December 29, 2008

the SwimMom Question?

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The countdown has began. Soon 2008 will end and 2009 will begin.

Do you have an exciting New Year Celebration to attend?

It looks like we will be attending a neighbor hood party. Actually, it is what we have done the last few years and it is always fun! It is nice to tie up the old year with friends, conversation, games (I think this year I will bring twister) and we can't forget the goodies.

We had a nice Christmas around here. I hope your Christmas was all that you wanted.

Speaking of Wanted, this week I just have to know, "What did you get for Christmas?"

These goofballs made out pretty good. Most of the grandparents, gave them money. The conversation around here is gearing towards using the money to buy a dog.

"We have a dog!"

"We want a dog that we can hold."

"But, you can hold Izzy."

"No, we can't"

"You can lie on Izzy."

"Mom, we don't want a dog we can ride. We want a dog that we can hold."

I haven't decided if I am giving in to this idea of another animal. We have two already. Do I really want a third?

Brent says the cat doesn't count as a real pet. "She does SO!"

"Big Sigh!"

As you can see my family likes to see how far they can stress me out. It is their entertainment. This is why I try to keep them busy. Less time to think of ways to torture Mum.

Back to our question, "What did you get for Christmas?"

My favorite gift was a "TAZ"(Tasmanian devil from Looney Tunes) sticker for my truck.

When I turned 16 my mom gave me a "TAZ" sticker for the back window of my car.

Get it, new driver, TAZ, ha ha all very funny, right?

Since then my vehicles have always had a Taz on the back window. It is my trademark. A statement about my life. Take it to mean what you would like. The point is I have always had a TAZ. ALWAYS.

That is until earlier this fall. The TAZ on the back window was looking a little shabby. So Brent in all his wisdom, removed (:( ) the sticker.

There were tears.

There was, "How could you do that?"

There was, "What were you thinking?"

There was, "You don't Love me."

It was very sad. It left me in a state of depression for at least a whole, entire, day.

Oh, and every time we got into the truck, there was the snarky comments. Like,"Your dad doesn't love me, that is why Taz is gone."

Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a nice person.

So for Christmas, I got a very big, vinyl TAZ, for the back window of my truck.

I feel that all is right in the world now. I feel loved and that maybe I like my husband.

I have to keep my priorities around here.

If I let the TAZ thing go, I might have to forgive other things, then the next thing you know, I might not have the type of life that is so well represented by TAZ.

It is nice to know I have a husband that understands all of this and gets me a TAZ sticker for Christmas.

Can't wait to hear what Santa left under your tree.


Scott and Stacy said...

Glad to hear you had a great Christmas. Another dog hugh? I think the one you have counts as three already. She's huge.
We had a great Christmas here. We stayed at our house and tried to go to Tehachapi. It was cold. It wasn't a nice snowfall to enjoy. Tiny ice pellets blasted against your face cause the wind was blowing so hard. We lasted maybe 5minutes up there.
Our kids made out pretty good with digital cameras, MP3's and Rock Band for the Wii. I hate that they are getting older and this Christmas has reminded me that they are not my babies anymore, when simple toys were enough for them.
Now I just need to get through one more week of vacation for the kids and then everything goes back to normal.

Willow said...

Hooray for Taz. Am I a bad friend for never noticing Taz before? Don't answer that... there are so many other, better reasons that I am a bad friend. =)

For Christmas, Santa brought me (not he or the kids) a Wii Fit. I am excited... kind of. I had expressed interest in a Wii Fit, but sure didn't expect one, especially since I had finally decided to give in to Russ's Wii wishes (apparently I can only hold out for 3 years). The Wii is to Russ, not the kids (They can use it at their father's disgression... ownership has been a bit of a hassle around here. Aahhh, so ends our lack of video game consoles; it is the end of an era. However, his Fit motives were super considerate and I appreciate that.

My favorite Christmas present, though, was that Russ fixed a ring I have. I bought a cheap, antique, cameo ring whilst in London and LOVE it. The band snapped last year and I haven't worn it since. Happily, Russ fixed the band and it is beautiful and wearable again!

Willow said...

Speaking of the end of an era... do you know what December cough + super cold + sickish kids + young baby =? It equals waiting until the week of Christmas to look for a tree. Do you know what waiting that long will get you?!??


Russ says we don't have to put it up next year unless we again wait too long to get a real tree. I am greatful for no dropped needles, but I miss the fresh tree smell.

Heather Bowles said...

Well you already know what I am getting, a kindle which I am so excited about. It will not ship until the first of March they are way on back order. As for my kids they got a wii and several other things their fav thing was I bought a great big swimming pool and filled it full of balls for them to play in. They opened that first and did not want to sit down and open the rest of their gifts we had to make them finish opening the rest. If only I would have know I could have saved myself a lot of money. Lots of fun and very messy though.

4kidsandcrazy said...

I noticed you Taz was missing. That's how I always knew for sure that it was your truck, of course the fact that it was 2 wheel drive helps :) (just kidding that's Nate's thing not mine)

I got a cricket! I'm really excited to do several school projects now and try it out!

Scott and Stacy said...

I can't believe they don't do that anymore, that's part of the fun for the kids. Oh well, we have a ton of the pins for the boys I'll just cut the pin part off and make necklaces for the girls. I forgot it was called Merry Miss when we were that young. It's changed a few times since that time. Thanks for letting me know.