January 14, 2009

Dancing the Night away in Cancun

Most of you that read this blog, know that one reason I am, "the SwimMom," is I teach swim lessons. I teach swim lessons in the morning to children that are either not old enough to be in school, are home schooled, or are off track. Meaning, they go to school year round and currently they are on one of their breaks.

Traditionally, when children take swim lessons they take lessons from older teenagers or young college students. If you come to the pool I work at during the summer that is what you will find. However, in the mornings, during the school year, when I teach, most of those teachers are in school.

Currently, when I work there are 5 of us that teach. All of them are old enough to be my grandparents. Which means I'm the young one.

It has been interesting, on one hand, to have a job that most people have as a teenager. On the other hand I am a good 30 years younger than the people I work with.

Which is why the story I am going to tell you is so hilarious, or at least to me is hilarious.

When you work with people so much older than you, you get use to certain things.

For example, you get use to hearing about how old they are.

How when they were your age dot dot dot.

What pills they are on.

What pills they are thinking of going on.

What surgeries they have had.

What surgeries they are going to have.

How their children are, depending on the day, the biggest ungrateful looser children, or the greatest children ever to walk the earth.

All of this is pretty typical of age.

Which leads me to the other thing they talk about all the time.

Their trips.

These people have money, not gads of money, just extra income. They are not working teaching little ones to swim because they have to. They do it because they want to. They are all living with retired spouses, or are widows. They are done raising there ungrateful, greatest thing to walk the earth children. They have extra income. What do they do with it?

They go on trips, cruises, tours, vacations.

Which to a 30 something, still raising her ungrateful, greatest thing to walk the earth children, with no extra income, sounds awesome.

I wanna go on a vacation, I wanna go on a trip, I wanna go on a cruise. (ummm ... maybe not a cruise, motion sickness and I are to good of friends) Regardless, I want to have the freedom to go on vacation.

Hold on I'm getting to the funny part don't give up on me yet.

Well the latest bit of traveling, has one women I work with, a seventy year old, German lady, named Waltrout, I kid you not, going to Cancun.

She is going with another retired, 50 something lady, who teaches water aerobics, and a few other ladies in their 60's.

Each day, as our classes change the 50 something runs over and talks to our 70 something teacher about their trip.

The research she is doing, the kinds of things she wants to do, you know that kind of thing.

They sit there and they giggle and they squeal and they plan their trip.

The highlight for both of them is a night of dancing they plan on doing at some club.

Yes, you read that right they plan on dancing the night away at some club in Cancun.

They are both very excited, picture if you will, two 2o somethings having the same conversation.

You can picture that right?

Now age them in your head half a century.

So know this, I am not slamming nor making fun of the people I work with.

What amazes me about this whole thing.


If I went to Cancun,(which I won't because of the above mentioned reasons) I would lie my but down on a beach somewhere and not move until I was a crispy critter. I would then spend the night in my hotel room preparing to spend the next day on the beach until I was a crispy critter.

Dancing all night in a Cancun club.


You know what else these ladies are talking about? They are talking about spending a week on Waikiki in a hostile.




Old ladies do not spend a week in a hostile on Waikiki. 30 somethings, do not spend a week in a hostile on Waikiki.

Somebody needs to talk to these ladies mothers and let them know what their daughters are up to.


Me, Myself and I said...

I'll head over to the cemetery right now and have Paul start honking his car horn...

Sharla said...

Maybe you should rethink what you consider "old". Sounds to me like these ladies have it right. Party on old girls.

Miriam said...

I am right there with you! So exhausted slash thrilled with the parenting of four perfect (hooligans) and amazed that there might be another side of the mountain we're climbing.

Maybe when the kids leave the house they leave some of their energy for mom?

Can't wait to find out.