out some pictures you can check out his site at WestHavenLights.

It was a fun evening and just one of the many reasons I love the Christmas season.

Below is a pic of Al and a friend at her Choir concert on Thursday. While the pic shows her friend being more of ham then her, this is pretty much what the both of them did through out the whole performance. One day these two little drama queens are going to be Stars.


Willow said...

How fun! I am a bit confused though... what are those bulky things that the kids are wearing in the first picture? Oh.... wait... are those coats?? I had forgotten what coats look like. =)

Scott and Stacy said...

Is that the same park you guys took us to that Christmas we were up there? That was so much fun. I wish we could come up this year but with our cruise coming up we need to save for that. The kids still talk about that park we went to and how much fun they had with their cousins. I wish they had something like that here. Did you uys go get ice cream after? Licorice ice cream, I'll ever forget. :)