December 09, 2008

Our Christmas Letter

Each year I send out a Christmas letter and the one thing that frustrates me more then anything about the letter is that I can not include all the pictures I would like. That and Brent's rule that the letter has to fit on one side of one paper. I have gotten pretty clever with font size and margins to keep this rule.

All you that have read this blog know that I am a sucker for pictures. So this year along with mailing out the letters I am going to post the letter with pictures. YAY! So fun having your own blog to torture people anyway you want. Our Christmas cards were sent out on Monday so here in all it's digital glory is the letter again, this time with pictures.

(Beginning of Letter)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope that this letter finds you happy, healthy and enjoying the holiday season. If you are like us, it has been a little bit of a difficult year dealing with increasing prices and a budget that isn't quite stretching to meet every thing you want it to. However, with the holidays in full swing, as we reflect on the past year we realize just how blessed we are and grateful for all the family and friends that are part of our lives. Now on to the yearly updates.

H. will soon be six years old and is enjoying his first year of school. It has been and continues to be quite an adjustment for me not to have him home. It is a bittersweet moment sending your baby off to school. He is doing good and enjoying recces, computer lab, and learning to read. He started off the year learning how to ride a two-wheeler and continues to be as busy as can be outside. He loves soccer, t-ball and swim. Much to his mom's delight he is doing very good in swim.







Al is eight years old and had a very fun year. On top of turning eight and being baptized, thank you to all the family that was here and supported Al on her special day, she has participated in many fun drama activities. She participated in her first play, drama camp, and choir. She is really enjoying herself and loves the life of a Drama Queen (so shocking!). She is also playing her first year of basketball. We were a little shocked that she wanted to play a sport but she seems to be enjoying herself.






A. will soon be ten. It seems all of my little people are growing up. I wish there were some way I could stop all of this growing up nonsense. A. continues to do very well in school and is our resident professor. He loves video games, soccer and reading. We have difficulty keeping enough books and video games around the house to keep A. busy. Sometimes to much time on A.'s hands turns dangerous.






S. will soon be twelve. She has the date highlighted, circled, and starred on the calendar and each Sunday counts down her last weeks of primary. She can hardly wait. The best part of the primary program this year was watching her total lack of interest and disgust being stuck on stage with all of those little kids. I almost laughed myself silly. S. and I had a fun trip this year to Hawaii with her soccer team. She is my sport chick staying crazy busy with swim, soccer, student council, orchestra (cello) and last but not least school.






Brent and I are of course the ones running all over the place getting these kids where they need to be when they need to be there. It is exhausting. However, we enjoy watching them participate in things that they enjoy. We are in the parent mode of life and our interests and accomplishments don't stray far from soccer games, swim meets, choir performances, and plays. We are both working with the youth in church, Brent in primary, me in Young Women's. Work is slow for Brent but he keeps busy subbing at schools on his off days. I am still working at the city pool enjoying my time with little ones, especially now that mine, against my wishes, have gotten so big. Life is simply life, busy, crazy, and all kinds of fun and not fun.



We hope that you have a great year full of more fun then not fun.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
(End of letter)

Thank you so much for surviving the digital Christmas letter.  Aren't you glad now that Brent has rules?  Can you imagine if he didn't?


Emily said...

Love the letter! and all the pics. Pictures make a good letter, great!

Race Fam said...

Such a cute letter. I wish I could word things like you do!

Heather Bowles said...

Cute letter. I think pictures should be included. I love looking at pictures. Maybe it is just because I am a girl. When Mitch looks at pictures he is done in half the time I am.