January 15, 2009

52 Blessings Challenge


On Monday, I told you that we were knee deep into end of term projects. Including, the science fair.  

The science fair has been a major project.  With two kids participating, we have worked on their projects, almost every night, for the last couple of weeks. 

S. is doing a project on chlorine.  She wanted to find out why public pools use chlorine.

In the end she concluded,

A. is doing a project on windmills.  He wanted to know, "How windmills make energy?"

This is where we get to the blessings part of this post.

While, it has been a major pain, completing two science fair projects, it has also, been lots of fun.

Due to S.'s science fair project I have found out a lot of cool things about bleach.  Including, a whole new way of cleaning the shower, it cost pennies, and takes very little effort on my part. 

Due to A.'s science fair project I now know how windmills work.  I know how the energy is stored and how the energy becomes electricity.  I have also learned some cool new words like, electromagnetic induction. I even know what that means.

It is kind of cool, don't you think, that by helping the kids prepare for the science fair I have learned a few new things.

So this weeks blessing has been the science fair.


But I do have to say I am thrilled we have reached the


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Me, Myself and I said...

Paul is so excited for the science fair days. He got to help his sister build a rube goldberg machine for her 12th grade physics class and he was like a kid in a candy store.

Emily said...

Me too. Me too. Can I join? I posted about Adam's birthday today. Though not titled for "52 blessings" he sure is a blessing. I'll do an explanation post tomorrow.