December 26, 2008

"Twas the Night AFTER Christmas"

Merry Christmas! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our Christmas was full of traditions, laughter, not enough sleep and all that is normal for a family of six.

After everyone went to bed last night, I went into the front room with the Christmas tree, I wrapped myself up with a blanket, and opened a book.

It was so nice and so peaceful. Everyone was asleep, the wind howled outside, the snow was falling and I just enjoyed the moment.

Christmas seems to come and go so quickly sometimes it is hard just to stop and enjoy the season. It was nice to have time to breathe slowly and relax.

I hope that your Christmas was all that you hoped for.

I was up and going this morning. I have a goal to clean, organize, and paint our home office, during winter break. It was a room that originally was used by Brent and I only. With the kids getting older, they are in the office, on the computer, as much as we are. So we are trying to make it more family friendly.

All I can say is, it was a HUGE mess this morning, and now it is just a Mess.

I was going to post some pictures but it would be just way embarrassing.

Right now the office is painted a dark blue. Which I LOVE.

However, sometimes there are as many as five people in the room. The walls close in right around you. So I am going to have to paint it a lighter color.

I have a color picked out, (light tan color) but then I read an article that said home offices should be painted green. Green? Apparently, it is a soothing, thinking color. So what do you think? What is a good color for a room; that is a home office, that too many people use, and wont drive me crazy (no hot pink, people)? Oh and here is the most important rule. I have an allergy to white walls. I don't mind them in other homes. I just go crazy when MY walls are white. I obsess until the wall is no longer white.

It is a sickness that can only be treated with color.


Emily said...

Green? Really? I love green but not on the walls (I'm just saying) I'd say so with the tan then hang something cool and big on the wall. So when you get tired of it, it can be changed.
(I think I have interior design commitment issues.)

The Larson Family said...

Macadamia is always great! I remember your house here was painted with that color I think. You guys seem to do well with whatever you choose. We'll have to come see your finished product!! We will arrive in Utah on Tuesday!! Maybe we can visit sometime before Camden starts school on the 28th. (Year round school).

Heather Bowles said...

I think green is cool as long as it does not matter what shade. I think you could totally work with green, if you pick the right color.