January 31, 2009

Bike Ride Info

Hey everyone,

If you are still thinking about joining us on the, "Little Red," registration has opened. Click on the picture below to find out all the bike info. Also, if you are like me and will be renting a bike I talked to Canyon Sports in Ogden. The cost to rent a bike is $35.oo a day. They will open their reservations in mid-march. I spoke to the manager and he was really helpful. When you look at the course info you will notice there are several length options for the ride. The minimum being 15 the maximum being 100. We would love for everyone to join us no matter how far they ride.

January 30, 2009

Fourteen Years and Counting

I fell in love for the first time in 6th grade. His name was Jeff he was tall and had the most delicious brown eyes. He was very, very cute and like every other girl in my class I developed my very first crush. I wonder if dear Jeff was aware of how much all of the girls loved him. From that point forward my heart was in a desperate race to give itself away.

Tripping and tumbling through junior high my silly heart gave itself away more then once. It is almost funny how quickly I would tumble in out and out of love. High school dawned and before long my heart was once again tumbling in out of love. However, this time it was joined one or two times with another heart.

There is nothing quite like the intensity that our heart feels from those first kisses and the rousing emotions of those first loves. Even as I sit here and write I can feel my heart beat faster as I think of those boys. The way my heart would beat when they entered the room the way my heart would jump with those stolen kisses. The way that I believed with all my soul they were the boy for me.

After high school I quickly moved away from home trying to find my own way in life. It took me a little over a year before I moved home. In an attempt to recover from a not so successful run of facing life on my own. At nineteen I settled down as much as a nineteen year old settles down. I worked full time, I went to college part time, and I had fun as often as I could.

After I moved home a friend of my mom’s mentioned that she knew a boy I might be interested in. I remember smiling at her with a grin that all nineteen year olds give to women who think they know but they really don’t. I was trained well enough to be polite and listened to her go on and on about this boy, well I half listened, I didn’t really ever catch the name of the boy she was talking about.

Before long I regularly started to attend a singles group associated with my religion. It was fun, there were a lot of people my age, and I was really enjoying being nineteen. One day during my lunch hour at work I ran up to the college to visit with a friend. Our singles group had a building off campus, there religious classes were held and it also acted as a hangout spot in between classes. I walked into the main hang out room expecting my friend to be there.

As I walked into the room on one of the couches sat a boy. When I walked in he looked up at me and the biggest grin I had ever seen spread across his lips. It was such a large grin that I couldn’t help but to smile back. I inquired of him if he had seen my friend. He smiled shook his head no and said, “No, Krissi I haven’t seen her.” I was taken back because even though I recognized his face I did not know his name. It confused me that he knew my name. He quickly recognized my confusion and pointed to my chest. When I looked down I realized that I hadn’t removed my name badge when leaving work.

I smiled said, “Thank you,” and went looking for my friend. It is hard to say how things really progressed from that moment. I will tell you that I found out that this was the boy my mom’s friend had mentioned. That made me smile, I will also tell you that he wore yummy cologne that made me want to follow him around like a puppy, and I will tell you that he wore a black leather jacket.

The reason that matters is another story that I will save for another day. All of these things added up to me paying more attention to the boy with the great smile. However, he had one serious flaw. He had a whole group of girls that followed him around. I myself was not interested in being another one of his groupies. So I watched but I wasn’t following. I guess, if you ask him he must have been watching too because we always managed to end up in the same place just not together.

This boy had one more quirk. He was quiet. When I say quiet I mean quiet. In fact, the comment about the name tag is about the only thing I heard coming from him for months. It seemed to be some accepted fact that he hardly, if ever, spoke. That is why things started to get very interesting when he started to talk to me. 

One New Years Eve day we found ourselves at the building off-campus preparing for a New Years Eve dance to be held that night. I noticed as I walked in that morning that he was there, he once again looked up at me with that big grin, again, I couldn’t help grinning back. This time he actually started to laugh at me. “What,” I said. “You have your sweat shirt on inside out,” he replied. I laughed and said, “Yeah I know.” It was a habit of mine to wear my sweatshirts inside out.

He continued to laugh at me and I laughed too. The girl in charge stuck us together and had us work on a project together. While it was not the chattiest of days, with the help of my very vivacious best friend, we had a good time and were able to get to know each other a little bit better. That night he asked me out on our first date.

Our courtship, I guess you could call it, was short. We dated for mere three weeks and were engaged, before the end of January. Tomorrow, January 31, we will have been together for 14 years.

1995 Brent and Krissi Wedding 2

He still has a great smile!

January 29, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge


If you haven't noticed I really am not a big fan of, "WINTER." For me I just don't see the point of freezing your, well you know what, for 3-4 months out of the year. While I may have grown up in Utah, the decade I lived in California did not help endear me to cold. 

Freezing cold, snow, ice, will this ever end winter!

Sorry, I got a little side tracked there. It just goes to show you how my dislike of winter takes over.  However, being as I have a husband who loves the cold and short of a job falling into his lap and relocating us to a much warmer place, it looks like I am here to stay. Spring, Summer, Fall I don't mind but Winter, grrr, grump, mumble, whine.

That being said, this week I went on a look out for reasons, to like, possibly even to love freezing, well we already covered this didn't we?

Once I found some reasons not to detest winter I decided that they would be my blessing of the week.  Kind of  a silver lining in the cloud.

Speaking of clouds here is my first reason not to totally detest, hate, cringe in disgust, winter. (Sorry last time I get sidetracked I promise) (That was a lie, you know that right?)

Utah has some pretty decent landscapes.  Living along side of mountains, lakes, and wide open prairies can be nice.  However, our winter sky's are glorious.  With the rise and set of the sun happening during those hours that we are awake, I have seen more then one, take your breath away sunrise.




The above pictures were taken from my very own backyard.  All I did was point my camera up and snap away.

The second reason to not completely HATE winter is the fireplace.  There is nothing that sends you into a cuddle position quicker then a nice fire, a cozy blanket and a good book. Being as it is to cold outside to do anything, you don't even have to feel guilty about it. 



Finally, when the snow falls and everything is coated in white it is beautiful.  It is kind of like a fairy tale, where everything sparkles and is frozen in place.  While the snow is falling there is a strange quiet that settles around you. Walking in fresh snow is about as close as you can get to walking on a  cloud.



Wow, I am even feeling a little like winter isn't the worse thing in my life.  Now if I could only figure out how to sustain this feeling.

I hope your having a fantastic Thursday one more work day and it will be the weekend. WOO HOO! If you would like to join the 52 Blessings Challenge click here.

I'm still Chuckling

The other day I read a post by the Country Dr,'s Wife.  I'm still laughing.  She has a great sense of humor check it out here.

Back later today with my 52 Blessings Post.

January 28, 2009

Sing a Song!

Have you ever sang, "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree?" Well I created my own version and decided to share.  Hope you enjoy. 

I looked at the Calendar and what did I see?
Three more days 'till January's gone!

Winter last longer than I would like it too.
That is why I hate January

I could pretend that it wasn't so bad
I could pretend that it could be worse

But we all know
That it isn't so

Because January Blows Oh So Hard!

After singing this song to Brent he said, "Traditionally February is the coldest month of the year." Which I replied, "What makes you think I wont be complaining about February?"

January 27, 2009

Marathon vs. Sprint


Right before Christmas I found my running shoes on sale for $42.00. Normally, my shoes sale for $95.00.  Needless, to say I jumped on that price and bought myself a brand new pair of shoes. 

By the time I had found this killer deal, my shoes were well past the need to be replaced. 

Don't believe me?  Take a look.

As you can see I clearly was in need of new pair of shoes.

While I thought these shoes were, "Oh so comfy," they were indeed ready to be replaced.

Have you heard the saying, "Life is not a sprint but a marathon?"

Replacing my shoes brought this saying to mind. Wearing my new shoes and having my knees, ankles, arches and feet say, "Geese, it is about time!" Brought to mind the mentality of living a sprint life and living a marathon life.

I think I have lived my life, up to this point, with a, "Life is a sprint," mentality.

I want it done now.

Right now.

Yesterday, would have been better.

I have figured out that the first step I need to take is to slow down. Life isn't merely about enjoying the moment, it is about understanding and learning from the moment. 

Everyday life comes at us. It never slows down, it never speeds up, we have no control over time. Every day we have 24 hours that tick, tick, tick, tick, away.

We do, however,  have a choice in how we live those 24 hours.

We can spend our days wishing them away. We can spend the day wishing a situation away. We can spend the whole day pretending that something that has to be done today can wait until tomorrow.

That is what I did with my shoes.  Everyday I would slip my old shoes on and pretend they didn't need to be replaced.  When my arches began to ache I pretended that it wasn't the shoes fault.  When my toe began to peek out of the shoe and my ankles rubbed the material away from the back of the shoes, I turned away and pretended that new shoes were not necessary.

However, when the next 24 hours dawned, and I put those shoes on again, those things were all still there, pretending didn't accomplish a single thing, and avoiding a situation only led to having to deal with it yet another day.

Eventually, even my workouts began to suffer as I slowed down because of sore feet and knees. I had all kinds of excuses for not replacing the shoes, obviously, the first being the price. However, it didn't change the necessity for the shoes given my life style. 

In the marathon of life there is always going to be hills.  In this incident, my hill was the price of the shoes.  We are always going to have to face decisions that seem like a straight up hill. Those hills look impossible, those hills look like torture, those hills look like a no win. However, once we make the choice to run up the hill, face the challenge, endure to the top of the hill, we are often rewarded.  With a hill that goes straight down. WOO HOO!

My challenge to you and myself.  Face the hill, challenge the hill, endure the hill. Know without a doubt there will be more hills. Know that turning your back to the hill will not achieve a gosh darn thing. 

Finally, new shoes,"Are oh so much prettier than old ones." 

What hills are you going to climb today?

The Fat Cyclist!

Any of you, even considering doing this crazy 104 mile bike ride, might be interested in a blog I stumbled on this morning. 

It is called the Fat Cyclist, and his first two post are a riot.  Especially, in light of the fact that I am just becoming aware of how expensive this sport can become.

Check him out! I will be back later today with a groove post. Have a great morning.

January 26, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

It is early, as I write this it is 6:30 in the morning early.  Which means I have already been up for about 2 hours.  It is crazy to get up that early in the morning but you do what you have to do. Most weekdays I am and out of bed by a quarter to 5. I do this so that I can go to the gym and get a workout in before the day begins.  Raising four kids and working a very part time job does not leave a lot of time to routinely get a workout in.  That is unless I get up before 5.

I think I have said that now at least 12 times.  Kind of lets you know it is not my favorite thing in the world to do, right?

Well, as I was walking on the treadmill this morning I noticed the number of fellow gym rats had dropped significantly.  The first of January always brings a wave of new people into the gym.  

Being as I am a person easily annoyed, this annoys me.  Mainly because I have a hard time getting on the machines I want to get on and get into the classes I want to get into. The gym has filled with people and breathing room becomes hard to come by.

I want the gym to have a rule that if you worked out through December you can kick people off the machine you want.  The gym manager, Melissa, does not agree with me.  She, for some reason, does not think that would be nice.

Well life marches on and before long all those people that annoyed me filter away. Makes me feel smug in away that I shouldn't.

Have I mentioned that I have a problem with being nice.

If I was a nice person I would support all those people trying to make a change in their lives.  If I was a nice person I would be friendly and welcoming.  Instead I snarl like a dog when her favorite bone has been taken away. It is a problem, this lack of niceness. 

As I looked around and realized how the numbers have already dwindled it turned my mind towards New Years Resolutions.

We start out with the best intentions.  We want to make changes, we want to make improvements, we want in some ways for our lives to be better.  However, we try to make all of these changes during January.  I recently saw a post that was titled, "January is the Monday of the year." (It is here if you want to check it out.) I laughed out loud when I saw that title.  I didn't even have to read the post to agree full heartily with the writer. 

With one final week left in January I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Life seems more doable. I feel renewed and ready to take on those New Years resolutions that I did or didn't make that I should have. 

My question for you today, "How are your New Years Resolutions, coming along?"  Have you completely abandoned ship are you progressing along at a nice pace?  Were you smart enough not to get sucked into the New Years Resolution trap? 

January 24, 2009


Today, I had to complete 30 miles on the bike.  As I was nearing the end of my ride, I couldn't help to question my sanity.  I mean, who in there right mind trains for a 100 mile bike ride? Also, isn't the fact that I am questioning my sanity, a sure sign that I am not the type of person to complete such a ride?

bike 1

I'm also very concerned with the fact that I am at 30 miles and questioning my sanity. What happens next week when I am required to complete 40 miles?  Is there some point in time that I will have ridden so many miles that I will cease the question why?


Is there a chance, I will gain enough courage, to tell the Exercise Nazi that she is crazy and I don't do 100 mile rides?


Finally, will I ever again have feeling in my rear?

January 23, 2009


The school science fair was yesterday.  The kids each had an opportunity to present their projects to two judges.

Sam really enjoyed that part of the Science Fair.  She said it even made it worth while to do a project. 

That is good, that something made it worth while, we wouldn't want the learning something to be worth while, would we?

She must have done a pretty good job, because the judges moved her (along with a hand full of other kids) to the next level, and she will be participating in the District Science Fair.

Andrew, on the other hand loved working on the Science Fair.  He loved learning about windmills, how they work, how they are built, all of that.

He did not enjoy the presentation part of the project.  Andrew is not moving on to district. Which is fine with him because that would have meant another round of judging.  He is taking a pass on that.

Kids are Funny!

I had Andrew do a quick demo of his project for me and here it is in all of its YOUTUBE glory.  If you watch closely the little LED light, lights up.  Very cool as long as you don't have to show it to a judge.

January 22, 2009

An Actual SwimMom Post

Tonight I will be teaching my very first adult.  While I'm excited to teach an adult I am a little nervous.  I don't want to sound like an idiot and I want to help her achieve her goals.  I feel stress.

So I spent a little time doing research and making a lesson plan.  :)   One of my favorite places to research swim strokes is YouTUBE.  I am amazed at what people post on that site.  While researching I found the below video which I found entertaining a great overview of swimming. Not to informational but fun.  If you don't like hard rock I suggest you hit mute now. 


January 21, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

Week Three,

Are we having fun yet?

We are three weeks into this challenge and I am going to be honest. This is hard. Everyday I am tying to think about my blessings. Everyday I have in the back of my head, "What am I going to post as a blessing this week?"

I have some blessings standing in the wings for those weeks my brain isn't working.

Umm. . . okay, for those weeks it is working even less than usual.

However, I am trying to think out of the box. Trying to find those hidden blessings that I take for granted or those blessings I don't even think about.

I think I have an illness that takes a simple task and tries to make it as hard as possible.

As I stumbled out of library yesterday afternoon it dawned on me what this weeks blessings post would be.

The Library!


I love the library. Ever since I was a kid I have loved going to the library and coming home with big, fat, stacks of books. It is nice to know that we have all that knowledge, entertainment, and information available any time we walk through the doors. We can explore any field we want to, we can learn anything we want to, we can travel to any place, any time we want to. All we have to do is show a little responsibility.

My favorite way to choose books at the library, is to go down each isle and grab a book. I don't look at the title, don't read the back cover, just grab a book.

I have found some amazingly bad books this way. I have also, found some amazingly wonderful books this way. It is a fun way to stack the library shelf at home.

I'm excited to dive into all of these books. However, there are two that I am very excited to read. The first is,


"Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies," by. June Casagxande. I am aware that my grammar needs a tad bit of work. Okay, ummm, maybe, more like a ton of work.

This book looks like it is right up my alley, especially, with the tag, "A guide to language for fun and Spite." Maybe I will get a giggle or two and learn enough that all my grammar friends don't have to cringe when they read this blog.

The second book I am excited to read,

"Carpool Diem, a novel" by. Nancy Star. The tag says, "Ambition, Backstabbing, Politics. Being a soccer mom just isn't what it used to be." Looks like it should be a fun read.

That is my blessing of the week, Libraries.

If you would like to sign up for my 52 blessings challenge click here.

January 20, 2009

Bubbles and Lap Dogs

I understand that not all people are animal lovers.  I even understand that some people have never lived in a home that animals are allowed to roam.  That has never been my case or in fact my husbands case.  We have always lived in homes with animals.

Ironically, the day we were engaged one of the first questions my dad asked Brent was, "How do you feel about cats?"

Later that same night Brent's dad would turn to me and ask, "How do you feel about dogs?"

Which made us both laugh.

Needless to say since being married we have almost always had a pet.

Today, we have two pets a cat named Carmen.

Who loves to play with bubbles.

Especially, when the bubbles smell like catnip. Then she can spend hours chasing bubbles around the room.

I enjoy watching the children play bubbles with her.  It reminds me of all the hours that I was forced to play bubbles with them.  I enjoy the revenge.  Even though they just think it is fun.


Our second pet is Izzy, currently she is a 180lb English Mastiff.


Izzy, firmly believes she is a lap dog.  She believes that her place is right below your feet.  She will follow you from room to room and place herself beneath your feet.  No matter how many times she gets stepped on, tripped on, or fallen on.  She lies beneath your feet.


Which was another reason for the office makeover.  It is impossible to sit at the desk without her curling up beneath your feet.  She became very anxious when she didn't have the room to lie beneath your feet. 

Obviously, animals aren't for everyone.  However, in this house we wouldn't know how to behave without taking giant steps every time we moved. Or enjoyed an hour or two watching a silly cat chase bubbles.

The Writing On The Wall

First of all let me start off by saying, "These are not good pictures."

Bad time of day, bad lighting, and subjects who were not interested in having their pictures taken.

The pictures aren't really the point of this post anyway.  They are only serving as an illustration to my point.

All right, moving on.

I have two children who are 16 months apart.  I know ridiculous close.  I figured that out soon after the second was born.  However, what is done is done and today I have a boy A. who is 10 and a girl Al. who will be 9 in April.  My only Non-December baby.

This past weekend was a long weekend for my kids.  Which meant they had all of Monday to play and enjoy their day as they saw fit.

My son A. was enjoying a new game his brother and him bought.  He was enjoying the game with several friends.  Most of my other children were off with friends.

That is except for Al.


Al. decided to spend the day with her brother. Not playing the game.  No, she doesn't really play video games that often.  Just hanging out being a little sister.

I realize she doesn't know she is doing it, but if you walked into a room that looked like this, what would you think?


A room that contained your daughter, son and three of his buddies.

Now what if your daughter was smiling at your son's friends like this?


Now, what if instead of your son being 10 and your daughter being 9, they were 17 and 16, then what would you think of this situation?


I see the writing on the wall and I want to know right now how to change this path I'm on?

Finding My Groove

Right now I am reading a book titled, "The Girdfriends Guide to Getting Your Groove Back, Loving your Family without Losing Your Mind." by Vicki Iovine.

A title like that pretty much says it all, doesn't it?

One of the big grudges that I have, with the whole mommy thing, is my life today. No one tells you about this part of being a mom.

Your babies are no longer babies. Your children aren't technically teenagers. Even though you see the writing on the wall. You are in this weird limbo of learning to let your children be their own people.

Almost overnight you go from being your child's everything. To the person who is suppose to let go and let your child grow up.

Every day I have to take these deep breaths and let each of them go.

It sucks!

It sucks more than winter!

You all know how I feel about winter.

Anyway, I have to say, I am loving this book.

Apparently, I am not the only mom holding a grudge. There are some great tips, a lot of relating, and a whole lot of humor.

I always enjoy a little humor.

Especially, when all I really want to do is sit in a corner and pout.

I would like to throw in a few not fair, not fair, not fairs, too.

Maybe you would like to know the point to this post.

Maybe your asking if there is a point.

Maybe your thinking I really should find a good shrink.

There is always that option, isn't there?

My point is that a part, a big part, of my whole, "Creating My Own Path," is learning how to deal with the absence of wee ones in my home.  Not to mention big ones, who think they are smarter than you and sometimes are.

I am coming to the the conclusion, the best way to deal with my growing children, is gaining a stronger sense of who I am without them. Better yet understanding my value, as a mom, as a wife, as a woman.

Today is step one in Krissi getting her groove back.

Are you scared?

You should be? It could mean all kinds of scary things? What if I decide that part of getting my groove back is wearing a bikini? Wearing a bikini, taking pictures of me wearing a bikini, and posting them. One day you could click on this blog and have that image burned into your head.

Scares me to even think about it.

I promise I wont do that to you.

Heck, I promise I wont do that to me!

No matter how much you beg. :)

I promise you will have a whole weeks warning of what I am up to. 

Like I said today is Step One, recognizing it is time to figure it out.

Next week is Step Two, deciding what "it" is.

Do you know what "it" is?

January 19, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

January is quickly becoming a month of learning for me.  First, there was the science fair projects and book reports.  Now I am taking a walk through history.

Last night I attended a fireside at my church.  The topic was on our ancestors, particularly the ones, who crossed the country pushing a handcart.

This summer the youth in our church will reenact 40 miles of this trip.  In three days they will walk nearly 40 miles pushing a handcart.  During this time they will learn some of the trials, some of tragedies, some of the miracles, and hopefully have their hearts turned towards the past and the ancestors who came before them.

As a current leader of the youth I have the opportunity to go.  When I very first heard that I would be making this trek I was focused on the physical task.  40 miles in three days is not going to be an easy.  Especially in July and especially with over a 100 youth ages 14-19.  I have been so focused on the physical aspect I hadn't given much thought to the reasons why we're doing this.

Last night I had the opportunity to listen to the why's.  To listen to some of the stories of the people who had come across.  To hear about some of the trials, tragedies and miracles.  There was some amazingly sad and happy stories.

I came home last night with my head full of history.  Then I turned on the news and was watching a story about Obama taking office.  It made me realize, that history is about to take place, as we put the first black president take office.  It made me wonder what future generations will think about this time when it becomes history.

My question today is, "If you could go back to any historical event, and watch it happen or be a part of it, what event would you choose?"

Honestly, I haven't figured out the answer to this question yet.  I'm going to run to the gym, run a few miles, and think about it.  Then I will post my answer.  I just wanted to give you some time to think about it too.  

Where are we going to go in history today?  I think your answers are going to create an interesting walk through history. 

*** I figured out my answer. I have always been attracted to old homes and old buildings.  In particular homes that you know were the first ones there.  I always wonder who built the house? Why did they build a house there? What did it look like when they were the only ones there? What were their lives like?

If I could move in an out of history that is what I would do.  Whenever, I saw an old building or an old home I would move to that time and see what the lives of the people were like.

Have you thought of what time in history you would want to witness?

January 16, 2009

January Thaw

As if January wasn't bad enough, there is one little dirty trick, that this month pulls every year.

People in Utah call it the, "January Thaw."

Suddenly, without warning, the sun breaks through, the temperatures rise above freezing, and the snow begins to melt.

It is absolutely wonderful.  Your sun starved soul begins to sing a song.  You leave the house without 25 layers of clothes.  Your feet remain dry as you walk into buildings.  It feels like, at any moment, spring will appear.

It is a happy time.

But it is a trick!

As if mother nature was not cruel enough, with the whole winter, snow, cold thing.  She gets in one huge, knee, slapping joke.

Just when you find yourself with a huge, it is almost spring, smile on your face.

She slaps you with a nasty winter storm.

Then the fun is all over and it is back to weeks and weeks of endless winter.

I'm sure she gets a huge chuckle at all of us, falling for her, winter is almost over joke. Year after year. 

I have decided this year I will not be tricked.

I know winter is coming back.  I know this beautiful weather we are having will not last.  I know that soon I will be crying as the snow falls.

I can't be tricked! 

However, I can enjoy the joke, while it last.

January 15, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge


On Monday, I told you that we were knee deep into end of term projects. Including, the science fair.  

The science fair has been a major project.  With two kids participating, we have worked on their projects, almost every night, for the last couple of weeks. 

S. is doing a project on chlorine.  She wanted to find out why public pools use chlorine.

In the end she concluded,

A. is doing a project on windmills.  He wanted to know, "How windmills make energy?"

This is where we get to the blessings part of this post.

While, it has been a major pain, completing two science fair projects, it has also, been lots of fun.

Due to S.'s science fair project I have found out a lot of cool things about bleach.  Including, a whole new way of cleaning the shower, it cost pennies, and takes very little effort on my part. 

Due to A.'s science fair project I now know how windmills work.  I know how the energy is stored and how the energy becomes electricity.  I have also learned some cool new words like, electromagnetic induction. I even know what that means.

It is kind of cool, don't you think, that by helping the kids prepare for the science fair I have learned a few new things.

So this weeks blessing has been the science fair.


But I do have to say I am thrilled we have reached the


If you would like to join my, "52 Blessings Challenge," click here for instructions.

January 14, 2009

Dancing the Night away in Cancun

Most of you that read this blog, know that one reason I am, "the SwimMom," is I teach swim lessons. I teach swim lessons in the morning to children that are either not old enough to be in school, are home schooled, or are off track. Meaning, they go to school year round and currently they are on one of their breaks.

Traditionally, when children take swim lessons they take lessons from older teenagers or young college students. If you come to the pool I work at during the summer that is what you will find. However, in the mornings, during the school year, when I teach, most of those teachers are in school.

Currently, when I work there are 5 of us that teach. All of them are old enough to be my grandparents. Which means I'm the young one.

It has been interesting, on one hand, to have a job that most people have as a teenager. On the other hand I am a good 30 years younger than the people I work with.

Which is why the story I am going to tell you is so hilarious, or at least to me is hilarious.

When you work with people so much older than you, you get use to certain things.

For example, you get use to hearing about how old they are.

How when they were your age dot dot dot.

What pills they are on.

What pills they are thinking of going on.

What surgeries they have had.

What surgeries they are going to have.

How their children are, depending on the day, the biggest ungrateful looser children, or the greatest children ever to walk the earth.

All of this is pretty typical of age.

Which leads me to the other thing they talk about all the time.

Their trips.

These people have money, not gads of money, just extra income. They are not working teaching little ones to swim because they have to. They do it because they want to. They are all living with retired spouses, or are widows. They are done raising there ungrateful, greatest thing to walk the earth children. They have extra income. What do they do with it?

They go on trips, cruises, tours, vacations.

Which to a 30 something, still raising her ungrateful, greatest thing to walk the earth children, with no extra income, sounds awesome.

I wanna go on a vacation, I wanna go on a trip, I wanna go on a cruise. (ummm ... maybe not a cruise, motion sickness and I are to good of friends) Regardless, I want to have the freedom to go on vacation.

Hold on I'm getting to the funny part don't give up on me yet.

Well the latest bit of traveling, has one women I work with, a seventy year old, German lady, named Waltrout, I kid you not, going to Cancun.

She is going with another retired, 50 something lady, who teaches water aerobics, and a few other ladies in their 60's.

Each day, as our classes change the 50 something runs over and talks to our 70 something teacher about their trip.

The research she is doing, the kinds of things she wants to do, you know that kind of thing.

They sit there and they giggle and they squeal and they plan their trip.

The highlight for both of them is a night of dancing they plan on doing at some club.

Yes, you read that right they plan on dancing the night away at some club in Cancun.

They are both very excited, picture if you will, two 2o somethings having the same conversation.

You can picture that right?

Now age them in your head half a century.

So know this, I am not slamming nor making fun of the people I work with.

What amazes me about this whole thing.


If I went to Cancun,(which I won't because of the above mentioned reasons) I would lie my but down on a beach somewhere and not move until I was a crispy critter. I would then spend the night in my hotel room preparing to spend the next day on the beach until I was a crispy critter.

Dancing all night in a Cancun club.


You know what else these ladies are talking about? They are talking about spending a week on Waikiki in a hostile.




Old ladies do not spend a week in a hostile on Waikiki. 30 somethings, do not spend a week in a hostile on Waikiki.

Somebody needs to talk to these ladies mothers and let them know what their daughters are up to.

January 13, 2009

This Post Brought To You By:

George Bernard Shaw, who said:

"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."

This morning as I was flipping through blogs, I love to read, this quote jumped out at me.  I  found it here, if your interested.

It made me stop and think.

It made me ponder.

With my, "baby" (not saying it to him just making a reference to my stage in life) going to the first grade next year, I have been left with the question, "What am I going to do with myself?"

Am I going back to school, am I going to find a job with more hours, am I going to sit at home and enjoy the blissful silence, am I going to join a marching band?

I am for the first time in 13 years going to have entire days to myself.  What does one do, with entire days to themselves? 

I keep asking friends and family, "What do you think I should do?" "Should I go back to school?" "Should I . . .?"  It is this question that hovers around me all the time.

Have I ever mentioned that I am a tad obsessive.

What I loved about this quote, is for the first time I realized, it wasn't about finding what I should do, it was about creating the person I want to be.

It is up to me to create the path that fits this stage of my life.

Which to me, sounds much more exciting, not to mention less stressful, than finding the right path.  I get to create a path unique and made just for me.  One that will fit my family and the person that I am trying to become.

You have to love those old literature guys.  In one little quote he answered a question that has plagued me for the last couple of years.

If you could create any kind of path, that lead you down any kind of road, where would you want to end up?

photos brought to you by: Photobucket

January 12, 2009

the SwimMom Question?

Our house is a bustle. 

There are bits of cardboard, wires and wood everywhere. 

There are jars, microscopes, glass slides, bits of information everywhere.

My clean office is cluttered with hypothesis, procedures, and results.

There are books piled by the computer and papers flying out of the printer.

All because of the rapidly approaching end of term.

Which means a book report for each of my older children. Visual aids to go along with the book reports.


Science Fair projects.

Two of them.

All I have to say to that is, "When did I get sent back to elementary school?"

Humph, Grrrr and any other grumpy noise you can think up.

I'm sure, in a couple days I will breathe a great big sigh of relief, as the projects reach a completed stage. However, right now all I can do is grit my teeth to the mess that surrounds me. 

Also, wonder why I decided to have four children in six years?  What part of me did not foresee into days like this. Admittedly, it has me a bit freaked of the years to come. 

However, we push on and before the end of the week it will all be done. A distant memory until it all starts again. JOY!

This week my question for you all is this:

"What science fair projects did you do growing up?" Or, "What science fair projects do you remember other's did."

I did a few of mine own.  One was a survey study about kids and drugs.  The other was steel wool and coke.  The coke ate the steel wool.  Funny, how I still like drinking the stuff.

However, the one science fair project I remember is one that a girl I grew up with did.

She was always a super smart, super talented a total super star.

You know, the type of people we hated.

That is, we use to hate, of course, now days we love those people, the ones that do everything right, always do everything the best, and are good at everything.  Those are our favorite people now.

Her project was titled "Chaos." As far as I remember she started the project in 7th grade.  At that time the only thing I understood about the project was the title.

I remember that in 9th grade she was still working on the project.  This time I understood her hypothesis.

Which was, "She believed in a Creator, a universe that was dictated by rules of the Creator, that there really was no such such thing as Chaos. She believed there was a pattern in everything you just had to find the pattern."

I think she used dice to test her hypothesis.  I don't remember from there what she concluded. Possibly, more then likely, I didn't understand her conclusion.

There are some scary smart people in the world.

Today my kids are doing science projects about Chlorine and Windmill energy.

Very exciting stuff!

Inquiring minds want to know what kind of projects you have lurking in your scientific past?

January 11, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

Do you want to know what the best part of winter is?


Sunday, afternoon flannel PJ's.


Hope your having a warm and cuddly Sunday evening.

See you tomorrow in the real world. :(

January 10, 2009

Conversation with the Exercise Nazi

As many of you know I have committed myself to a 100 mile bike ride in June.  

I like the word committed, it sounds exactly like what should happen. 

Well a very big part of participating in this ride is training. Training that requires me to increase my miles each week.  Along, with increasing my miles, I am increasing the time I spend on a bike, obviously.

You may have not noticed but this has not been the, "Best Week Ever." By Friday I was not in the mood to do a 30 mile bike ride. In fact, I pretty much had decided that the whole idea of riding a bike 100 miles was, STUPID.

In fact, I spent a lot of time on Friday, convincing myself of the stupidity of the whole thing.  I wasn't going to spend any more time on that stupid bike, training for a stupid bike ride, that I didn't want to do.  Because it was, 

say it with me, 


So I picked up the phone and called the Exercise Nazi, to tell her she was, STUPID, and I quit. However, she had the audacity not to be home.  Which meant I had to leave a message, "Hey Exercise Nazi, call me when you can."

A few hours later she called back and left a message because I wasn't home.

I called her back, she wasn't there AGAIN, this time I said, "YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE.  CALL ME."

A few minutes later she called me back...

me: Hi

EN: Hi

me:  I need to talk to you 

EN: okay

me: I quit!

EN: You quit?

me: Yes, I quit!

EN: Quit what?

me: Quit, quit, the whole STUPID idea of me riding a 100 miles. I quit.

EN: Umm, No.

me: Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure I quit.

EN: Nope.

me: Yes

EN: Krissi, let me explain this so you understand.  You are not quitting. Even if I have to throw you into my bike trailer and strap you down, you will participate in this ride. Do you understand?

me: (Contemplating if she really would tie me down and hall me in her bike trailer. Decided she would.) Ummm okay.

EN: Great, it will be Fun.

me: January is screwing with your brain it will not be fun. 

EN: You will love it.

me: Whatever

So I guess I'm back to being, "committed," to a 100 mile bike ride. Unless, I move. Change my name, and find a way to hide from the Exercise Nazi.

Any ideas?

By the way did the stupid 30 miles.

She kinda scares me.

January 09, 2009

I Haven't Decided Yet....

I haven't decided yet what month I want it to be.

I'm thinking maybe it should be May.

That means the flowers are blooming the snow is gone and H. is playing T-ball. I love flowers, I love, "No Snow," and I love, love, love H. playing t-ball.



Maybe I want it to be July, No school, we are starting to eat vegetables from the garden, fireworks and my birthday.



mmmm... Maybe I will take a pass on the birthday.

I'm certain that I don't want it to be January.

I'm pretty sure that January makes people crazy.

I have proof, one of my friends, spent a day making Adult size Hula-Hoops.

"Huh... why?" I asked.

"Because I can." she replied

It is all January's fault. It makes you loopy.

In fact, I am considering writing a letter to Obama and telling him that the, "Change," I would like to see is the end of January.

Really, why do we even need January?

Let's just wipe it out, take 31 whole days, worth of steps, closer to spring.

I'm positive that somebody will leave a comment or at least think about how much they enjoy January.

Yes, I understand you skiers of the world that January rocks.

I understand that sledding and building snowmen, or in the case of my neighbors, a giant snow chicken, (wish I would have taken a picture of that) does provide entertainment.

However, when I wake up in the morning to find that another layer of snow has nestled down, all I can think is, "Down with January!"

Wait didn't I say something about trying to keep this blog positive.

Okay, well I'm positive that I don't like January!

Does that count for being positive.

Who are we kidding anyways. I wasn't born with positive DNA. I was born with the world blows, especially in January, DNA.

It is fact, I've been tested.

What do you mean they don't test for that?

I'll have to ask Brent why all those Dr's were here then?

January 08, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge

Last year Flickr ran a group that was titled "52 Blessings."

Basically, it was a collection of pictures of the blessings in your life.

The challenge was to take a photo each week of something that is a blessing. I thought it was a cool idea. I went and checked it out and there are some very awesome, unique, and totally unexpected blessings out there.

Like I said, "Very Cool." In fact so cool, I'm going to do it this year. I'm going to start my own, "52 Blessings Challenge." If you want to join feel free. All I ask is that you leave a comment so that I can link back to your, "52 Blessings," post. Let me know each week you update it, and I will keep a list of all the current weeks post below my, "52 Blessings Button."

Technically, speaking today is the last day of the first week of the year. Which is why when I post the pic below I am still in the clear for week one.

I don't require you to sign up for the long hall. Just do what you can when you can. I can't wait to see some of the blessings that are part of all your lives.

That being said here is my pictures for Week One.

These are pictures of my bumper. Exciting right? Anyway, as you can see short of being dirty, there is nothing wrong with my bumper. Even after getting into my first accident. I found out today that the other car is going to cost $800.00 to fix. Sucks! However, I feel it is a huge blessing that I have no damage to my vehicle.

So my first blessing of the year, a non-dented, all be it dirty, bumper.



January 07, 2009

There Are Times I Like Winter

First things first, I have to say, "Thank You, for all the well wishes and that sucks." 

I was rolling out of a parking space slowly because the car to my right was huge and I couldn't see anything. Which explains why I rolled right into the car driving past.  No one was hurt the cars didn't even jerk. There was no damage to my car at all.  The other car's passenger door was bent in. There wasn't even a visible scratch.

Hopefully, it is an easy fix for them.  I am feeling bad that it is something that they have to deal with. Feeling like an idiot.  

It was great to read everyones idiot moments.  

Made me feel better. 

Sometimes I think there is something wrong with the fact that other's idiot moments make me feel better.

Second, thing second.

There are times I like the winter and the snow.

For example days like today.

The sky is a beautiful blue, the snow is melting, the high is 44.  Which may sound cold but it feels blissfully warm.

I could handle winter if it would stay this way.

It is even pretty outside.

So in true Krissi fashion I went outside for some shots.

What do you think?

This look is why people don't like cats.  This look is why I like cats.  It just says, "Really, really, you want to mess with me. Just walk a way." I want to master this look.


Here is my rose flower bed.  They are there somewhere. Promise.


I just liked this shot of the welcome sign by my front door.

Here is a shot of the beautiful sky I told you about.  Doesn't it look heavenly? I love clouds. Especially, when there is no snow in sight. 


This is just a shot of a bush.  Very exciting. Right?

January 06, 2009

Finished, Except for one little thing.

I said I would post pictures of the final product today.  Then I had a stressful day at work followed by my first car accident. 

Not, the first that I have been in, but the first accident that I was the cause. While leaving work, thinking about the stressful events that had just happened, I backed out of my parking spot right, into another car.

A true Homer Simpson "DRRR Moment."

Just thinking about it makes me want to hit myself in the head.  But I have a headache so no hitting.

Anyway, after getting home I had a big project to finish up before a PTA assembly tomorrow. 

Have to love that after tomorrow my duties as PTA Reflection chick are done. YAY!

All of these excuses add up to a long day. I'm sure no one is going to die if I don't post the pic tonight.  However, I'm starting to figure out that I say one thing on this blog and do something totally different.

I'm thinking that is not a very good trend.

So as not to become a complete liar, I am posting the pictures before I go to bed, and forget this day happened. Can I do that? Or better yet can I have a do over?

I have to admit that I did end the night by attending enrichment night.  You have to love hanging out with women and laughing.  We are a strange bunch aren't we?

Here is my first pic.  The very last bit of green I squeezed into the room. That is until Brent started with the whole, "I like brown, No green."  He did build the valance for me so I can't dislike the guy to much.


Here is the whole room


I hear you counting? Yes, yes, we have three computers.  We actually have more then that, if you use the word computer loosely.  This has a lot to do with the fact that my husband has a degree in computer science.  Also, he likes to take gimpy computers and make them work.  So people give us their old computers and Brent puts them to use.  They are ancient.  Except for "MY" Mac.  But it is mine and the kids are not allowed to touch or even look at it too long.  Brent is allowed to look he has yet to earn touching privileges.  He would agree with that statement, just not in regards to the computer.

Last picture and then you don't have to hear about this project any longer.  

Hey quit applauding!


I really do love how it turned out.  I feel very productive.  Like maybe I can get some real work done.

Does anybody have any real work for me?

We have a final cord project we are working on.  However, with the real world back in full swing it might takes us a bit to get to it. Meanwhile, I'm warming Brent up for the bookshelves, to house the 15 boxes of books, piled up in the basement.  My babies do not like boxes.

Hope you had a great Tuesday and your Wednesday Rocks!