January 06, 2009

Finished, Except for one little thing.

I said I would post pictures of the final product today.  Then I had a stressful day at work followed by my first car accident. 

Not, the first that I have been in, but the first accident that I was the cause. While leaving work, thinking about the stressful events that had just happened, I backed out of my parking spot right, into another car.

A true Homer Simpson "DRRR Moment."

Just thinking about it makes me want to hit myself in the head.  But I have a headache so no hitting.

Anyway, after getting home I had a big project to finish up before a PTA assembly tomorrow. 

Have to love that after tomorrow my duties as PTA Reflection chick are done. YAY!

All of these excuses add up to a long day. I'm sure no one is going to die if I don't post the pic tonight.  However, I'm starting to figure out that I say one thing on this blog and do something totally different.

I'm thinking that is not a very good trend.

So as not to become a complete liar, I am posting the pictures before I go to bed, and forget this day happened. Can I do that? Or better yet can I have a do over?

I have to admit that I did end the night by attending enrichment night.  You have to love hanging out with women and laughing.  We are a strange bunch aren't we?

Here is my first pic.  The very last bit of green I squeezed into the room. That is until Brent started with the whole, "I like brown, No green."  He did build the valance for me so I can't dislike the guy to much.


Here is the whole room


I hear you counting? Yes, yes, we have three computers.  We actually have more then that, if you use the word computer loosely.  This has a lot to do with the fact that my husband has a degree in computer science.  Also, he likes to take gimpy computers and make them work.  So people give us their old computers and Brent puts them to use.  They are ancient.  Except for "MY" Mac.  But it is mine and the kids are not allowed to touch or even look at it too long.  Brent is allowed to look he has yet to earn touching privileges.  He would agree with that statement, just not in regards to the computer.

Last picture and then you don't have to hear about this project any longer.  

Hey quit applauding!


I really do love how it turned out.  I feel very productive.  Like maybe I can get some real work done.

Does anybody have any real work for me?

We have a final cord project we are working on.  However, with the real world back in full swing it might takes us a bit to get to it. Meanwhile, I'm warming Brent up for the bookshelves, to house the 15 boxes of books, piled up in the basement.  My babies do not like boxes.

Hope you had a great Tuesday and your Wednesday Rocks!


Race Fam said...

Your office looks great, and I love that you have your very own computer lab!

Scott and Stacy said...

Looks good Krissi. Scott may blame you for the itch that I have to paint the living room and get rid of the ugly green. Since we've painted them green last summer I've been wanting to paint them over. I even went online and found a few colors I like.
I saw these cool things to hide cords at Costco today. It's hard to explain what they are or how they work because they are funky shaped. We saw them in the computer/electronic department. They are round rubber things that you can bend backwards wrap your cords in them and then pop them back to small doughnut shaped things and you can stack them on top of eachother. How's that?
Are you ok with your accident? You didn't get hurt did you?

Heather Bowles said...

Sorry you got in an accident. I hope it was not to bad. The room looks great, nothing makes me more happy than painting and organizing.
I totally forgot about enrichment night, which means I have yet to attend one enrichment night sense I have moved into this house. SAD.

Larson said...

What a crazy day and you still did your post! You're awesome!

Are you ok from your accident? That is no fun! We've had a few like that where it was almost slow motion that it happened, no way to stop it and then felt that way too. Once Will rear ended my parents on the way to LAX!!!! That was one of them!

As soon as we are in our house that we own, we know who to call to decorate for us!! Your office is amazing! I miss our office. Will built a huge desk/cabinet/book shelf what ever you call it in there. Loved it!! I wished we could have brought it with us! Now all of our books are in boxes in the basement too! Happy building!

Me, Myself and I said...

There was enrichment last night?!?! Guess that's what I get for becoming inactive. Oh please, I'm not, we're trying to make it this week. It's a Sunday-by-Sunday thing. So, you want to write about it for the 2009 ward history? You'll get the byline of the article.

Sounds like you have lots of fun projects. Your babies have just grown out of the box stage into the book stage. Boxes = Under 1 year. Books = Preteens.