December 31, 2008

Root Beer Float, Anyone?

We are done painting!

Can you say YAY!

So here is the big color reveal:

The bottom half of the room is going to be this lovely color. It is called Root Beer.

You know what was scary, when we opened the can that is exactly what it looked like Root Beer.

I had that moment of ohh crap! What color did I choose?

As I stated before, non-returnable paint. So we started painting and hoped for the best.

Painting a straight line is tricky business. Especially if your husband happens to be a perfectionist. So we scoured the net and for the most part followed these instructions on the DIY site.

Here is the final result

Overall, I am pretty happy. We are getting everything put back together. I will be posting pictures in the next couple of days. Mostly the pictures will be of some of the projects we are doing to keep things neat. It is crazy how many cords (AHH, Sharla I just got your blog name House of Cords!!! HA) it takes to keep an office running. Not to mention all the chargers our lives seem to revolve around. So we are working on a couple of projects to manage those better.

Also, I still have one more color to incorporate. So I will be posting pictures on how I got the green into a room. Even with Brent saying over and over, "I like brown."

So now it is time to put this project on hold in order to celebrate the ending of 2008.

Hope you have a great New Years! Happy 2009!


Brock said...

My "Tag" is complete.

ashleeeee said...

Holy cow, have you been in Hollie's bed room? Add pink and she can sleep at your house and wouldn't know the difference.

Yes, yours does look like root beer. We call our room "Neapolitan ice cream".

Scott and Stacy said...

You wanna come and do my house next? I have the biggest problem with getting the color I want. It always comes out too light. Our living room is bugging me cause it was the wrong green. One of these days I'm going to break out the paint supplies and do the kitchen, living room and our bedroom. Where did you go to find out your color schemes?

Heather Bowles said...

Very cool, it turned out really nice. That makes me want to paint even though I really do not have anything to paint. Well maybe Kalebs room could use a good painting.

Sharla said...

Oh yes, the joy and bliss I live in, is indeed a "house of cords" Funny it took an office remodel for you to final get it. I just want to make all the cords go away. A wireless life would be a blissful life.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new paint color well done on a great design. Hoo Ray! Can't wait to see a final picture of what the room looks like with the furniture in it.