January 20, 2009

Bubbles and Lap Dogs

I understand that not all people are animal lovers.  I even understand that some people have never lived in a home that animals are allowed to roam.  That has never been my case or in fact my husbands case.  We have always lived in homes with animals.

Ironically, the day we were engaged one of the first questions my dad asked Brent was, "How do you feel about cats?"

Later that same night Brent's dad would turn to me and ask, "How do you feel about dogs?"

Which made us both laugh.

Needless to say since being married we have almost always had a pet.

Today, we have two pets a cat named Carmen.

Who loves to play with bubbles.

Especially, when the bubbles smell like catnip. Then she can spend hours chasing bubbles around the room.

I enjoy watching the children play bubbles with her.  It reminds me of all the hours that I was forced to play bubbles with them.  I enjoy the revenge.  Even though they just think it is fun.


Our second pet is Izzy, currently she is a 180lb English Mastiff.


Izzy, firmly believes she is a lap dog.  She believes that her place is right below your feet.  She will follow you from room to room and place herself beneath your feet.  No matter how many times she gets stepped on, tripped on, or fallen on.  She lies beneath your feet.


Which was another reason for the office makeover.  It is impossible to sit at the desk without her curling up beneath your feet.  She became very anxious when she didn't have the room to lie beneath your feet. 

Obviously, animals aren't for everyone.  However, in this house we wouldn't know how to behave without taking giant steps every time we moved. Or enjoyed an hour or two watching a silly cat chase bubbles.

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