January 10, 2009

Conversation with the Exercise Nazi

As many of you know I have committed myself to a 100 mile bike ride in June.  

I like the word committed, it sounds exactly like what should happen. 

Well a very big part of participating in this ride is training. Training that requires me to increase my miles each week.  Along, with increasing my miles, I am increasing the time I spend on a bike, obviously.

You may have not noticed but this has not been the, "Best Week Ever." By Friday I was not in the mood to do a 30 mile bike ride. In fact, I pretty much had decided that the whole idea of riding a bike 100 miles was, STUPID.

In fact, I spent a lot of time on Friday, convincing myself of the stupidity of the whole thing.  I wasn't going to spend any more time on that stupid bike, training for a stupid bike ride, that I didn't want to do.  Because it was, 

say it with me, 


So I picked up the phone and called the Exercise Nazi, to tell her she was, STUPID, and I quit. However, she had the audacity not to be home.  Which meant I had to leave a message, "Hey Exercise Nazi, call me when you can."

A few hours later she called back and left a message because I wasn't home.

I called her back, she wasn't there AGAIN, this time I said, "YOU CAN RUN BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE.  CALL ME."

A few minutes later she called me back...

me: Hi

EN: Hi

me:  I need to talk to you 

EN: okay

me: I quit!

EN: You quit?

me: Yes, I quit!

EN: Quit what?

me: Quit, quit, the whole STUPID idea of me riding a 100 miles. I quit.

EN: Umm, No.

me: Excuse me, but I'm pretty sure I quit.

EN: Nope.

me: Yes

EN: Krissi, let me explain this so you understand.  You are not quitting. Even if I have to throw you into my bike trailer and strap you down, you will participate in this ride. Do you understand?

me: (Contemplating if she really would tie me down and hall me in her bike trailer. Decided she would.) Ummm okay.

EN: Great, it will be Fun.

me: January is screwing with your brain it will not be fun. 

EN: You will love it.

me: Whatever

So I guess I'm back to being, "committed," to a 100 mile bike ride. Unless, I move. Change my name, and find a way to hide from the Exercise Nazi.

Any ideas?

By the way did the stupid 30 miles.

She kinda scares me.


Angie said...

I feel your pain, really I do. :) I will be cheering for all of you at home laying in bed. Hee hee. You are doing a good thing! I may join you next year if you decide to do it again.

Willow said...

Um, my dedication has been wavering this week (okay for about a month). Bad lungs = hard to breathe = dizzy and falling off the bike in less than 8 minutes = haven't been to the gym in longer than I care to admit.

I think the whole idea is totally awesome; I just doubt my ability to pull it off.

So my question to you is... You don't have a bike trailer do you?

Heather Bowles said...

Okay so I am also a little scared of her. I gave blood yesterday and found out after, that I would not be able to do my 50 min on my bike, so I made sure and got it in this morning. I did not want to get in trouble.

Amos said...

You are awesome Krissi!! That is great that you did the 30 miler even though you didn't want to. I feel your pain. Just keep the finish line in your mind cause as soon as you cross that finish line on race day you are going to feel such a great sense of accomplishment and a feeling unlike you have ever felt before. Go get um tiger! Again you are AWESOME!!!!

Sharla said...

HA HA HA.. THis conversation reminds me of so many of the conversations we had when we were 15. I'm going to be laughing for a while.