December 11, 2008

No More Cookies in the Cookie Jar. Updated!

Do you remember that game growing up?

Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?

Krissi took the cookie from the cookie jar.

Who me, couldn't be. Brent took the cookie from the cookie jar.

Eventually you run out of people and say. "No more cookies in the cookie jar."

Well at my house I have two very cute cookie jars. After I get home from work today I will prove it to you. However, with this whole not eating sugar non-sense I have started there are no cookies in the cookie jar.

Yes it is the Christmas season and SOMEBODY decided that eating no sugar was a good idea.

Who was that somebody? Somebody remind me, oh yeah, it was me.

Well regardless of whose idea it was. One result has been, "No More Cookies in the Cookie Jar."

So here is my big, big, big question, I need your help.

What do you put in a cookie jar. When there are no cookies?

Krissi took the cookies from the cookie jar. Yes it was me I admit it now what do I do?

The Before Mentioned Cookieless Cookie Jars

Isn't he cute don't you just want to eat some hot chocolate and a snicker doodle cookie, right now?

While taking his picture this guy told me that he is in need of some sugar cookies. I told him that I really liked the tangerine idea. He said that he really like the idea of some sugar cookies. Maybe I will have to invest in that mousetrap idea.

You all have made some great suggestions. However, I have to say being as I have a huge bowl of tangerines and there is nothing my family likes more this time of year then oranges. I will have to go with my friend from Denmark idea and use them for tangerine storage.


Bookwormom said...

I was going to suggest sugar free candies, but if you're reforming your eating more snacks won't help you! So I'm out of ideas now..

ashleeeee said...

Put a mousetrap in there, and hope that you remember your sugar diet before you dive in for cookies.

Bogsider said...

Put all the tangerines in there which can fit. They smell and taste good :-) And in Denmark they are the definite smell of Xmas.

Scott and Stacy said...

You can do what Ron had always wanted Sharon to do with her candy and cookie jars, put carrots and celery sticks in them. Then you'd have to put it in to fridge.

Sharonda and Zaron said...

I love the tangerine idea. You could also put christmas scented potpourri or pine cones in it. I'm sure it wouldn't taste very good; so it wouldn't be a temptation.

Heather Bowles said...

um.............Cookies is my only idea sorry.

Willow said...

I say puppy cookies. Then the jars are used for their intended purpose, you wont be tempted (unless like my brother you have sampled Milkbone and enjoy them [and yes, he really ate the Milkbone brand dog snacks]), and your dog will love you even more!

However, since you have already setteled on the tangerine idea, I suppose my suggestions are moot. --Gosh, I hope that is a proper spelling of moot... how sad that I can't even spell 4 letter words. And no, that wasn't a comentary on my inability to spell curse words... I can spell those like nobody's business. And yes, I know that it isn't proper to beging sentences with "and." Shoot, now I am rambling...

ashleeeee said...

I was just browsing other blogs. And do you know what I like about yours? I like that you're real. I just read one that was all like "and then I fed the baby, and then I read the scriptures with her, and then I made scrumptious candies for the ward party, and then I got dolled up for my husband..." I almost barfed on myself. I like that you are real person.

ashleeeee said...

Oh, and these "other blogs" are not anybody we know. It's a girl from high school, who has apparently turned into the most perfect Mormon wife on the planet.

ashleeeee said...

By "we", I mean we, the neighborhood people. Okay, I need to stop commenting now.