December 22, 2008

"Laughing All the Way"

Most of the year Brent lives a pretty quiet existence.

He goes about his own business with out the world taking much notice, to what he is up to and what he is doing.

However, when the snow starts falling, the neighbors start laughing.

Brent has become the neighborhood novelty.

The funny guy on the corner.

The, "Can you believe that Brent was outside, in the snow, shoveling, while in his sandals."

Yes you read that correctly. While I refuse to buy boots, because I don't live where it gets cold and snows, and one needs boots. Brent simply does not wear said boots. Unless, he is going to work and HAS to.

To the neighbors this is Brent. A few have tried to explain to him the core differences between living in California and Utah. Like, say, wearing actual shoes while shoveling. Oh, and hey, a coat! Brent's California brain has not excepted these facts. In fact, he claims that his sandals have better traction.

"Big Sigh," it is nice to know your husband has the power to make other's laugh.

Just are they laughing at him or with him?


Lori Ann said...

ha! ha! ha!

Brent in Utah and Idaho there IS such a thing as frost bite!

Wear SHOES!!!

Willow said...

Ah, it warms my heart that deep down inside he is still a California boy!

I don't know which makes me more proud; him shoveling in sandals or the fact that he isn't wearing socks with said sandals. Very nice Brent!!

4kidsandcrazy said...

Oh, we are definitely laughing at him! Ha ha! How great is that. I do love watching him do it. It makes me smile:)

ashleeeee said...

Man! My house faces the wrong way, we're on the wrong road, we miss everything! Cars hitting the tree, Brent in sandals. I knew we should have bought the house with the pool when it was for sale.

Amos said...

That is funny. He makes me laugh. Great pictures of his feet, I'm sure he loves that:))).
Hope you guys have a Wonderful Christmas. We love you guys.

Angie said...

Why should winter stop us from wearing sandals? I am with you, Brent! My reason is a little different though. I just hate to wear ugly shoes. My boots all have high heels. :) I have already fallen down our stairs about 5 times. Clint just says, "Well, if you would get decent shoes." I don't know about you, but I took that as an okay to go buy more shoes. Right?